Life in Vancouver for Immigrants – Students, Workers Visitors

This page contains comprehensive Vancouver life information for immigrants, workers, students, and visitors.

The city of Vancouver has the highest population of residents in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The 2016 census for Vancouver ascertained that the population of people in the city was 631,486.

Today, Vancouver’s population has significantly risen since more workers, students, and visitors are coming to stay in the city for one reason or the other.

Also, Vancouver is truly a unique and beautiful place to live.

You will get vast benefits from studying in Vancouver because of the outstanding and top-notch educational facilities and campus locations.

Hence, reading this post will inform you about life in Vancouver for immigrants, including visitors, students, and workers.

In this post, you will also find out about Vancouver’s location, weather, population, educational institutions, employer work, interesting places to visit within Vancouver, etc.

Where is Vancouver located?

Vancouver is widely known as a port city in Canada and is located in Southwestern British Columbia. Besides, Vancouver city is more populous than other cities in British Columbia.

Undeniably, these facilitate life in Vancouver for immigrants, visitors, students, and workers.

Population of Vancouver

Of course, the census in 2016 estimated that the population of Vancouver residents was 631,486.

The city of Vancouver takes the lead of having the highest population density in Canada, which is more than 5,400 people per km2.

Cost of living in Vancouver

Living in Vancouver is quite expensive compared to other cities in Canada. Regardless, life in Vancouver for immigrants remains a great experience.

Whether you are an international student, worker, or visitor, you may need to budget extra funds for all your basic needs in Canada.

Such basic needs include your accommodation, food, as well as clothing.

How to immigrate to Vancouver

Indeed, it is possible to immigrate to Vancouver by applying for permanent residency through British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

This requires you to receive a nomination from the province of British Columbia before applying for permanent residency.

Of course, you must live and work within British Columbia upon immigration to the province through BC PNP.

Thus, here are the appropriate steps in applying for immigration to Vancouver through BC PNP.

  • Ask for nomination from the British Columbia province
  • Create, update and submit Express Entry profile
  • Wait to receive an Invitation to Apply
  • Apply for permanent residency

 STEP 1: Ask for nomination from the British Columbia province

Before anything else, you are required to express your need for nomination directly from the British Columbia province.

You can request a nomination by contacting British Columbia for assistance.

STEP 2: Create, update and submit an Express Entry profile

You must create an Express Entry profile via the internet at this stage.

You can create one by filling out the form on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website.

After the province of British Columbia nominates you, it is equally vital for you to update your Express Entry profile with information about your nomination.

Above all, you must submit your Express Entry profile after creating and keeping it up to date.

This will surely enable you to be accepted into an Express Entry pool and gets you closer to enjoying life in Vancouver for immigrants.

 STEP 3: Wait to receive the Invitation to Apply

By now, you should expect an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

STEP 4: Apply for permanent residency

After receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), you must apply for permanent residency in Canada within sixty days.

Life in Vancouver for immigrants regarding weather

Of course, the summer season in Vancouver is ordinarily dry and free from extremes.

Moreover, you will experience more rainfall in Vancouver’s fall and winter seasons, starting around November and ending in the following year’s March.

How multicultural is Vancouver?

Concerning culture, the city of Vancouver is immensely diverse. Besides, Vancouver is among the most diverse cities in Canada regarding ethnicity and language.

Additionally, the laws in Vancouver do not deprive anyone of their rights regardless of nationality, race, skin color, religion, gender, etc.

Schools in Vancouver

Undeniably, some renowned universities and colleges in Canada have set up campuses in Vancouver to meet the educational needs of students within the city.

These include public and private colleges and universities. Studying in any of these schools creates an unmatched life in Vancouver for immigrants, students, and workers.

List of universities and colleges in Vancouver, British Columbia

The following are lists of post-secondary institutions with campuses in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Life in Vancouver for immigrants as regards transit

Indeed, there is a variety of public transpiration to help you get around the city of Vancouver. One of the most popular and affordable transit in Vancouver is TransLink.

Indeed, TransLink serves as Metro Vancouver’s transportation network. As a result, it is available to all immigrants, students, workers, and visitors in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In addition, TransLink makes public transit through a myriad of buses, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express.

