Life in Newmarket for Immigrants – what to expect

We want to show you what to look forward to if you want to start a new life in Newmarket, Ontario.

As an immigrant, you might be wondering what the future holds for you here because you want to know what life in Newmarket for immigrants looks like. Welcome! that’s normal. We all have uncertainties if we want to start a new job, a new school, or even a new business.

Well, the fact is sometimes, all we need is someone who has been in that particular situation before, to help dispel our fears.

And that is exactly what we want to do here. We want to show you what to look forward to if you want to start a new life in Newmarket.

History of Newmarket

To begin, Newmarket is a city in Ontario province of Canada, that was created in 1801 by the amalgamation of many farming communities area and it was founded as a trading posta and milling center in 1801 by Timothy Rogers.

It has a rich cultural history, beautiful arts, and particularly, home to historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and natural sights, making it appealing and giving a pleasant life in Newmarket for immigrants.

The city had a population of 84,224 as of the 2016 census, according to Wikipedia.

In addition, Newmarket has a very beautiful climate with fair rainfall and the winter season.

Where is Newmarket Located?

Located in Centre York Region is the Newmarket community, the seat of the Regional Municipality, and part of the greater Toronto region. The city has grown into a thriving residential population nearing 84,224 people.

Newmarket is located near major highways, regional and international transportation links, rapid public transit, commuter rail, and international airports. Newmarket community is located in the fastest-growing urban area in Ontario province.

Population in Newmarket

Newmarket is a Canadian city located in the province of Ontario. With a population of about 84,224 people. It is a small town. The surrounding Canadian Rocky Mountains influence the city’s sunny summers, moderate winters, and windy climate.

Weather in Newmarket, ON

Surrounded by large bodies of water, Newmarket has a humid climate. Average relative humidity stays above 75% all year. Winter is cold and snowy, with winds reaching up to 15–16 kilometers per hour.

The lowest temperatures are in January and February, averaging lows of -10°C and highs of -3°C. April begins to warm things up with average lows just above freezing.

Summers are warm and humid, with July reaching average high temperatures of about 25°C. Fall brings in the color, changing the landscape and preparing for winter, with nightly lows starting to hover around freezing around November.

Visiting for warm-weather activities is generally best done between late June and early September.

When it comes to rain, the wettest month of the year is July, with 81 millimeters of water on average. The driest months are February and December, with about 34 millimeters each.

However, when it comes to snowfall, February can reach an average of 131 millimeters, and snow can occur anywhere from September to May.

Reasons you should move to Newmarket, ON

  • It’s a town committed to being a clean, green community. A nationally recognized LEED Platinum subdivision, a raft of environmental bylaws, over 44km of well-lit, signposted walking and biking trails, 45 active parks and over 800 acres of parkland help make life in Newmarket for immigrants a splendid one.
  • According to the town, ‘it’s a little bit country, a little bit rock, and roll’. Newmarket is the epitome of small-town charm with access to big city amenities. It’s perfectly located between the hustle of Toronto and picturesque cottage country.  The town’s proximity to 400 series highways, shopping districts, and affordable housing make it ideal for young families and professionals.
  • Talking of shopping, while other towns might have a heritage district to shop in,  Newmarket’s shopping district is in the heritage district. Newmarket has won two Heritage Awards – both the Prince of Wales Prize and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award. All that makes for a unique shopping experience, because you can go from a quaint main street with eclectic stores and personable proprietors to a leading-edge shopping excursion in a single community. The Yonge Street corridor offers a mix of big-box stores, family-friendly restaurants, and dozens of shops with anything you need. You can choose to browse the trendiest stores by visiting places like Upper Canada Mall or find anything and everything you want, need, or desperately desire.
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre tends to the health of Newmarket’s citizens. Southlake has 400 patient beds and accommodates approximately 86,000 emergency visits, 22,000 in-patient admissions, and 300,000 out-patient visits each year. This renowned hospital provides world-class healthcare and plays an integral role in the community’s Economic Development Strategy.

Cost of Living in Newmarket

Cost of living is a measurable index based on basic living necessities such as housing, food, energy, transportation, medical care, taxes, and other expenses.

The index allows an individual to compare the cost of living between different locations. Reported in 2019, Newmarket’s overall cost of living is 103, compared to Ontario Province at 111, using a national average of 100.

However, differences in costs aren’t distributed equally. Newmarket Residents enjoy a much lower housing cost, with this expense typically being only 87% of the national average.

Per-month rents in the area have seen an increase, with supply and demand playing a role in establishing the per-month rents for Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Here’s a glimpse of the month-to-month rental costs in the Newmarket:

  • Studios: $1,400–$2,500.
  • One bedroom: $1,200–$1,890.
  • Two bedrooms: $1,800–$2,400.
  • Three bedrooms: $1,530–$2,600.
  • Four bedrooms: $1,790–$3,100.

