Life in Peterborough for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

Read here to know about the way of life in Peterborough for immigrants if you are planning immigration.

You can come over to Canada to experience a one of a kind way of life in Peterborough for immigrants. No matter your nationality, the city of Peterborough and its communities are very cordial to non-Canadians, including visitors, foreign workers and international students.

Besides, Peterborough is one of the most preferred cities to foreign nationals who intend to move to one of the best cities in Ontario province.

Hence, this post will guide you if your plan for 2022 is to immigrate to the city of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Exploring this page will help you learn about Peterborough’s location, population, cost of sustenance, OINP’s application process, climate, ethnic diversity, tourist attractions, and more.

Where is Peterborough in Canada?

The city of Peterborough is located in Central Ontario, Canada. Besides, Peterborough is situated on Otonabee River in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Population of Peterborough

Emphatically, the 2016 census in Canada informed that there are up to 35,151,728 people residing in Canada. Of course, 81,032 of this population represent Peterborough residents.

Cost of living in Peterborough, ON, Canada

Generally speaking, the cost of sustenance in Peterborough is relatively low in contrast to most urban and suburban areas in Ontario province. Renting an accommodation in Peterborough is affordable as well.

Furthermore, you may not need a budget or scale of preference to cope with the way of life in Peterborough for immigrants.

This is because food, and other necessities are available at moderate prices in all parts of the city of Peterborough.

How to immigrate to Peterborough, Canada

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is indeed the most precise pathway to immigrate and start a new life in Peterborough for immigrants.

Steps to use OINP to immigrate to Peterborough, province of Ontario

The following steps can facilitate your application for immigration to Peterborough through Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

  1. Obtain a nomination certificate
  2. Initiate Express Entry profile process
  3. Submit your permanent residency application
  4. Immigrate to Peterborough, Ontario province, Canada

STEP 1: Obtain a nomination certificate

You are surely required to request nomination from the Canadian province of Ontario. This process allows you to receive a nomination certificate from the province.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) document requirements

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Valid language test result such as CELPIP, TEC Canada, TEF Canada, etc
  • Proof of fund(s)
  • Letter of intent
  • Legal status documents
  • Document translation and notarization (required if credentials and documents are not in English or French language), among others

STEP 2: Initiate Express Entry profile process

Of course, you must create and submit an Express Entry profile in order to have inclusion on Express Entry pool.

STEP 3: Submit your permanent residency application

With your provincial nomination certificate, and other supporting documents, you can proceed to applying for your permanent residency to Canada.

STEP 4: Immigrate to Peterborough, Ontario province, Canada

At this time, you can now book an international flight with a commercial airline to Canada inasmuch as you already have your permanent residency visa.

Weather in Peterborough, province of Ontario, Canada

Undeniably, winter season in Peterborough is composed of intense snow and wind, which may cause some freezing if you are putting on the wrong clothing.

Besides, there is absolutely nothing to worry about the climate during summer season in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

How multicultural is Peterborough, Ontario?

The city of Peterborough is definitely consisting of diverse cultures. Without doubt, residents of Peterborough include foreign nationals from more than 50% of the countries in the world.

In fact, a large number of multicultural organizations and associations currently exist in Peterborough, Canadian province of Ontario.

Schools in Peterborough, ON, Canada

Indeed, the city of Peterborough has a lower number of colleges and universities than other cities in Ontario province, Canada.

Nevertheless, the established university and college in Peterborough have high standards within Canada and internationally.

They offer advanced programs of study to both Canadian and international students, with availability of financial aids.

Thus, here are list of the few post-secondary institutions located in Peterborough, Ontario.

  • Fleming College
  • Trent University
  • Master’s College and Seminary
  • Kawartha Lakes Bible College

Transit in Peterborough, Ontario province, Canada

Due to the existence of Peterborough Transit, residents of Peterborough are able to access a fleet of buses, which enables them to move across various points within the city.

As a matter of fact, Peterborough Transit makes use of well planned and organized routes to satisfy the public transportation needs of its residents.

Dining out and nightlife in Peterborough, ON, Canada

Without doubt, eating out at any of the restaurants in Peterborough offers a great experience with wide-ranging delicacies.

Besides, the city of Peterborough has several kinds of restaurants for people looking for a treat in a country-specific style such as Thai, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc.

You can also get your pizzas from any of the pizza restaurants in Peterborough. Another amazing place to visit in Peterborough, Ontario is Galaxy Cinemas.

Additionally, nights aren’t dull in Peterborough, ON as you always step out to visit any of the lively bars, pubs and nightspots within the city.

Restaurants in Peterborough, ON

Indeed, below are some of the restaurants that facilitates enjoyment of life in Peterborough for immigrants.

