Life in Mississauga for Immigrants – what to expect

Are you looking for a city with good infrastructure, a strong economy, decent property sizes, and proximity to Toronto? Yeah, you can check Mississauga and the beautiful life in Mississauga for immigrants.

Mississauga is an impressive city that has undergone years of growth and development and has become the sixth-largest city in Canada from being a suburb of Toronto- 

Without a doubt, they have seen many years of prosperity.

Likewise, over the past 20 years, the city population has nearly doubled. They have been welcoming immigrants from all over the world and giving them a good life in Mississauga for immigrants.

Therefore, In this article, we will enlighten you on all you need to know about Mississauga and what life holds in Mississauga for Immigrants and citizens- Stay with us!

Where is Mississauga?

Mississauga is a city located in the Canadian province of Ontario, situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. Milton and Oakville bound it to the southwest/west, Toronto to the east, Brampton to the north, and Lake Ontario to the southeast/south.

Importantly, two major rivers flow to feed into the lake. The longest river with the heaviest flow is the Credit River, which divides the western side of Mississauga from the eastern central portions, entering the lake at Port Credit harbor 0.37mi (600m) West of Hurontario Street.

Most of the land in Mississauga usually drains into any of the two central river systems except the Crooksville creeks and Mary fix, which runs into the lake east of Hurontario St.

Population of Mississauga

Without a doubt, Mississauga is the third most populous city in Ontario, the second-most populous city in the greater Toronto area, and the sixth-most populous municipality in Canada.

Mississauga is a populated City of about 800,000 residents. Not only is Mississauga a popular city in Canada, but it also boasts a diverse and multicultural population. Not quite long, 2011 precisely, Mississauga boasts over 47% of their population speaking languages other than English or French. Some of these languages of the immigrants and the percentage are;

  • Urdu: 10.9 percent – 39,640
  • Polish: 8.3 percent -30,320
  • Panjabi: 6.8 percent- 24,600
  • Arabic: 6.7 percent- 24,450
  • Tagalog: 6.4 percent- 23,400.

Cost of living in Mississauga

Assuredly, living in Mississauga is far less than in Toronto, but as the economy of Mississauga increases, so also the reputation and the cost of living. For example, averagely the cost of renting an apartment for a single-family is now $480,000 in Mississauga, which is below the average cost of renting an apartment in Toronto.

To get a bedroom apartment in the city, the rental housing average is about $1,325 a month, while the cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment is $2,075 at the city center. Although, the rental cost outside the city center can be as low as $915 for one bedroom and $1,435 monthly for three bedrooms to make life in Mississauga for immigrants more of a comfort.

The cost of renting an apartment in Mississauga is lower than in Toronto, as well as the general consumer price. For example, the cost of renting an apartment in Mississauga is 19.5% lower than in Toronto, and the general consumer price in Toronto is 2.4% higher than in Mississauga.

So, because of the proximity of Mississauga to Toronto and its low cost of living, Mississauga is popular for commuters as it offers a good life in Mississauga for immigrants.

How to immigrate to Mississauga

Perhaps, you are a student, visitor, or worker. You can move to Canada through Express Entry (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, federal skilled trades program), Provincial Nominee Programs, or a job offer. The different route is designed to make the immigration process and life in Mississauga for immigrants very swift.

Peculiar to Mississauga immigrants, you can immigrate through the Ontario immigrant nominee program (OINP). Undoubtedly, the Ontario immigrant nominee program is one of the most dynamic and varied Canadian provincial nominee programs, with categories and streams designed to welcome skilled workers, students, and visitors.

Every year, Ontario approves several qualified immigrants through the Ontario immigrant nominee program for permanent residency. After that, you will be assessed by the Federal Government to know if you are admissible to Canada before your permanent residency status is sealed. Note that when the Ontario immigrant nominee program selects you, you earn a whopping 600 CRS point score.

You will have to register on the Express Entry pool, then go for the Ontario immigrants nominee program (or any other programs). And if you are invited to apply, your application is successful. Then, you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee of 150 CAD.

Weather in Mississauga

Unquestionably, because of the land surface area and topography in Mississauga, the climate is diverse and with different weather conditions. For example, the summer months often have high temperatures and sometimes high humidity.

In July and August, the average temperature in Mississauga can be as high as 20 degrees Celsius. At times, it can soar to 30 degrees celsius or even above. Warm temperatures always seem warmer with a high humidity level. Hence, life in Mississauga for immigrants can be easy this season with perfectly air-conditioned houses.

