Life in Toronto for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

This is a complete guide for immigrants in Toronto.

Toronto is definitely one of the best and multicultural cities in the world. It is a city of quality fun and abundant creativity that makes life in Toronto for Immigrants pleasant and memorable- you will love it

Without a doubt, Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America and the largest city in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, worker, or you’re going there to catch some fun and get some positive vibes- Toronto is a top choice!

In this guide, we aim to explicitly express what life in Toronto for Immigrants is- Don’t miss any exciting sections on this guide!

Where is Toronto?

Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and the largest city of Canada that is situated at the north-western shore of the lake of Ontario. Also, it is part of the populated region in southern Ontario, and is popularly known as “Golden Horseshoe”.

Undoubtedly, Toronto is one of the cities that is leading in economic sectors that includes business services, telecommunications, finance, transportation, aerospace, arts, production, film, television, publishing, education, media research, software production, sports industries, engineering, tourism, and sports industries. Also, Toronto is fully recognized by the Globalization and World Cities study group as the ‘alpha world city.

With more than 140 languages and dialects, Toronto is densely populated with around 6 million people to make life in Toronto for immigrants fun and buzzing

How to immigrate to Toronto

As a newcomer, student, worker, or visitor, you can move to Canada either through Express entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, federal skilled trades program), Provincial Nominee Programs, post-Graduation Work Permits, or job offer. This route is to make the immigration process and life in Toronto for immigrants very swift.

Peculiar to Toronto immigrants, you can immigrate to Toronto through the Ontario immigrant nominee program. Undoubtedly, the Ontario immigrant nominee program is one of the most dynamic and varied of the Canada provincial nominee programs with categories and stream that is designed to welcome students, skilled workers, and visitors.

Yearly, Ontario approves a certain number of qualified immigrants through the Ontario immigrant nominee program for permanent residency. After which you will be assessed by the Federal Government to know if you are admissible to Canada before your permanent residency status will be sealed. Note that, when you are selected by the Ontario immigrant nominee program, you earn a 600 CRS point score.

Simply register on the Express Entry pool, then go for the Ontario immigrants nominee program (or any other programs). And if you’re invited to apply, it means your application is successful, then you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee of 150 CAD

Weather in Toronto for immigrants

In Toronto, you can clearly experience all four different seasons of colorful autumns, sweltering Summers, sopping wet springs, and snowy winters.

First and foremost, Winters are not extreme as in other parts of Canada. However, there can be quite severe and long, except for four months of winter weather that is between December and March. Also, the temperature can be as low as 20 degrees Celsius before the wind chill comes in. Therefore, you will need proper boots and winter coats for this season.

You don’t have to stress too much about getting your winter wear there are many outlet stores in Toronto where you can purchase your winter coat and boots at reduced-priced when they are out of season, to make life in Toronto for immigrants less expensive.

The Spring season is quite short in April and May before the summer heat starts. Importantly, you will need to install an air conditioner or buy a window air conditioner for the summer months because the winter can be quite humid in this season.

Cost of living in Toronto

Although, life in Toronto for Immigrants is quite fun but the cost of living can be expensive especially anywhere near downtown. Not only rent in Canada but also some standard monthly expenses such as groceries, phone calls, and transit.

However, we have calculated the average expense for life in Toronto for immigrants either as a student, worker, or visitor. Here are the average monthly bills that you’re going to fix

  • Groceries: $283.60
  • Housing: $1672.13
  • Entertainment: $354.00
  • Phone & Internet: $127.50
  • Health & fitness: $75.00

Cost of transit in Toronto

Without a doubt, life in Toronto for immigrants without a car or any vehicle is not bad. This is because the public transit by the Toronto Transit Commission is comprehensive and can mobilize you anywhere and everywhere you want to go in Toronto. Basically, there are two main subway lines of which the first Line goes north/south, and the second line goes east/west. In addition, there are two shorter lines at the outskirts of the city, one going to Scarborough and the last line going to Don Mills.

Oftentimes, subways run frequently at every 2 minutes in rush hour and five minutes at some other times. The subway service runs start at 8 a.m. on Sunday and approximately 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. on other days.

