Life in St Albert for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Learn about the pros and cons of life in St. Albert in this prosé. You will love to see it!

St Albert is definitely one of the beautiful and exciting cities in the Canada. It is a city of quality fun and greenish creativity that makes life in St Albert for Immigrants pleasant and memorable- you will love it

Without a doubt, St Albert is the largest city and the oldest non-fortified community in Alberta,  that was founded in 1861, after which it became a town in the mid-1950s with an official City status in 1977.

And yes! If you are considering St Albert, we will enlighten you on the life in St Albert for Immigrants, as well as the pros and cons to living there- stay with us!

Where is St Albert?

St Albert is a city on the sturgeon river in Alberta that is in the northwest direction of the city of Edmonton. Originally, it was settled as a Métis community and has now grown to be the second-largest city in the metropolitan region of Edmonton.

Originally, St. Albert was separated by several miles of farmland from Edmonton, the expansion of Edmonton city placed St Albert immediately adjacent to the larger city on St Albert’s East and south side.

Population of St Albert

Population is the sum of immigration and birth and is an important metric to measure the investment attraction and economic health in a city. With a promising life in St Albert for immigrants, there is a growing market and total possible market size in the area.

Actually, the population of St Albert increases by 0.25% year-over-year and has increased by 4.65% in the last five years. Recently, in 2020 precisely, the population of St Albert is now 69,335.

Likewise, businesses use population as a metric for their market size when they evaluate expansion, relocation decisions, and startup.

Cost of living in St Albert

Certainly, the cost of living in  St Albert is not too expensive. However, residents spend most of their earnings on transportation because most residents work at Edmondson (Edmonton is very close to St Albert).

The cost of living in St. Albert is about 9% lower than the average cost of living in Alberta. Also, the cost of living in St. Albert is lower than the national average. Hence, there is an enjoyable life in St. Albert for Immigrants.

In the same vein, housing in St Albert is 42% is lower than the national average. Most certainly, sales tax in Alberta is 100% lower than the national average while the income tax in Alberta is 19% higher than the national average.

How to immigrate to St Albert

St Albert is a welcoming and exciting City that cherishes newcomers. It is located in Alberta, Canada. Life in St Albert for Immigrants is made easier with easy immigration pathways. Hence, Newcomers (either students, workers, or visitors) can immigrate either through Express entry, Provincial nominee programs, or job offers.

To create an Express Entry profile, you have to use any of the available programs. These programs are Canada experience class, federal skilled worker program, and federal skilled trades program.

Also, you can Immigrate to Canada through the unique Alberta immigrant nominee program that is operated by the Alberta government.

Perhaps, you want to immigrate as a student, worker, or on a visit, you can use any of the above pathways to fully explore life in St Albert for immigrants.

Basically, the Alberta government approves qualified immigrants to the Alberta immigrants nominee program and offers permanent residency to qualified individuals after a long and thorough assessment. On acceptance by the Alberta government, there is a 600 CRS point score to help enjoy life in St Albert for immigrants.

Therefore, you will have to register on the Express Entry pool and go for the Alberta immigrants nominee program (or any other programs). You will be sent an invite to apply for permanent residency only if your application is successful, then you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee. The application fee is just $150

Weather in St Albert

Basically, the summer in St Albert are comfortable, long, and partly cloudy, while the winters are freezing, windy, snowy, and mostly cloudy. Over time, at the cause of the year, the temperature varies from  6°F to 74°F and is rarely below -17°F or above 84°F.

# Winter in St Albert

Undoubtedly, the winter period in St Albert is cold, lasting for about 3.5 months, starting from November 18 and ending on March 4 with a daily high temperature that is averagely below 31°F. The coldest part of the year in St Albert is usually January with an average temperature that is as low as 7°F and high as 21°F.

# Summer in St Albert

Undoubtedly, summer in St Albert is comfortable, partly cloudy, and long. The summer period lasts for about 4 months starting from May 15 and ending on September 17 with a daily temperature of about 64°F. The hottest part of the year in  St Albert is usually July with an average temperature that is as low as 54°F and as high as 74°F.