Things to Do in Newmarket

Newmarket residents enjoy the open space of their community, unwinding by spending time at one of the many parks and walking trails. A stroll downtown or having a bite at one of the local restaurants or cafés can also relieve any stress of the day. So you can be rest assured that life in Newmarket for immigrants like you is going to be a busy and enjoyable one.

Transit in Newmarket

York Region Transit operates the local public transit. It also manages the Viva bus rapid transit blue line route from the Newmarket Terminal to the Toronto Finch GO Bus Terminal.

Newmarket has the terminal and four Viva blue line stops where riders can connect, and the eight Viva yellow line stops running from the Newmarket Terminal to Highway 404. York Region Transit also operates multiple local bus routes and paratransit routes in Newmarket.

The commuter rail is operated by GO Transit through the Newmarket GO Station, with the routes going south to Toronto and north to Barrie. The GO Transit rail intersects with the Viva yellow line near the Main Street stop.

There are five trains in each direction during rush hour. Go Transit also provides bus services between the hours of 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Life in Medicine Hat for Immigrants

How multicultural is Newmarket, ON

Newmarket is a rich multicultural society that helps nurture inclusiveness, understanding, and mutual respect. Besides, Newmarket holds an annual event called the “Technicolour Multicultural Festival”.

It is a large festival held in Newmarket each year that brings together people from many communities, both cultural and geographic. It allows the communities to celebrate and showcase what makes them unique and serves as a point of expression for each.

This expression is revealed in many ways, but particularly through live performances and food. It also serves as a point of contact between various communities and support services.

Dining out in Newmarket

Newmarket has several excellent restaurants. Here are some of the top-rated restaurants in Newmarket:

  • Big Bone BBQ&Wicked wings
  • Chip &Malt Fish and Chips
  • The Goulash House
  • The Buttery Restaurants
  • Ground Burger Bar
  • Crow’s Nest
  • Luna Ristorante
  • Bangkok Thai Cuisine
  • Chez Talal
  • Ristorante Orsini
  • Hungry Brew Hops Public house& eatery
  • Fish Bone Kitchen+bar

Nightlife in Newmarket

After a long day in Newmarket, people often go to bars, pubs, casinos, etc to cool off from the day’s stress. Here are some of the best of these in the city:

  • Village Inn Hotel
  • Venom Sports Inc
  • Toronto Fete’s
  • Maple Lions Club
  • Chick N deli North
  • Haberdasher Eddy
  • E&T Karaoke
  • Ice Dance Centre of Ontario
  • Boss club
  • Avenue Nightclub
  • Lucy Club

Schools in Newmarket

School life in Newmarket for immigrants is also an interesting one. The city of Newmarket has many secondary schools and Elementary schools within its boundaries.

Below is the list of some secondary schools and Elementary schools in Newmarket, ON

Secondary schools in Newmarket

  • Dr. John M. Denison Secondary School
  • Huron Heights Secondary School
  • Newmarket High School
  • Sir William Mulock Secondary School.

Elementary schools in Newmarket

  • Alexander Muir
  • Armitage Village
  • Bogart
  • Clearmeadow
  • Crossland
  • Denne
  • Glen Cedar
  • J.L.R. Bell
  • Maple Leaf
  • Meadowbrook
  • Prince Charles
  • Rogers
  • Stonehaven
  • Stuart Scott
  • Terry Fox.

How to immigrate to Newmarket

It is very possible to immigrate to Newmarket by applying for permanent residency through Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

This requires you to receive a nomination from the province of Ontario before applying for permanent residency. Of course, you need to work within Ontario upon immigration to the province through (ONIP)

Here are appropriate steps in applying for immigration to Belleville through ONIP

Step 1: Make sure you are qualified

Once you have chosen the stream you would like to apply under, make sure, you meet all the mandatory requirements for that stream.

Step 2: Create a profile and receive an invitation to apply

Before you can apply to be nominated, you must create a profile in the appropriate system for your stream. Top candidates will receive an invitation to apply.

Step 3: Apply to be nominated by the ONIP

If you have received an invitation to apply, you may apply online within 14 calendar days through the ONIP e-filling portal.

Step 4: Apply to the government of Canada for permanent residence through IRCC

The government of Canada makes the final decision on who becomes a permanent resident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newmarket good for Immigrants?

Yes, Newmarket, Ontario has numerous benefits to all foreign Nationals including immigrants who are willing to work and reside permanently in the province.


Living in Newmarket offers distinct charms. Life in Newmarket for immigrants has always been an enjoyable one. The city’s growth is stable, allowing residents to build their lives with the support of the city’s management and commitment.

The city has a unique blend of local amenities, outdoor activities, after-dark events, a culinary scene ranging from local cuisine to far-flung favorites, and great places to work and shop. So you are welcome to Newmarket city, any day, anytime.