Life in Quebec City for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

Have you ever thought of how life in Quebec City for immigrants looks like?

Have you ever thought of how life in Quebec City for immigrants looks like? Have you ever wanted to live in Quebec City as an immigrant but scared of the outcome of your decision? Well, it is not uncommon for you to feel that way. But, we are here to demystify your fears and give you something to look forward to.

The province of Quebec is the second most densely inhabited city in Canada. That is, it has over 8 million people. This is a reality that made so many people chose to live in this city. In the same way, more than half of the people live in the two major metropolitan zones – Montréal and Quebec City. However, our focus is on Quebec City.

Quebec City has lavishing and beautiful landscapes, with rich history, advanced sports, weeklong parties and festivals, outdoor activities and anything luxurious you can think of.

What’s more, each year just about 45,000 immigrants find their way into Quebec City. As the day progresses, the economy of Quebec City keeps rising, while the birthrate is on the decrease.

This, without a doubt, means that immigration to Quebec will upsurge in the near future. Do you want to know other things that make this province thick? Then, enjoy a great read.

Think of shopping in Quebec City, Think of these Locations

Shopping in Quebec City is an experience you wouldn’t like to be explained to. That means it is best you experience it. Besides, the streets and shopping centers are located in the most attractive vicinities where you would dream of living. Some of them are as follows:

Rue Saint-Jean

This district is located with every delightful sight you long for. On the outside, you will behold charming unique shops, exquisite food shops and inspiring boutiques. The inside has more fanciful clothing and souvenir shops where you can never get satisfied shopping for your items.

Petit Champlain District

This is North America’s oldest shopping district with colorful and artistic shops and boutiques. From the exterior, you can admire the work of art on the historic edifices housing beautiful shopping items. In the winter, you will mistake Quartier Petit Champlain as a magical fairyland due to the way it decks out in the snow, with holiday decorations and twinkling lights.

Art District

Moving down to Cartier in the heart of the Art District, you will find a great number of places exclusively for business. Ensure your eyes have a good sight of the sparkling atmosphere, sensualist food shops, and fashionable boutiques as you stroll down the road.

Saint-Roch District

Have you been to the more contemporary scenery of the nouveau Saint-Roch district? I bet you would like to do so! Adorned with its hip designer boutiques on rue Saint-Joseph and other unique, modern features like avant-garde stores.

Not to forget the famous Benjo—the only store place you can be lost among toys in Québec City. Moreover, if you are a gourmet food lover, you will, without doubt, find cooking items and stores for exactly what you want to cook.

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Other Sceneries You cannot afford to miss in Quebec City

Would you like to know what life in Quebec City for immigrants look like? These historical places below are great examples:

Chateau Frontenac

This is not just the most famous landmark in Quebec City but the most photographed hotel. Whether you are on a tour or passing the night, you cannot but admire this classic work of art.

Ramparts and Gates

Taking a view of the walls and gates that house this Old City will make you feel good for as long as you can remember. It, sure, takes you several years back to the historic days where cities were bulwarked by high walls and gates.

Place Royale

This iconic place was where Quebec City was founded several years in the past. With a combination of French and English influences, the Place Royale will remind you of a beautiful edifice.

Basilica Cathedral Notre Dame de Quebec

This famous building is located right in the heart of old Quebec. It was home to the first Catholic parish north of the Spanish colonies. The exceptional architectural design of the building is a beautiful sight to behold.

Experience the Festivals in Quebec City

Are you still thinking of what life in Quebec City is for immigrants? Are you also wondering what sort of festivals these people use to wind up the day, week, month or year. There are tens of activities and carnivals you will find yourself celebrating with the residents of Quebec City.

One thing is sure: Quebec City is not boring. Missing any of the carnivals is like missing your favourite meal. Below, you can take a peek into some of what you are going to enjoy every year for the rest of your stay in Quebec City.

New France Festival

The New France Festival, which takes place in early August, happens to be one of the greatest celebrations you can witness in Quebec City. Furthermore, this festival comes with lots of fun and exciting moments. Undoubtedly, it is a way in which the people celebrate the first European settlers who arrived in America.

As a result, it is historic and you would find yourself relishing every moment of it. This is because these people will take you 400 years back when it all began. Also, among the activities include period costumes, public performances, guided historical tours and parades, which usually have the visitor’s mind blown off. Amazing, right? You can’t wait to look forward to August in Quebec City.