  • Pizza Nova
  • Soupcon
  • Fresh Dreams
  • Taso’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Hanoi House
  • Tora Bistro
  • Ashburnham Ale House
  • Kelseys
  • La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
  • Capra Toro
  • Madoi Restaurant
  • One Fine Food
  • The Pizza Factory
  • Montana’s
  • Gerti’s
  • Jasmine Thai Cuisine Restaurant (at Charlotte Mews)
  • Karma’s Cafe
  • Amandala’s Restaurant
  • La Mesita Mexican Restaurant, and so on

Bars, pubs and nightspots in Peterborough, province of Ontario, Canada

The following are list of bars, pubs, as well as nightspots in Peterborough, ON.

  • Porch & Pint Pub
  • The Black Horse Pub
  • The Social Pub
  • Spanky’s Downtown Pub & Patio
  • Historic Red Dog
  • White House Hotel
  • The Ceilie
  • Champs Bar And Grill
  • One Eighty Sports Pub
  • Puck ‘N Pint Sports Pub
  • Publican House Brewery & Pub
  • Steele Centre Pub
  • Castle John’s Peterborough
  • Louis Bar & Grill, among others

Fun things to do in Peterborough, Ontario province, Canada

Emphatically, the city of Peterborough has several attractions that are friendly to both kids and adults. These include recreational parks with playgrounds, splash pads, mini trains, and more.

Furthermore, there are many informative and notable museums in Peterborough. These museums display various kinds of historical exhibits and artifacts that you would love to see and know about.

Of course, visiting any of these attractions with your spouse, loved ones, friends or coworkers allows for no dullness in life in Peterborough for immigrants.

Tourist attraction centres in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Below are list of tourist attraction centres in Peterborough, Canadian province of Ontario.

  • Riverview Park & Zoo
  • Del Crary Park
  • Trent-Severn Waterway, Peterborough Lift Lock Visitor Centre
  • Ashburnham Memorial Park
  • Peterborough & The Kawarthas Tourism
  • Trent-Severn Waterway, Lock 21 – Peterborough Lift Lock
  • Peterborough Museum & Archives
  • Harold Town Conservation Area
  • Trent University Nature Areas
  • Peterborough Lift Lock National Historic Site
  • Liftlock & the Riverboat Cruises
  • The Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Art Gallery of Peterborough
  • Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Greenup Ecology Park, and so on.
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Getting employed in Peterborough, ON

Of course, Peterborough residents often make use of the internet via job sites, as well as employment agencies to search and apply for employment in the city.

Examples of these job sites include LinkedIn, Job Bank, Indeed, Monster, Robert Half, Eluta, Glassdoor and Jobboom.

When you try anyone of them for your job search, you will realize that the manner of life in Peterborough for immigrants is not very strenuous and difficult as you may think.

Employment agencies in Peterborough, ON, Canada

Here are names, addresses and phone numbers of employment agencies in Peterborough, Canadian province of Ontario.

  • Adecco

Address: 245 King Street West

Phone number: (905) 436-6202

  • EPC Peterborough

Address: 418 Sheridan St

Phone number: +1 705-748-9110

  • The Staffing Connection

Address: 150 King Street, East 2nd Floor

Phone number: +1 705-741-5286

  • Employment Ontario At Fleming

Address: 1550 Lansdowne St

Phone number: +1 705-775-1233

  • Peterborough Employment Resource Centre

Address: 178 Charlotte St

Phone number: +1 705-748-8830

  • Fleming CREW

Address: 1550 Lansdowne St W

Phone number: +1 705-775-2739

  • PersonL

Address: 687 Rye St Unit #4

Phone number: +1 705-243-0391

  • Wakeford And Associates

Address: 310 Elias Ave

Phone number: +1 705-745-1607

  • Job Bank

Address: 219 George St N

Phone number: +1 800-277-9914

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about commonly asked questions as regards to life in Peterborough for immigrants.

Why immigrate to Ontario for a new life in Peterborough for immigrants?

  • The city of Peterborough is vibrant with many museums, restaurants, nightspots, among other attractions
  • Access to numerous healthcare facilities, including Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC)
  • The colleges and universities in Peterborough offers world-class programs of study
  • Low cost of sustenance

What documents do I need to apply for Canada’s permanent residence visa?

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate from police
  • Proof of fund(s) document
  • Report of medical examination
  • Proof of marital status such as marriage certificate, common-law union form, legal separation or divorce certificate, or spouse’s death certificate

What is the processing time of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)?

Without doubt, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program processing time ranges from 30 to 60 days.


Above all, we look forward to hear that your permanent residency application got approval, and had little or no challenges moving to start a new life in Peterborough for immigrants. Good luck!