However, during the winter in Mississauga, the weather can be cold, even below the freezing Mark. In January and February, the average temperature can be as low as – 6 degrees Celsius compared to the rest of the province. Thus, to make life in Mississauga for immigrants palatable, you must purchase winter clothes to meet this season.

Economy in Mississauga

Recently, Mississauga was recognized as the first mid-sized city of the future by the financial publication FDi magazine for South and North American cities. Firstly, it came first in business friendliness, economic potential, and foreign direct investment strategy. Hence, life in Mississauga for immigrants is full of opportunities.

Not only is Mississauga recognized by financial publication FDI magazines, but also by MoneySense. It is also rated the eleventh-best city in Canada to live in, giving a good life to Mississauga for immigrants.

Without a doubt, out of the Fortune 500 companies, more than 60 bases at the Canadian or Global Head office in Mississauga, including Target, GE, Microsoft, Glaxo Smith Kline, and others. Likewise, some of the most robust industries in Mississauga are banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, transportation parts, electronics, computers, and equipment Industries.

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Schools in Mississauga

School life in Mississauga for immigrants is remarkable and exciting. There are different outstanding high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and universities. Interestingly, there are 15 universities within one hour drive of Mississauga, thereby creating the base for highly-educated environs to make life in Mississauga for immigrants worthwhile.

The following are the lists of the best at different levels to make life in Mississauga easy for immigrants.

Elementary schools

  • Kenollie PS (JK-6)
  • Vista Heights PS (JK-5)
  • Mineola PS (JK-6)
  • Credit valley PS (JK-5)
  • Whiteoaks PS (JK-5)

Middle Schools

  • Tomken road
  • Hillcrest
  • David leeder
  • Erin center
  • Green Glade

High Schools

  • John Fraser
  • Cawthra Park
  • Port Credit
  • The Woodlands
  • Lorne Park
  • Glenforest
  • Mississauga SS
  • Stephen Lewis
  • Rick Hansen
  • Streetsville

Transit in Mississauga

Undoubtedly, life in Mississauga for immigrants without a personal vehicle is pretty good. This is because the MiWay (Mississauga’s bus transit system) offers a good network of bus routes all over the city.

Also, you can easily get your way on foot because, according to the Wall Score, Mississauga is Canada’s fourth most walkable large city. Therefore, Mississauga is a great place to jog, cycle, or walk.

Nice places in Mississauga

If you are a young professional, student, or visitor wanting to settle in the city closest to the Square One Mall, Ontario’s interregional public transit system, Living Arts Centre, Civil Hall, and Central Library, you can try Cooksville.

Port Credit is called the village on the lake because it is at the mouth of the Credit River on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It has numerous restaurants, lakeside parks, apartments, high-rise condominiums, and shops lining Lakeshore Road.

Lakeview- in the southeast corner of Mississauga, sits on lake Ontario. It is to make life in Mississauga for immigrants and citizens full of fun and merriment.

Likewise, Erin Mills is a populated area in Mississauga. Its Town center is its focal point. In addition to the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus and the Credit Valley Hospital.

Fun life in Mississauga for immigrants

Undoubtedly, life in Mississauga for immigrants is full of energy and enthusiasm. There are about 480 woodlands and parks to explore.

Because it is close to Toronto- less than an hour’s drive, you will have things to do living in the slower-paced and friendly community to make life in Mississauga for immigrants exceptional.

The Port Credit is a historic area of Mississauga known as the village on the lake. The area is host to several festivals and events. In addition, the harbor is used for recreational boating, including the annual waterfront festival in June.

Likewise, you can try canoeing or windsurfing at Jack darling park or enjoy a tennis game. You can enjoy the beach sun, have a family picnic, watch the kids in the splash park, or play baseball.

You can also check out the waterfront trail (650 km long), running through St. Lawrence River’s and Lake Ontario’s shores, stretching to the Quebec border from the Niagara on the lake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mississauga cheaper than Toronto?

Ideally, Mississauga is 10% cheaper than Toronto.

What is the percentage of black in Mississauga?

Averagely, the percentage of black in Mississauga is 6.3%


Without a doubt, there are many fun and interesting things to navigate through in Mississauga. Many immigrants have boasted about the exciting and fun-filled life in Mississauga for immigrants. You can also try it out!

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