Schools in St Albert

Without a doubt, St. Albert provides a variety of learning programs for students and makes life in St Albert for immigrants a memorable one. Basically, you can choose from the International Baccalaureate education, French immersion, academic programs like Cogito, sports academies, Learn through the Arts, Integrated Digital Technology, and others.

Oftentimes students in St Albert rank above the provincial average in regular and standardized tests to qualify for scholarships

Dining and Nightlife

Life in St Albert for immigrants is fantastic with dining and nightlife. They are different areas that have their character as well as a variety of pubs, sports bars, nightclubs, lounges, and wine bars. Assuredly, you cannot be stranded of places to go for a night out with friends or family, food, drinks, live music, and entertainment.

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Life in St Albert for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Assuredly life in St Albert for immigrants is peaceful with fantastic opportunities. However, despite the very many advantages and wonderful Life in St. Albert for immigrants, there are still some disadvantages in St Albert that you should know about

Therefore, we will be accessing the pros and cons of life in St Albert for immigrants in this section.


Here are the advantages of immigrating to St Albert

#1. It is affordable

Without a doubt, St Albert is an affordable place to live in. Although, the property tax is a little high when compared to some other cities in Canada. However, St Albert still boasts of some cheap and affordable things to make life in St Albert for immigrants a splendid one. Averagely, the home price for Canada is $600,000 while it is $400,000 in St. Albert.

Likewise, the cost of living is quite stable, hence contributing to its affordability.

#2. Great healthcare system

St Albert is distinct in the health care system. Undoubtedly, its hospital is fully equipped with an intensive care unit, coronary care unit, emergency room, and other specialized units.

Basically, the healthcare system in St Albert gives you access to a wide range of healthcare systems. Hence, it is one of the best cities to make life in St Albert for immigrants a healthy one. Also, St. Albert Hospital is covered by the Alberta health services which are Canada’s first fully-integrated healthcare system serving over 4 million residents and some other residents in the northern Territories and Saskatchewan.

#3. Beautiful greenish land

Not only are there trees in St Albert, but also parks everywhere. Truly, St Albert is a green community with streets lined with trees and sufficient paved walking trails, making it a wonderful life in St Albert for Immigrants

#4. Great Schools

With a wonderful educational system, life in St. Albert for immigrants, especially students is a bundle of experience. There are fantastic programs with great learning opportunities. Basically, some of the school programs include

  • Francophone studies
  • French immersion
  • International baccalaureate
  • Cogito
  • Technology programs, and
  • Apprenticeship programs.

However, there are Protestant school systems, nondenominational school systems, and Catholic school systems with fantastic school programs and great educational qualifications.


Below are the cons of living in St Albert

#1. High property taxes

In the whole of Alberta, St Albert is the city with the third-highest property tax rate. Every year, the residents of St Albert pay about 1.1% in property tax. Actually, the major reason why residents pay such a tax rate is because St. Albert is a residential area that does lack a diverse tax base.

No doubt, there are communities in the area as well as industrial and commercial basis that contribute to the community but St Albert lacks that, so taxes are on the residents.

#2. Long Winter

Oftentimes, winters in St Albert could be very long and cold even if there is a lot of sunlight. The sun sets early and rises late, and the amount of sunshine drastically reduces.

Between November and March is winter in St Albert, and the weather can be as cold as 6°F. Winter weather is quite windy, dry, freezing, and snowy. Interestingly, the snow and ice can translate into some fun activities like skiing and skating.

#3. Petty crimes

Despite that there is no major crime in St Albert, however, there is a lot of Petty crime like breaking into cars to steal consoles or breaking into the home and the garage. Therefore, to enjoy a safe life in St. Albert for immigrants you have to get used to locking your doors and car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does St Albert have to offer?

Basically, St Albert offers the following

  • Outdoor recreation
  • Arts and culture
  • Attractions
  • Historic buildings
  • Museums and a lot more

Is St Albert a rich City?

Yes, it is, and a safe one as well.


Summarily, St Albert is a large and fun City as well. There is a promising life in St Albert for immigrants who are willing to embrace the pros and manage the cons of living in St Albert.