Festival d’Été de Québec

Early July each year, Quebec City completely becomes something spectacular. Hence, there is new energy experienced in the city centre, with the walkways filled with people who are leaving the house every night to attend the various shows in one of North America’s leading music carnivals. For 11 days, over 300 shows are displayed on 10 stages, with the crowd dancing and nodding to the best music sound in the city.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Basically, you cannot talk about Quebec City without mentioning winter! Winter is a natural occurrence in the city and deserves to be celebrated. Every February, often the coldest month of the year, the people celebrate the Winter Carnival. What’s more, many people leave their comfy homes to partake in diverse outdoor activities.

One of them is the canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. In addition, the events are more family-oriented, bringing dozens of families together and mixing them up with one another, interacting and making merry. There is no greater way to celebrate winter than this.

Choicest Places Where Newcomers, Immigrants and Locals can eat in Quebec City

Since the late 1950s, Quebec has had a long history for its life for poutine, a dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. However, they have not stuck to it alone. Again, they strongly believe that there are more prospects in food other than the poutine. And so, they have thousands of charming restaurants and bars with an outlook of an old French village. Yet, the insides could give you an out-of-the-world culinary experience.

Remarkably, a great deal of good places exists where you can eat in Quebec City with a variety of English and French menus where your taste bud is treated with luxury. You would want to know where these eateries exist, isn’t it? Below are the top 9 Quebec City restaurants where you can have an exquisite treat:

  • Chez Biceps BBQ
  • IX Pour Bistro
  • La Taqueria
  • Legende par La Taniere
  • Buffet de l’Antiquaire
  • L’Initiale
  • Le Clocher Peniche
  • Fromagerie des Grondines et ses Amis
  • Tora-Ya Ramen

What is the State of Education in Quebec City?

Due to the nature of Quebec, especially the language barrier, it is not surprising that the nature of education is quite dissimilar from the rest of Canada. For higher education, students can leave after grade 11 to take post-secondary studies. Furthermore, with the two-year university pre-requisite, they can have time to pursue a vocational pathway or enter university immediately.

Some cheapest universities in Quebec include:

  • Marianopolis College
  • Champlain Regional College
  • Cegep Heritage College
  • Dawson College
  • McGill University, etc.

What other reasons would you like to immigrate to Quebec City?

You probably might be racking your brain, thinking of reasons to become a part of these great people. Never mind, here, we have put up all the reasons you would not like to let the opportunity of living in Quebec City pass you by. Here, you are going to find all the amazing reasons to enjoy your life in Quebec City as an immigrant.

Inexpensive Electricity

In Canada as a whole, Quebec City experiences the lowest residential electricity rate. Moreover, whether you choose to live in Quebec City or Montreal, you are going to enjoy this affordable electricity. More importantly, electricity is generated through hydroelectric dams, making the electricity in Quebec City a product of renewable energy.

Affordable Housing Costs

Across Quebec City, real estate and housing rental prices are quite low. Quebec City ranks as the most affordable of the top 68 cities in North America. Moreover, the average price of a family home in Quebec City is 55 per cent of the average home price in Canada. That is encouraging.

Cost of Living

Although living in Canada, generally, is quite affordable, Quebec City is sure a great place to live in terms of living costs. However, due to numerous activities, you could find yourself involved in, you should set aside some good money for such. In short, the monthly cost of living for a family of four is around CAD 3 914 and a single person is CAD 1,063 per month.


Quebec City is a safe place to live. In North America, it has one of the lowest crime rates. As a result of this, it was named the safest metropolitan area in Canada to raise children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the predominant language spoken in Quebec City?

Unlike Montreal where you have a variety of English and French speakers, in Quebec City, the people speak more of the French language. Just about everyone speaks French though a little percentage can speaking English.

What are the best pathways to immigrate to Quebec City?

To immigrate to Quebec City, you can choose any of the following pathways:

  • The Quebec Experience Program – working in Quebec.
  • The Quebec Experience Program – studying in Quebec.
  • Quebec Business Immigration – this has two classes – one for investors and the other for entrepreneurs.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Bottom line

Truly, there is life in Quebec City for immigrants. You would not want all the drippings of sweetness in this beautiful, safe, dynamic, innovative and iconic city to pass you by. So, are you still wondering if you can cope living in Quebec City? Wait until you are there, then, you wouldn’t want to leave.