Basically, you can purchase a monthly pass that will cost you 156 dollars at any collector’s booth station, for you to access the unlimited travel on the Toronto Transit. However, one fare costs  $3.25, so you’ll be making 12 trips in a month for it to be cost-effective. There are discounts for seniors and students though.

Life in Toronto with Torontonians

Although, people in Toronto don’t fit with the stereotype of the over apologetic or too friendly, however, they are nice, relaxed, and often with a tolerant attitude. Generally, people can somewhat get hardened after gaining experience in a bit of life in a new place.

Fun life in Toronto for immigrants

Without a doubt, life in Toronto for immigrants is quite peaceful and cheerful. We will be discussing the different things that make life in Toronto for immigrants memorable

  • Toronto nightlife
  • Festivals in Toronto
  • Dining out in Toronto
  • Biking in Toronto

#1. Toronto nightlife

Assuredly, life in immigrant in Toronto at night time is worthwhile. Toronto has great nightclubs and bars, there are many venues and options to positively suit your taste. One of the best places you can spend your nighttime is King West. Life in Toronto for immigrants at King West bar is typically fun with more of a young professional vibe. However, queen west tends to be more of an Indie.

Likewise, you can check out the strip on Ossington from Dundas Street down to Queen Street. But if nightclubs are not your thing and you prefer local bars, you can check the east end of Toronto.

Also, the LGBT scene is located around Wellesley and Church intersection with a lot of clubs and bars to choose from. However, bars and nightclubs close around 2:30 a.m. but during some festive period of the year, they can extend their open hours till 4 a.m.

#2. Festivals in Toronto

Most times, when summer sets in, the bells of festivals and weekend parties start to ring. Here are some of the notable festivals you can enjoy!.

Taste of Little Italy: Oftentimes, they close College Street between Dufferin and Bathurst to celebrate the Italian music and food.

Caribana: Known as the continent’s largest street festival, a large population of about 1.3 million people celebrates the Caribbean tradition every August in exhibition places and lakeshore boulevards. Undoubtedly, Caribana is the centerpiece of life in Toronto and Caribbean culture.

Nuit blanche: This all-night festival acts as a gallery to bring arts to the streets of Toronto

Taste of the Danforth: Also, the taste of Danforth is similar to eating in an Italian counterpart that is an ode to the Greek culture and community.

VELD: This festival caters to fans of hip-hop and dance. It often takes place at the uptown in Downsview Park.

#3. Dining out in Toronto

Most certainly, life in Toronto for immigrants is fun with dining and wining. Interestingly, Toronto has cultural diversity that ensures that there are many different options offered to people at every budget. Not only does the restaurant offers food but also in bars and some night parties.

Likewise, some websites provide information on the culinary scenes in Toronto, such as and

Obviously, winterlicious and summerlicious will take your fancy. The dining period in summer and winter is to promote the Toronto hospitality industry. Basically, over 200 restaurants across the city take part in this occasion, offering a nice menu at a reduced price.

#4. Biking in Toronto

Definitely, biking is very popular for those living in Toronto, and it is one activity that will make life in Toronto for immigrants very remarkable- if you love to bike. There are dedicated bike lanes downtown and you can bike around the year if you have the right winter gear.

However, if you break rules on the road you can get penalty points on your driver’s license. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the rules and regulations for bikers. You will need to purchase the proper gear to bike, which includes proper gear, front and rear lights, as well as helmets.

You can get a second-hand cheap bike from $50 to $250 at a used bike store. Averagely, a new bike can cost around $150 to $300.

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Frequently asked questions

What is feeding life in Toronto for immigrants?

Toronto has nice food. However, they can be expensive

Is it lively to live in Toronto?

Social life in Toronto for immigrants is top-notch. Toronto has been the largest city with vibrant access to a healthy lifestyle.


Without a doubt, life in Toronto for immigrants is full of energy and fun. It is an urban city with lots of exciting experience. However, you may need to earn more because of the high cost of living and some other expenses to cover