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Life in North Bay for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

The diversity of life and natural environment makes life in North Bay enjoyable for immigrants. The residents enjoy fresh air, abundant clean water, and plenty of green space for outdoor activities. As a result, there is a touch of urban life to rural life in the city.

Moreover, life in North Bay is not only affordable but also safe. Therefore, immigrants in the city find it normal to settle in this small but densely populated city.

Another exciting feature of North Bay is that it lies between the Ottawa River watershed and that of the Great Lakes. Not only that, but when you move eastern wards, you will experience the fine touch of Trout Lake, the headwater of the Mattawa River and the source of the city’s drinking water.

Life in North Bay: what to expect

North Bay is located in the northeastern part of Ontario. Ontario is one of Canada’s largest provinces, with many fascinating things. For instance, it is the capital of Canada; therefore, the residents have access to a lot of facilities. 

Moreover, it has a lot of big cities like Toronto. In addition, the town has many things to offer its residents, including the famous Niagara falls situated in the province of Ontario. The province shares borders with the United States. 

Meanwhile, the city of North Bay turned into a railroad center with a military airport during the world war. One last thing about the city is that it lies between the 

Furthermore, the city is unique as it lies between the Ottawa river watershed and the great lakes basin. Thus, life in North Bay for immigrants is full of fun. This is a result of the numerous exciting places to visit when in the city. 

Population of North Bay

According to the data collected from the 2016 census, North Bay has a population of 70,378. This represents the people within the districts of Nipissing, Parry Sound, Timmins, Temiskaming Shores, and Cobalt. 

Villages in North Bay

  • Nipissing 
  • Parry Sound
  • Timmins
  • Temiskaming Shores, 
  • Cobalt. 

Transit in North Bay

The transit in North Vancouver is one of the best in Canada. Therefore, residents don’t encounter any problems with movement. However, sometimes, due to the population of the city, you can encounter heavy traffic. 

Generally, there is a municipal transit system in North Bay that operates daily. Apart from that, you can depend on several taxi services which operate 24 hours per day. Therefore, whenever you are in need of transport service, you can contact any nearest taxi. Moreover, there are several car dealerships for financing, leasing, and car rental services that you can depend on. 

Furthermore, North Bay is ideally located at the crossroads of rail, land, and air transportation nodes for out-of-town travel. Therefore, you have plenty of options when moving out of the city. 

Hence, with all these facilities, life in North Bay for immigrants is very easy, especially in terms of traveling. 

Cost of living in North Bay

North Bay’s average cost of living is very close to the global price of $1288. Therefore, life in North Bay for immigrants is a bit expensive. With this, it is ranked number 3964 out of 9294 on the global list. Subsequently, it is ranked 131st out of 153rd in Canada. And 42nd out of 43 in Ontario. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive cities in Ontario. 

Life in North Bay for immigrants: Reasons to move to North Bay

Pros of life in North Bay for immigrants

#1. Commercial activity 

Even though North Bay is not a very large town, it is still a business hub in Ontario. Therefore, many businesses are operating in the city. Moreover, being a destination for many tourists, the town attracts a lot of business people. Subsequently, life in North Bay for immigrants is full of activities, especially for those in one business. 

#2. Outdoor activities 

Are you the outgoing type? Then, No North Bay is the perfect place for your stay in Ontario. North Bay has a landscape full of the natural environment, and to make good use of it, the town has a lot of outdoor activities and entertainment for its residents. Therefore, once you visit the city, there is always an event to attend. For instance, the lakes are an excellent place for your picnic. 

Furthermore, there are many festivals and events to entertain throughout the year. If, on the other hand, you prefer the natural environment, also, North Bay has some fun for you. Therefore, life in North Bay for immigrants can be exciting and full of fun. 

#3. Low cost of living 

North Bay is among the cheapest places to live in Ontario. Generally, Ontario is a costly province in Canada; therefore, even with the cost of living in North Bay, it is still cheap compared to other cities in the province. Consequently, life in North Bay for immigrants is relatively inexpensive.

Cons of life in North Bay for immigrants


The employment in A North Bay is not steady. As a result, sometimes, many residents in the city are unemployed. Moreover, since the main source of employment for the residents is the hospital, Nipissing University, Canadore College, government jobs, and the airport, many residents do not find jobs.  


There is an average crime rate in North Bay, especially among the youths. Subsequently, life in North Bay for immigrants is a bit risky, especially if you are new in the city. 


Another factor that makes life in North Bay for immigrants unappealing is the taxes in the city. Generally, the government of Ontario imposes both Provincial and Federal government taxes on the residents. Therefore, the taxes are very much. Therefore, the tax rate in North Bay is higher when compared to other cities in Canada. 

Life in North Bay for immigrants: Education

North Bay has a number of both public and Catholic high schools. Therefore, when you live in the city, there are good schools for your children.  

List of schools in North Bay

The following schools are the schools where you can enroll your kids when you live in North Bay. 

