Life in Oakville for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

This guide explains everything you need to know about life in Oakville for immigrants

Without a doubt, life in Oakville for Immigrants in all aspects is amazing, with accessibility to all modern and basic amenities.

Because it is strategically located in-between two civilized and developed cities (I.e Toronto and Niagara),  it is highly developed -as expected.

The beautiful city has various entrepreneurial and employment opportunities, the high quality of education definitely will suit newcomers and make life in Oakville for immigrants a fantastic one.

We are here to enlighten you on what life in Oakville holds for immigrants and newcomers, you can trust this article to give you all the necessary information to keep you updated- Stay with us!

Where is Oakville?

The Oakville is located on Lake Ontario and at the mouth of Oakville Creek. It is at the regional municipality of Halton, South Eastern Ontario, and is 32 km away from the southwest of Toronto. Basically, it was founded by Colonel William K Chilsom in 1830, who established a shipbuilding yard over there.

Originally, it was incorporated in 1857, afterward, it got amalgamated to form Oakville with Trafalgar township.

Basically, the town occupies 28,900 hectares (69,000 acres ), as it spread northward to some 22.5km (14 miles) from lake Ontario.

Without a doubt, Oakville claims to be the largest town (in area) and an industrial community with the largest automobile plants in Canada.

Population of Oakville

Averagely, Oakville City has a population of about 193,832 people. Typically, the city has about 28% population that is above the national average ( i.e population under 19). Oakville also has a lower percentage of pensioners as compared to the national average.

Importantly, about 70% of Oakville’s population speaks English. Hence newcomers would not have a hard time getting by. There is no overpopulation in Oakville, so there’s a wonderful and peaceful life in Oakville for Immigrants.

Cost of living in Oakville

Undoubtedly, Oakville is one of the top 3% most expensive cities in the world, it is the second out of the most expensive cities in Canada, ranks 256 of 9294 in the global list of expensive cities, and the first expensive city out of 43 expensive cities in Ontario.

Average, the cost of living in Oakville is $2198, and the medium after-tax salary is $3383. The salary earned in Oakville is enough to cover the living expenses for a month and a half, ranking the top 2% of the best place to live in the world and the 18th Canadian best city to live, as well as the 7th liveable city in Ontario.

Over time, there has been an increase in the cost of living in Oakville by 2.5%. The increase will be found in food, housing, and transportation. However, it promises exciting life in Oakville for immigrants.

How to immigrate to Oakville

Oakville is a welcoming and exciting City that cherishes newcomers. Oakville is located in Ontario Canada. Life in Oakville for Immigrants is made easier with easy immigration pathways. Hence, Newcomers (either students, workers, or visitors) can immigrate to Oakville either through Provincial nominee programs, Express entry, or job offers.

To create an Express Entry profile, you have to use any of the available programs. These programs are Canada experience class, federal skilled worker program, and federal skilled trades program.

Also, you can Immigrate to Canada through the unique Ontario provincial nominee program. Without a doubt, the Ontario provincial nominee program is a program that is operated by the Ontario government.

Perhaps, you want to immigrate to Oakville as a student, worker, or on a visit, you can use any of the above pathways to fully explore life in Oakville for immigrants.

Basically, the Ontario government approves qualified immigrants to the Ontario immigrants nominee program and offers permanent residency to qualified individuals after a long and thorough assessment. On acceptance by the Ontario government, there is a 600 CRS point score to help enjoy life in Oakville for immigrants.

Therefore, you will have to register on the Express Entry pool and go for the Ontario immigrants nominee program (or any other programs).

You will be sent an invite to apply for permanent residency only if your application is successful, then you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee.

Weather in Oakville

Undoubtedly the climate is temperate and cold in Oakville, and yes! Oakville is a city of significant rainfall, even in the driest months of the year, there’s still a lot of rain. According to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification, the climate is considered to be Dfa.

Annual temperature in Oakville

Averagely, the annual temperature in Oakville is 48.7 °F | 9.3 °C, and about annual precipitation falls of 48 mm | 37.3 inches.