Therefore, this makes life in Vancouver for immigrants, students, workers, and visitors hassle-free at a meager cost.

Life in Vancouver for immigrants through dining out and nightlife

Another superb aspect of life in Vancouver for immigrants, students, workers, and visitors is the excellent food and nightlife.

No matter your lifestyle, the city of Vancouver will find a way to adapt.

Of course, there are many restaurants, movie theatres, and nightclubs in Vancouver for immigrants, international students, workers, and visitors seeking nighttime diversion.

Restaurants in Vancouver

As food is necessary for all living organisms, the restaurants in Vancouver offer a wide range of delicacies at reasonable prices.

Thus, examples of these restaurants include:-

  • Au Comptoir
  • Marutama Ra-men Canada
  • Granville Island Public Market
  • Five Sails Restaurant
  • Black + Blue
  • Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

Movie theatres in Vancouver

The following are specific names of some theatres in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Dunbar Theatre
  • Rio Theatre
  • The Park Theatre
  • Fifth Avenue Cinemas
  • Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
  • ScotiaBank Theatre Vancouver

Nightclubs in Vancouver

Indeed, here are some nightclubs you can visit in Vancouver, BC.

  • Aura Nightclub
  • Levels Nightclub
  • Bar None Nightclub
  • Playhouse Nightclub Vancouver
  • The Red Room
  • Celebrities Nightclub
  • Cabana Lounge

Fun things to do in Vancouver, BC

Emphatically, you can always engage in many fun activities in Vancouver, BC.

Furthermore, life in Vancouver for immigrants has numerous amazements to offer to foreign nationals who want to or have left their country to stay within British Columbia.

Therefore, you can visit any of Vancouver’s tourist attraction centers when you arrive in BC.

  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Science World
  • H.R. Macmillan Space Centre
  • La Sabateria
  • Stanley Park Nature House on Lost Lagoon
  • Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Bloedel Conservatory
  • Vancouver Seawall
  • Gastown Steam Clock
  • VanDusen Botanical Garden, etc

Life in Montreal for Immigrants

How to get a job in Vancouver as an immigrant

Do immigrants get jobs in Canada? Of course, yes. As an immigrant, you can get employment in Vancouver either through job sites in Canada or by contacting any of the employment agencies within the city.

Examples of these job sites include Indeed,, Google for Jobs, Monster, Job Bank, Talent Egg, Glassdoor, and Neuvoo.

Employment agencies in Vancouver, BC, Canada

It would help if you got a job to enjoy life in Vancouver immigrants.

Below are employment agencies located within Vancouver, British Columbia province of Canada.

Recruiting in Motion – Vancouver

Address: 595 Howe St #308

Phone number: +1 604-639-1222

STRIVE Recruitment

Address: 1740-1050 W Pender St

Phone number: +1 604-336-8844

Impact Recruitment

Address: 688 W Hastings St #800

Phone number: +1 604-689-8687

Express Employment Professionals

Address: 555 W Hastings St, Suite 975

Phone number: +1 604-638-6980

AppleOne Employment Services – Vancouver

Address: 555 Burrard St #1065

Phone number: +1 604-638-8051

Hunt Personnel Temporarily Yours

Address: 760-789 W Pender St

Phone number: +1 604-688-2555

Randstad Canada

Address: 701 W Georgia St

Phone number: +1 604-408-2772

Angus One Staffing

Address: 777 Hornby St

Phone number: +1 604-682-8367

EMBERS Staffing Solutions (Vancouver)

Address: 111 W Hastings St #240

Phone number: +1 604-692-0781

Frequently Asked Questions

Is British Columbia good for immigrants?

Indeed, British Columbia has endless benefits for all foreign nationals, including immigrants willing to work and reside permanently in the province.

Why do immigrants come to British Columbia?

  • British Columbia has proximity to the Pacific Ocean
  • Multicultural diversity
  • Quality education
  • Wide-ranging inexpensive public transit such as TransLink


Notably, life in Vancouver for immigrants, students, workers, and visitors is enjoyable and advantageous. Thus, your immigration via British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a perfect decision for you.

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