Life in Pickering for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

Life can be very exciting in Pickering for immigrants, epecially if you love going out to enjoy yourself.

One of the reasons life in Pickering for immigrants is easy is because of the cheap houses available in the city. Many buyers troop into the city to purchase houses at a cheaper rate.

When compared to Toronto, houses in this city is cheap. As a result, the city gets busy with a lot of buyers moving to the area.  

Moreover, if you work in Toronto but wants a cooler environment, then you can as well love the city with its Forose who work in quieter, calmer lifestyle. 

Another aspect, worthy of mentioning, about Pickering is that it is the perfect place for your family  With all the family-friendly streets, its closeness to nature and other necessary amenities, your life in Pickering as an immigrant will be very exciting. 

Where is Pickering

Pickering is a town located along the shore of Ontario Lake. I guess you already know what to expect from life in Pickering as an immigrant, cool and calm. However, Pickering gives the residents a sense of community offering a lot of things that make life there worth it. 

Moreover, being close to Toronto, the city gives you a sense of city life in addition to maintaining the coolness of a small town.  

Population of Pickering

Pickering has a population of 91,771 making it one the most populated cities in Ontario. Therefore, life in Pickering for immigrants is adventurous. The city has a growth rate of 0.35% between 2001 and 2016.   

Towns in Pickering

The following are the towns that you live in once you move to Pickering. They include:

  • Altona
  • Brougham
  • Rouge Park
  • Squires Beach
  • Fairport
  • Deckers Hill
  • Belford
  • Clarkes Hollow
  • Dixie
  • Mount Zion
  • Milliken
  • Balsam
  • Cherrywood
  • Atha Road
  • Glen Grove
  • Liverpool
  • Dunbarton
  • Kinsale
  • Rosebank Station

Transit in Pickering

Majorly, 101 bus is the transit system for the residents of Pickering. And with 32 stops departing from Pickering Parkway Terminal and ending in Pickering Parkway Terminal, the transit system serves the town very well. 

The following are the terminal and stops for the 101 bus. They include: 

  • Pickering Parkway Terminal
  • Liverpool Rd. @ Pickering Pkwy.
  • Bayly Eastbound @ Krosno
  • Bayly Eastbound @ Sandy Beach
  • Pickering Station
  • Bayly Eastbound @ Alliance
  • Bayly Eastbound @ Salk
  • Brock Road Southbound @ Orangebrook
  • Bayly Eastbound @ Brock Road
  • Brock Road Southbound @ Quigley
  • Clements Eastbound @ Brock Road
  • Clements Eastbound @ Squires Beach
  • Squires Beach Southbound @ Clements
  • Squires Beach Southbound @ Mckay
  • Westbound @ 850 Mckay
  • Montgomery Park Westbound @ Brock Road
  • Southbound @ 770 Mckay
  • Montgomery Park Westbound @ Opg Pickering
  • Montgomery Park Road, Pickering
  • Sandy Beach Northbound @ Montgomery Park
  • Sandy Beach Northbound @ Parkham
  • Alyssum Westbound @ Krosno
  • Krosno Westbound @ Modlin
  • Liverpool Northbound @ Haller
  • Liverpool Northbound @ Patmore
  • Pickering Parkway Terminal
  • Liverpool Northbound @ Bayly
  • Liverpool Northbound @ Pickering Parkway
  • Kingston Eastbound @ Liverpool
  • Glenanna Southbound @ the Esplanade (South Side Stop)

Cost of living in Pickering

The cost of living in Pickering is 10% lower than the Ontario average, therefore, you will say that the cost of living is very low in the city.

Moreover, it averages the National average. However, when it comes to housing, living in Pickering is 20% lower than in Canada. Subsequently, life in Pickering for immigrants is essentially cheaper than in some of the cities in Canada. 

Life in Pickering for immigrants: Reasons to move to Pickering

Plenty of things makes life in Pickering for immigrants admirable. And as such, many people are attracted to the city. Among these reasons include: 

#1: Variety of food

Do you love exploring your options when it comes to food? Then, you can count on the numerous festivals in Pickering which allows you to try some of the variety of foods the city has.  

In addition, the city boasts of many restaurants where you can have a taste of the favourite local and international meals in the city.

#2: Low price of houses

Apart from the availability of food and drinks in Pickering, life in Pickering for immigrants is also made simple because of the low price of houses. On average, the price of a house in Pickering is $620,000. This is contrary to what you experience in Toronto and other surrounding cities. 

#3: Pickering Economy

Although Pickering is very populated, still, it offers its residents a lot of jobs. Therefore, life in the city is full of economic activities. 