Warmest month in Oakville

The warmest month of the year in Oakville is  July with an average temperature of 22.3 °C | 72.2 °F.

Coldest month in Oakville

The coldest month of the year in Oakville is January with an average temperature of  -3.6 °C | 25.5 °F.

Between the driest and the wettest month, there is a difference of 28 mm | 1 inch of precipitation throughout the year with a temperature that varies by 25.9 °C | 46.7 °F.

Relative humidity in Oakville

November is the month with the highest relative humidity of about 75.28 %, and the month with the lowest relative humidity is April 68.31 %.

Rainy month in Oakville

January is the month with the highest number of rainy days with rain for about 12.10 days. While February is the month with the lowest number of rainy days with rainfall for about 8.80 days.

Sunny months in Oakville

Without a doubt, Oakville is in the Northern hemisphere. Hence, summer starts towards the end of June and ends in September. The months of summer are June, July, August, and September.

Averagely, July has the highest number of sunshine. In July, there’s an average of 11.42 hours of daily sunshine and a total of 354.04 hours of sunshine.

Whereas January has the lowest daily number of daily hours of sunshine.  In January there is an average of 3.14 hours of daily sunshine, and a total of 97.31 hours of sunshine.

Therefore, throughout the year there are about 2656.69 hours of counted sunshine in Oakville. And an average of 87.19 hours of sunshine every month.

Life in Richmond Hill for Immigrants

Schools in Oakville

Without a doubt, the residents of Oakville are highly educated with the best school system in town hyped as the best in Ontario. Not only are there plenty of public schools in Oakville but also private and Catholic schools.

The schools in Oakville especially public schools are strong for both the French immersion and English track. The school life in Oakville for immigrants is very impressive with outstanding elementary schools to enroll for.

Currently, there are about 27 public elementary schools in Oakville which includes five French immersion schools.

This is the list of the top five public schools that promises an outstanding school life in Oakville for immigrants

  • James W. Hill Public School
  • Joshua Creek Public School
  • Pilgrim Wood Public School
  • Oodenawi Public School
  • Maple Grove Public School

Likewise, there are outstanding high schools and colleges to give a wonderful life in Oakville for Immigrants.

Transit in Oakville

Interestingly, there is a public transit that is easy to access in the town of Oakville. There is no rush life in Oakville for immigrants, as you can easily catch a train or bus into Toronto.

Basically, there are three highways that are easy to access, which are

  • Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)
  • Highway 403, and
  • Highway 407.

This highway makes commuting to and fro work very comfortable and gives a comfortable life in Oakville for immigrants. Also, the well-designed network of internal roads contributes to easy transportation and Transit in Oakville.

Peradventure, you are a newcomer flying from anywhere across the world to enjoy a fantastic life in Oakville. The closest airport to Oakville is

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) 26.41km
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) 29.95km
  • John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) 38.12km

You can reach Oakville by plane from any of your locations.

Places to visit in Oakville

Assuredly, as a newcomer or tourist looking for a wonderful life in Oakville for immigrants, you are sure to trust Oakville with its enticing and interesting places that are big attractions for tourists all over the world.

Oakville is home to many art galleries, museums, and various other cultural events. You will not be stranded in shopping malls in Oakville, you are sure to enjoy shopping in some of the famous malls.

You can check Bronte Harbour if you don’t have an idea of where to shop because they definitely give the best choice of everything you need from beautiful things of nature to the best restaurants in the city.

The beauty and technology in Oakville give a satisfying and enjoyable life in Oakville for immigrants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oakville an urban or rural area?

Oakville and Burlington are largely suburban and urban areas in Ontario However, the terms of Hampton inns and Milton are rural.

Is Oakville a safe place to live?

Definitely, there is a safe life in Oakville for immigrants and citizens. Infact, Oakville has been regarded consistently as one of the safest towns to live in Canada. For 14 consecutive years, the Halton region has recorded the lowest crime index among all the municipalities in Canada.


In summary, Oakville is a dream come true for many people all around the world because it is beautiful, classic, and structured to give an exciting life in Oakville for immigrants. The Education and transportation system are top-notch, you won’t want to miss it