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Life in Saguenay for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Life in Canada generally is very peaceful and safe; crimes and other social vices are inevitable but very minimal.

In the Quebec province of Canada, quality of life in Saguenay for Immigrants remains the best.

Certainly, provinces in Canada have it pros and cons so don’t expect perfection but fulfilled and quality life in Saguenay.

Undoubtedly, the city of Saguenay can satisfy all your needs in terms of education, work & career, security, lifestyle, and more.

Normally, on assessment of the pros and cons, life in Saguenay for immigrants comes with lots of advantages and disadvantages.

Let take a gradual dive into knowing more about life in Saguenay for immigrants with location of Saguenay as first.

Where is Saguenay?

Saguenay is a city located in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region under the Quebec province of Canada. The city was formed in 2002 by merging the cities of Chicoutimi and Jonquière and the town of La Baie.

The city has three boroughs which are Jonquière, Chicoutimi, and La Baie. Each borough is subdivided into electoral districts, with each district being represented by a city councilor. Each borough has a borough president from among their city councilors.

In case you are wondering why Saguenay has stable power supply it is because the city has three hydroelectric power stations.

Population of Saguenay

The last population in year 2016 estimated the population of Saguenay to be 145,549 persons but an increase is certain. Statistically, the population of Saguenay in 2021 is likely to be around 148,934 or more base on past records.

French is the mother tongue of most citizens in Saguenay because 98% speak French fluently while about 1% speaks English.

As at 2016 census, the percentage of ethnic origins that makes up the population of Saguenay is stated below. There might be changes between then and year 2021 so don’t be surprise should you see new ethnic group.

  • Canadian                       2.6%
  • French                           23.2%
  • First Nations                  3.8%
  • Québécois                     79.4%
  • Métis                              2.4%
  • Irish                                3.4%
  • Scottish                           2.0%
  • English                           1.0%
  • German                           0.7%

Schools in Saguenay

Luckily, life in Saguenay for immigrants remains interesting and secure educationally because have the three categories of educational facilities available.

In Saguenay, there are 38 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools, 5 vocational institutions, two colleges and a university. So, you have the privilege to select the best from the numerous options, education is also cheap when comparatively. Find below the:

List of colleges and universities in Saguenay

  • Universite du quebec a Chicoutimi
  • Cégep de Jonquière
  • Ecole Nationale D’administration Publique
  • College Multihexa
  • Centre Ephata
  • Service Regional De L’admission Des Cegeps Du Saguen

List of vocational institutions in Saguenay

  • Centre de formation professionnelle l’oasis
  • Centre de formation professionnelle en Equipement motorise (CFEM)
  • Centre de formation professionnelle Alma (CPF Alma)
  • Centre de formation professionnelle Jonquière
  • Centre de formation professionnelle du fjord

Transit in Saguenay

Is it intercity movements you are concern about while you plan immigrating to Saguenay?, surely cheap rail transit are available.

In case you are planning to immigrate to Saguenay as a visitor but also wish to tour the entire Canada. The Bagotville Airport is readily available to book flight at cheaper rate to save cost while you enjoy the comfort.

Considerably, the bus services in the city are highly efficient for movement of persons and luggage conveniently at low cost. They ensure full coverage to the three boroughs, industrial, commercial and residential zones.

For instance if you are traveling from Saguenay to Quebec, the cost is $52, the duration is 2hrs 30mins. Also the early departure is 9 am while late departure is 1:40 with average of 5 buses daily.

The company managing bus services in Saguenay is Inter car. The popular bustops and stations are: rom Chicoutimi, Jonquière Intercar, Laterrière, Jonquière Arvida, Chicoutimi-Nord, Bagotville, Chicoutimi Murdock or Chicoutimi Terminus.

Fun things to do in Saguenay

Life in Saguenay for immigrants is full fun because the city is teeming tourist centre in the Quebec province. There are unique places like museums and interpretation centres, Monts Valin national park, marine parks and fjord-du Saguenay.

Visiting Véloroute du Fjord du Saguenay will be fun because you will see lots of cycling activities. If you can ride bikes then you will enjoy your riding across the 435-kilometer long cycling circuit without stress.

The 35 kilometers of cycling trails with little elevation gain will avail you the fun in watching amazing skills bike cycling.

Dining out and nightlife in Saguenay

Saguenay has beautiful restaurants, hotels, and bars to offload stress on you while you wine and dine even at night.

They are all available according to size of your pocket so, be calm you will find your size. Some of these restaurants are run together with bar and hotels.

They offer online services likewise delivery services. The list of best 10 restaurants and hotels are below, so you can search more details about them before immigrating.

