Life in Sarnia for Immigrants – Students, Workers, Visitors

Immigrants will no doubt find life in Sarnia very interesting and fun. Explore the steps to immigrate to Sarnia to the fullest.

Safety and peaceful life remain the top priority of everyone especially people emigrating from one country to another. So, life in Sarnia for immigrants is undoubtedly very peaceful and safe all day and night.

Secondly, quality of life remains top priority because good health is a ticket to wealth, hope comes when you exist. Comprehensive health facilities make life in Sarnia for immigrants (students, workers and visitors) very safe, secure and important.

Interestingly, location of Sarnia gives students, workers and visitors the opportunities to places like Markets, Malls etc in United States.

If you love activities around water such as boating, swimming and fishing, Sarnia is home of lakes and rivers. Students, workers and visitors find life in Sarnia very interesting and entertaining, the city is indeed multicultural.

Wondering if there are jobs opportunities in Sarnia, be rest assured of numerous jobs because the city is surrounded by multinational companies.

Certainly, this article will furnish with information like where Sarnia is located, Weather in Sarnia, transit and population of Sarnia. Also, cost of living in Sarnia, Schools in Sarnia and others that make life in Sarnia pleasurable.

In this article

Where is Sarnia?

The beautiful city you read interesting attributes about is located on the shores of Lake Huron where it meets the St. Clair River in Southwestern Ontario province in Canada.

Sarnia shares border with United States such that people use all means of transportation to access markets in the US.

Sarnia is governed by the Sarnia City Council. The council consists of nine elected members: the Mayor, four city council members and four Lambton County council members. The Mayor and all Council members are elected to four-year terms. The four Lambton County Council members serve both County and City Council.

Sarnia is fondly The Imperial City or Chemical Valley because of the heavy presences of petrochemical companies there.

Notable personalities from Sarnia

Possibly, you might have heard of some influential and public figures but you may not know they are from Sarnia. So, find below some persons like:

  • Kim Mitchell, a rock musician who formed the Canadian rock band Max Webster.
  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who flew on two NASA Space Shuttle mission. He is first Canadian commander of the International Space Station.
  • Sid Meier, the video game programmer.
  • James Doohan, he is Star Trek actor, he attended high school in Sarnia.
  • The second Canadian prime minister, Honourable Alexander Mackenzie was buried at Lakeview Cemetery, with the monument been erected in Sarnia.

Population of Sarnia

The population of Sarnia in 2016 Canadian Census was 71,594, it decreased by 1.1% when compare to the 2011 census. It is believed that the population in Sarnia has increased significantly considering the rapid development around the city.

The population density of 434.298/km2 (1,124.83/sq mi), expect an increase by now; the land area is 164.85 km2.

Sarnia citizen are majorly Europeans, South Asians and Black Canadians with English language as their means of communication.

Cost of living in Sarnia

The cost of living in Sarnia is averagely okay because things are affordable considering the monthly income per person. However, cost of renting a house monthly in not funny in Sarnia.

The average Monthly disposable Salary after Tax in Sarnia is 2,580.67 C$. The cost of renting 1 bedroom in City Centre 1,121.43 C$ while outside the city is 942.14 C$. If you are moving with your family and considering a 3 bedroom in the city is cost 2,166.67C$.

The amount spent on utilities such as Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage and internet could gulp up to 280C$ monthly. On transportation you could be spending like 80C$ monthly on bus services.  If you are considering buying a car you should budget minimum of 28,243.33C$.

Considerably, food items are not that expensive as compare to housing and education. Life in Sarnia for a family man won’t be easy except he earn far above the average monthly income.

Jobs in Sarnia

Fundamentally, jobs are readily available in Sarnia for immigrants because the city is the second largest city to host companies especially in petrochemical and refining sector.  If your specialization is related then you can quickly find a job in Sarnia.

In Sarnia you find companies like Air Products, CF Industries, ARLANXEO, Cabot, Exxon-Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, INEOS Styrolution, and Suncor.