  • Near North District School Board
  • Conseil Scolaire du District du Nord-Est de L’Ontario
  • St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School
  • Ecole Secondaire Catholique Algonquin
  • Nipissing Band Of Ojibways
  • Issachar Christian Academy
  • Web Design North
  • École Élémentaire Catholique Saints-Anges
  • Ecole Secondaire Publique De North Bay
  • Laurentian Learning Centre
  • Conseil Scolaire Public Dunord-Est De Lontario
  • Holy Cross School
  • English For International Communication Institute
  • Near North District School Board
  • Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board
  • Near North District School Board
  • Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir
  • Conseil Scolaire du District du Nord-Est de L’Ontario

List of universities and colleges in North Bay

In addition to elementary and secondary schools, North Bay also attracts some immigrants attract visitors because of the university and college in the town. Therefore, the exciting thing about life in North Bay for immigrants also includes the availability of one college and university. They include: 

Life in North Bay: Places to enjoy your weekend

Perhaps it’s the weekend, and you want to hang out. There are a lot of places to visit in North Bay. It can be parks, tourist centers, and many other places. Therefore life in North Bay for immigrants is fascinating. 

Places to have fun in North Bay.

Therefore while in North Bay, you can visit any of these places. They include:  

  • North Bay Heritage Train and Carousel
  • Duchesnay Falls Trails
  • Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence
  • Laurier Woods Conservation 
  • New Ontario Brewing
  • Marathon Beach
  • Laurentian Ski Hill
  • Northgate Shopping Centre
  • Lee Park
  • Kate Pace Way
  • The Cove
  • Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption
  • Discovery North Bay
  • North Bay Farmers’ Market
  • North Bay Nordic Ski Club
  • Elks Lodge Family Park
  • Champlain Park
  • Hiking Trails
  • Laurentian Escarpment 
  • Gateway City Brewery
  • La Vase Portage Conservation Area
  • Eva Wardlaw Conservation Area
  • Silver Beach Park
  • Widdifield Forrest Provincial Park
  • Chief Commanda II
  • Capitol Centre
  • Off the Beaten Track
  • Northern Tikes
  • Tranquillity Spa

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Hotels in North Bay

In addition to the other things that make life in North Bay for immigrants exciting and funny, there are also hotels in the city where you can relax.  

List of hotels in North Bay and their prices

The following is the list of hotels in North Bay. 

Hampton Inn 

Price: $103


Price: $61

Super 8 

Price: $61

Homewood Suites 

Price: $118


Price: $71

Days Inn & Suites 

Price: $58

Comfort Inn North Bay

Price: $67

Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre

Price: $78

Sunset Inn

Price: $86

Terrace Suites

Price: $89+

Lakeshore Suites

Price: $101+

The Lincoln Inn 

Price: $74

Franklin Motel, Tent & Trailer Park 

Price: $59

Glenwood Motel And Cottages

Price: $81+

Nipissing Inn 

Price: $79

Bo-Mark Motel

Price: $88+

Night life in North Bay

Life in North Bay will not be complete without having some fun late at night; therefore, if you love to stay out at night or prefer dining out. These are the best picks for you. 

  •  Beer Gardens
  •  Comedy Clubs
  •  Dance Clubs
  •  Jazz & Blues
  •  Karaoke
  •  Music Venues
  •  Piano Bars
  •  Pool Halls

Life in North Bay: How to immigrate to North Bay

To move to North Bay, especially as a worker or skilled trader, you must use the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. However, before you can use this program, you must qualify for the stream under which you want to apply. 

There are three ways you may qualify for a nomination:

Employer job offer category: This is for workers, especially if you already have a permanent job in Ontario.  

Human capital category: If you already have work experience, education, and language skills, you can use this program. 

Business category: This is for entrepreneurs, especially those who want to set up a new business in Ontario.      

The application process for permanent residence in Ontario 

The steps below will help you to immigrate to Ontario using the OINP. 

#Step 1: Make sure you qualify

The first step is to qualify for the particular program you are applying for. Moreover, you must be admissible into Canada.   

#Step 2: Create a profile and receive an invitation to apply or a notification of interest

The second step is to create a profile, then use the profile to submit your application together with an expression of interest.  

#Step 3: Apply to be nominated by the OINP

The third step is to get nominated under Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. However, only the highest candidates are in the comprehensive ranking system.  

#Step 4: Apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence

The final step is to apply for permanent residence. Again, it would help if you did this using the IRCC website.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is North Bay known for?

The lakes surrounding the city are known as the Gateway of the North. In addition, North Bay gives you access to major waterways of trade and travel in the northern part of Canada. Therefore, North Bay is famous for its lakes, beaches, and nature parks used for summer retreats. Consequently, life in North Bay for immigrants is easy. This is because they can travel out of the city easily. 

How much does a hotel cost in North Bay?

The average cost of a hotel room in North Bay is CAD 81. However, there are cheaper hotels in North Bay where you can Lodge for as low as CAD 65 per night. This makes life in North Bay for immigrants and visitors cheap. 

Is North Bay, Ontario, an excellent place to live?

Yes, North Bay is a perfect place to live, especially if you love nature. Furthermore, North Bay allows you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining a sense of a minor, safe community.


In conclusion, life in North Bay for immigrants has both pros and cons. Some people may find the small-town atmosphere stifling, while others love the sense of community. The cost of living is affordable, but there are few job opportunities. The schools are good, but there is a lack of diversity. Overall, it is an excellent place to live, but it is not perfect.

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