Moreover, since the city has a Nuclear Generating Station which in turn is the highest employer of the residents, finding a job in Pickering is not very hard. 

Life in Pickering for immigrants: Education

There are a lot of schools in Pickering for your children to attend. Therefore, no matter the kind of school you wish for your children, definitely there is one for your children. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the education of your children in Pickering. 

Usually, there are public and Catholic schools in the town. Apart from that, there are some private schools where you can send your children.   

List of schools in Pickering

The following schools are the schools where you can enrol when you live in Pickering. 

  • Westcreek Public School
  • Dunbarton High School (English and French Immersion programs available)
  • Highbush Public School
  • Altona Forest Public School
  • St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School
  • Dunbarton High School
  • William Dunbar Public School
  • Vaughan Willard Public School
  • Glengrove Public School
  • Maple Ridge Public School
  • St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School
  • Pine Ridge Secondary School
  • Rosebank Road Public School
  • Blaisdale Montessori School

List of universities and colleges in Pickering

In addition to elementary and secondary schools, Pickering also attracts some immigrants because of the university and colleges in the town.

Therefore, the exciting thing about life in Pickering for immigrants also includes the availability of one college and university. They include: 

Life in Pickering: Places to enjoy your weekend

Life in Pickering for immigrants will be incomplete if there are no places to cool off during the weekend. Imagine looking for a place to relax after the week’s hustle and bustle, definitely, there are plenty of them for you at Pickering. 

Places to have fun in Pickering

Therefore life in Pickering for immigrants will get more exciting during the weekends. However, you have to visit one of the following places. They include:  

  • The Fun Factory Indoor Playground And Party Centre
  • Petticoat Creek Conservation Area
  • Pickering Museum Village
  • BATL Axe Throwing
  • 123 Party & Bounce Inc.
  • Eternal VR – Arcade & Party Lounge 
  • Waterfront Trail
  • Crock A Doodle Pickering
  • Altona Forest
  • Seaton Hiking Trail

Hotels in Pickering

In addition to the other things that make life in Pickering for immigrants exciting and funny, there are also hotels in the city where you can relax.  

List of hotels in Pickering and their prices

The following is the list of hotels in Pickering. 

  • Comfort Inn – Pickering
  • Reviews with Charlotte
  • Super 8 
  • Hilton Garden Inn 
  • Homewood Suites 
  • Extended stay hotel  
  • Chalet Claremont Bed and Breakfast
  • Moodie’s Motor Inn
  • Premiere Suites
  • Knights Inn 
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Whitby
  • New Plaza Motel
  • Lido Motel
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Night life in Pickering

If you are a fan of nightlife, it means that life in Pickering will even get more exciting and adventurous. This is as a result of the kind of life you can experience in Pickering at night. You can try any of these places at night in Pickering. They include: 

  • Cocktail House Bar & Lounge
  • O’Hara’s Irish Times
  • Pub
  • Aquario Beach Club
  • The Nine-0-Five Lounge
  • District Lounge
  • The Fox Goes Free
  • Diamonds Billiards and Lounge
  • The Edge

Life in Pickering: How to immigrate to Pickering

All immigrants into Ontario, especially skilled workers normally use the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. Therefore, if you plan to experience life in Pickering for immigrants, you will as well use the program. However, you must meet the minimum requirement. Meanwhile, the program has three streams including:

Employer job offer category: This is a program specifically made for workers who are already employed in Ontario.  

Human capital category: This program helps those who have relevant experience in work, education,  language to immigrate to Ontario. 

Business category: This is for entrepreneurs, especially those who want to set up a new business in Ontario.      

Application process for permanent residence in Ontario 

The steps below will help you to immigrate to Ontario using the OINP. 

Step 1: Make sure you qualify

You must meet the eligibility criteria and qualify for the program. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move to Pickering using this program. 

Step 2: Create a profile and receive an invitation to apply or a notification of interest

Once you have checked and you meet the requirements, then you can create a profile. With this profile, you will receive an invitation to apply. You must reply to this invitation as an expression of interest.  

Step 3: Apply to be nominated by the OINP

Once you have sent an expression of interest, you will be nominated if you are among the best candidates according to the comprehensive ranking system.  

Step 4: Apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence

The final step is to apply for permanent residence. You must do this using the IRCC website.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pickering known for?

Pickering is famous for its Nuclear Generating Station. This is an eight-reactor facility that can produce 4,120 megawatts. This is in turn the highest employer of labour in the city.   

Is Pickering a good place to live?

Among the cities of Ontario, Pickering belongs to the few that have a low crime rate.