Life in Terrebonne for Immigrants

Schools in Sarnia

In Sarnia you find all schools from the elementary to Secondary schools likewise post secondary institutions. There are currently 37 public funded schools and private schools too.

Find below some best elementary and high schools in Sarnia:

  • Anne Elementary School
  • Lambton Kent District School Board
  • clair catholic district school board
  • Sarnia christian school
  • Lambton kent district school board
  • La ribambelle
  • Port huron area school district

Note these schools mentioned run both elementary, junior and senior High school programs.

List of universities and colleges in Sarnia   

Certainly, you will find universities and Colleges in Sarnia, if you are planning to immigrate as a student. Sarnia is connected to Detroit, Michigan and Toronto through road network so easily you access nearby institutions outside Ontario Province. The universities and colleges in Sarnia and neighborhood are listed below:

  • Wayne State University
  • Davenport University
  • Lambton College
  • Michigan State University Extension St.Clair county office
  • clair county community college
  • Ross medical education center
  • The Culinary Institute of Michigan

Transit in Sarnia

In Sarnia, there are 3 main bus terminals with efficient services; you can board conveniently using your ticket or cash. The bus terminals are:

  • Downtown located at George St & Vidal St
  • Northgate Plaza (Shoppers Drug Mart)
  • Murphy Rd Terminal

The buses are equipped with a bike rack that can hold two conventional bicycles with no extra fee been charged. In case of physical disable persons there are specials seats designated for them in Ontario’s public transit.

There are no refunds available on transit passes. Apps are readily available for you to book for ticket online conveniently.

However, the roads are well connected for bikes to move to very short distance within the city.

Weather in Sarnia

Sarnia is one of the warmest cities in Canada because during the summer the temperature could rise up to 89°F. The winter is usually very cold, snowy and freezing because the temperature is mostly 17°F and below.

In the month of January the temperature could go as low as -1°F, it is not advisable to visit Sarnia this period. The summer last for four months, immigrants trooping this season, it span from June to September.

Fun things to do in Sarnia

In the city of Sarnia there are lots of fun things to do like visiting attractive sites, taking tours, outdoor activities, and lots more. Some of the attractive and places to tour are listed below:

  • Canatara Park
  • Stones N Bones Museum
  • Refined Fool Brewing Company
  • Farmers Market Sarnia

Places to tour in the city of Sarnia include:

  • Twin Bridge Fishing Charters and Tours
  • Duc d Orleans II Cruise Boat

Places to visit for your outdoor activities:

  • Highland Glen Conservation Area
  • Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area
  • Sunset Golf
  • Huron Oaks Golf Course

How to immigrate to Sarnia?

Sarnia being under Ontario province, luckily it offers provincial Nomination pathway program for immigrants. So, it is advisable immigrate through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This is because it is easier and less competitive when compared to the Express Entry pathway program.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has three pathways to Immigrate to the province successfully. This include

  • Employer job offer category: strictly for people who already have a permanent job offer from an Ontario employer
  • Human capital category: for workers who have valuable work experience, education, language skills, and a profile in Canada’s Express Entry system; or for graduate students
  • Business category: for entrepreneurs looking to start a new or buy an existing business in Ontario.

The steps to immigrate to Sarnia are stated below:

  • Submission of your express interest form either online or offline.
  • Patiently wait for invitation to apply notification.
  • Receive ITA if successful
  • Apply within 60 days of ITA notification
  • Submit all relevant documents
  • Apply for Visa
  • Move to Sarnia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How multicultural is Sarnia

Sarnia is highly multicultural because the city share border with United States. The immigrants in the city are from different countries of different cultural background. Different cultural festivals take place yearly in the city

Are there places to visit for dining out and nightlife in Sarnia?

Yes, there are more than 10 top restaurants and bars available to dine and have night life in Sarnia.


Immigrating to Sarnia could make you access the United States much easier while you enjoy the benefits in the city.