Top 10 restaurants in Saguenay

  • Le Bergerac
  • Boefish
  • La Parriza
  • Inter
  • Restaurant La Cuisine
  • Temaki Sushi Bar
  • Bistro Cafe Summum
  • La Voie Maltee
  • Café Cambio
  • La_Grange_aux_Hiboux

Top 10 hotels in Saguenay

  • Residence Touristique Chicoutimi
  • Auberge le Parasol
  • Hotel Le Plaza
  • Otl Gouverneur Saguenay
  • Gite Du Haut des Arbres
  • Appartement Champetre
  • Hotel Le Montagnais
  • Delta Hotels by Marriott Saguenay Conference Centre
  • Motel Panoramique
  • Hotel du Parc

Cost of living in Saguenay

Absolutely, the cost house rents in Saguenay are very cheap like getting a 3 bed room flat for $1000. The cost of electricity at $0.073 is also lower than the National average cost of $0.179 but tax rate.

The Tax in Saguenay is unbearable because you could be paying up to 48% as your income tax. Other tax like the 5% sales tax you will pay to the Canadian Government then another 9.975% to the provincial government of Quebec also as sale tax.

Unfortunately, this high tax rate has over run the affordable housing, electricity and food items in Saguenay. You may find it very difficult to save and settle down comfortably as an immigrant.

Weather in Saguenay

Saguenay city isn’t accessible for immigrants comfortably in all months of the year because of the unfriendly weather condition.

The early months of the year and the last months of the year are either freezing or frigid. So you can imagine how restricted movement will be by default because temperature can be as low as 11°F.

If your body system cannot easily adapt to a mostly cold city, life in Saguenay might be uncomfortable for you.

How to immigrate to Saguenay?

Surprisingly, Quebec is a province in Canada that doesn’t offer provincial Nomination program, it has it unique immigration pathway.

Saguenay being under the province of Quebec will require that immigrate to the city through it pathway programs. The Quebec pathway immigration programs are listed below:

Summarily, the categories of immigrants to Saguenay are:

  • People with skills that in Demand.
  • People already working with experience
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self employed persons
  • People that have secure job already in Saguenay.

Steps to immigrate to immigrate to Saguenay

Basically, you can immigrate to Saguenay though Selection and admission, the province uses selection while the federal use admission.

If the steps below are followed you will immigrate to Saguenay successfully.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Firstly you need to check from the Quebec immigration site the criteria, if you are eligible before you can proceed.

Step 2: Certificate of Selection

Secondly, you apply to the government of Quebec for a certificate of Selection if you meet up with the requirements. The certificate is a proof that Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant.

Step 3: Create an entry profile

Thirdly, proceed to create an entry profile online to express your interest to Quebec province once you secure the certificate.

Step 4: Invitation to Apply

Fourthly, If you are chosen by the Quebec province in partnership with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), expect invitation to apply notification.

Apply immediately and submit all relevant documents like medical certificate, language proficiency results and others.

Step 5: Get your visa        

Lastly, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will contact you for your visa pick up. At this stage you book flight and move to Saguenay. There is two years compulsory stay in Quebec province before you can change location.

Life in Windsor for Immigrants

Life in Saguenay for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Ideally, if the pros in a city outweighed the Cons significantly, it won’t be regrettable staying in such place. Life in Saguenay for immigrants no doubt comes with pros and cons as stated below:


High Standard of living

In a city where the safety index is more than 80%, with up to 75% heath delivery and very low crime rate. I don’t you will expect less but quality of life in Saguenay.

Low cost electricity rate.

In Saguenay city you get electricity for as low as $0.073 you can compare the cost to the national average of $0.179. Electricity is not only cheap but stable in the city due to availability of three hydro power stations there.

Affordable housing

House rents are very cheap in the city because you can three bed rooms for C$ 1000 monthly. In other competing cities three bed rooms cost about $1400 monthly with almost the same average income.

Cons of life in Saguenay

Yeah, Saguenay is not a perfect city in Canada but very reputed and top notch country in Canada. It has few of it challenges which you should know if immigrating to the city.

Language Barrier

In Saguenay, about 99% of the residents use French as the only means of communication even in their schools. If language proficiency in French is low , you will find it difficult to stay in Saguenay.

Heavy taxes

In a city where taxes take close to 50%, you may not be able to save money as an immigrant. Double taxation by the province and the federal is another discouraging factor.

Restrictions on Alcohol

Wines and other strong alcohols are not available in most stores or bars in Saguenay, only accessible in few places. Life will

Frequently Asked Question

What is best time to visit Saguenay?

The best times to visit Saguenay are from June 4th to September 9th because the weather is mostly friendly.


Conclusively, life is not perfect in Saguenay but desirable, fun, entertaining and progressive.

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