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Life in Norfolk County for Immigrants

If you want to take a peek into what life in Norfolk County for immigrants can offer you, you may have to grab your seat and enjoy this article. There is a lot you can glean from here. What’s more, it will be a refreshing activity to find yourself in this cottage-filled small city.

Norfolk County is a rural single-tier municipality on the north shore of Lake Erie in southwestern Ontario, Canada. The 2016 population census revealed that about 64,044 live here. Although its name suggests a county, it has outlived that purpose.

That is because all municipal services are controlled by a single level of government. Notable communities in the county include Simcoe, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford and Port Rowan. Remarkably, for several years in the late 20th century, Norfolk County was merged with Haldimand County but the merger was later dissolved in 2000.

Is it safe to live in Norfolk County?

In terms of home affordability, low crime, nice weather and amenities, Norfolk County is one of the best places that can come to your mind, any time, any day. Interestingly, the area keeps developing with the dawn of a new day.

Why should you live in Norfolk County?

Looking for a way to enjoy a cottage lifestyle is undoubted, one of the things that Canadians are known for. And so, it is unsurprising to see a person who is used to the city and urban lifestyles looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful to escape to. For those who live in Toronto, their destination is usually up North. Do they have a better alternative?

Just 90 minutes from Toronto, Norfolk County is one of the best places a Torontonian can find themselves heading to. Probably, one of the reasons Norfolk County is deemed the Gold Coast of Ontario. Today, it is a sought-after destination for cottage and vacation homes. If that is your case, here are the top reasons you should be heading towards Norfolk County now.


Within 90 minutes, driving through highways, forests and farmlands, is all it takes you to find yourself in Norfolk County. If you enjoy weekend trips and short-term escapes, you would not like here less. There are several secluded cottages in this serene atmosphere.

Therefore, if for any reason you decide to relocate here permanently, there is always a reason to do so. Besides, cheap cottages exist with every amenity that offers you comfort and convenience. If you love the view of the water, living along the Lake Erie shoreline is a perfect spot to take water views.

Reasonable Real Estate

With the growing amount of real estate today, if you wish to invest in this sector of the economy, you may be amassing wealth in the twinkle of an eye. Norfolk County real estate offers affordable prices for your comfort. Simply put, it is one of the cheapest points in Ontario where you can get housing at a very ridiculous amount.

Without a doubt, you can afford between 20 and 50 acres of land for almost half the price of what is obtainable in other areas.

Purchasing a cottage as your second home is another good option. We bet you that you can give up anything to live here! Wait until your retirement and you will see the impact of living in Norfolk County cottage on your longevity. By and large, this is a remarkably good opportunity for you.

Enjoy a seasonal, all-year-round experience in Lake Erie

Life in Norfolk County for Immigrants can’t be interesting without gracing this location. That is, you can’t talk about Norfolk County without mentioning Lake Erie. Interestingly, a view can make or break a perfect get-away. Locating a great spot and having to view the sunrise and sunset in Canada on a warm is therapeutic.

Also, watching the reflection of the sun shining over the crystal water, going kayaking, taking a walk through several white-sand beaches and other stuff you can think of, offers you a lifetime leisure experience. The turquoise colour of the sandy floor makes a great evening too.

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Have a nourishing Food and Culture

During the warmer days, you can always find your way to Norfolk County for spicy evenings, enjoying rich foods and cultural heritage. You may choose to spend the day at a lavender field, attend the Waterford Pumpkin Festival, or visit Burning Kiln (one of the famous wineries in the area), and everything is at a cheaper rate.

Golf courses and seasonal arts festivals are examples of the many fiestas Norfolk County can offer you. As the season extends, the area can only offer you the best of foods. At the same time, the locally-sourced ingredients from the restaurants or markets make Norfolk County the food paradise. You can never have enough!

Sizzling Weather

One of the reasons the majority of people flock towards Norfolk County is the beautiful weather it has to offer them. All the same, the area does not shut down during winter, unlike so many places in Canada. In short, the winter season is a fun season for some people who enjoy skating, cross-country skiing and ice fishing.

With access to the amenities of Port Dover and Simcoe nearby, you can comfortably spend Christmas at the cottage knowing that your stay will not be characterized by inconveniences caused by cold weather.

Not to mention, spring, summer and autumn, with all their refreshing feeling, offer you great comfort that you won’t mind spending all your days here, dreaming of a beautiful life. Believe it, if you choose to make Norfolk County your next destination as an immigrant, you will always look forward to exciting moments.


In conclusion, dreaming of life in Norfolk County for immigrants is great. Just ensure to make it a reality.

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