Life in Victoria for Immigrants – students, workers, visitors

Without a doubt, life in Victoria for immigrants is fascinating and worthy of exploration. Internationally, Victoria is known as the City of Gardens with its beautiful perfect climate. It has an annual flower count back to the 1970s, the total bloom counted was over 3.4 billion in 2018.

Interestingly, it is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world with a few hundred kilometers of bike lanes, cycle paths, and routes in the cities. It also includes a galloping goose regional trail.

So, if you are a visitor, student, or worker, there are wonderful life in Victoria for Immigrants to explore.

Check out this article for wonderful things to know about Victoria.

Where is Victoria?

Victoria city is the capital of British Columbia that is located on the southern of Vancouver island, between the Haro straits and Juan de Fuca. Certainly, it is approximately 100km or 60 miles southwest of Vancouver (the province’s largest city).

Without a doubt, Victoria is the largest urban on the island with a colonial past and British heritage that is clearly seen in its museums, gardens, architecture, English-style pubs, and urban squares.

Unquestionably, the area city is 8 square miles (20 square km); metro. area, 269 square miles (696 square km). Pop. (2011) city, 80,017; metro. area, 344,580; (2016) city, 85,792; metro. area, 367,770.

Population of Victoria

Interestingly, the population of Victoria is about 383,360. It is popular for its outstanding beauty and is a wonderful place for retirees and tourists. It is the 15th city with a high population in Canada.

Without a doubt, the city center is among the densely populated cities in the country, with approximately 4,405.8 people for every square kilometer (about 11,000 per square mile).

Cost of living in Victoria

Perhaps you are a student, worker, or visitor looking for a city in Canada that is comfortable and cost-effective, you can be sure of a comfortable life in Victoria for immigrants. Although, Victoria is cheaper than Vancouver it is not extremely cheap to live in.

Firstly, apartment rentals are generally high in Canada because of the demand for rental housing in Canada. Apparently, renting a small apartment in Victoria is roughly the same price as what you will pay in Toronto I.e about $1700 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Also, you might have to pay a little cost price for liquor, food, and some other things needed around the house. You have to pay for your Wi-Fi connection as well.

However, there are many job opportunities to make life in Victoria for immigrants a comfort. Peradventure, you landed a government job- that’s a great congratulations. Government jobs as good benefits and high pay.

Also, you can decide to run an online store or be an entrepreneur in your niche- Victoria is great for entrepreneurs.

How to immigrate to Victoria

Most certainly, visitors, students, and workers can immigrate to Victoria with different pathways such as Express Entry, job offers, and provincial nominee program. For Express entry you will have to create an Express entry profile using either of the following programs

However, you can immigrate to Victoria to maximally enjoy life through the British Columbia provincial nominee program. Without a doubt, the British Columbia PNP is the immigration program that is operated on behalf of the government. Thus, as a visitor, student, or worker in Victoria, you can immigrate via the pathways aforementioned.

Importantly, Victoria approves several qualified immigrants through the British Columbia immigrant nominee program for permanent residency. After which you will be assessed by the Federal Government to know if you are admissible to Canada before you can apply for permanent residency. Note that, if you are selected by the British Columbia immigrant nominee program, you earn a 600 CRS point score to enjoy life in Victoria for immigrants.

On a simple note, you will have to register on the Express Entry pool, then go for the BC immigrants nominee program (or any other programs). You will be sent an invitation to apply (if your application is successful), then you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee of 150 CAD

Weather in Victoria

Importantly, Victoria has one of the best climate and weather conditions in the entire country. Assuredly, life in Victoria for immigrants is palatable and suitable with the awesome weather condition. Basically, Victoria enjoys a sub-Mediterranean climate and regular temperatures of 20 degrees centigrade in the summer.

Without a doubt, you can expect a total hour of 2183 sunshine in a year, 8 frost-free months a year, half the rainfall of New York (at least), a nice climate to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, cooling offshore air in the summer, and low humidity.

Interestingly, the annual rainfall in Victoria is half of the rainfall in the city of Vancouver because of its location in the rain shadow of the US Olympic mountains. Also, snowfall is unusual and winters are so mild, times Winters are almost not in existence. Thus, making life in Victoria for immigrants palatable.

Schools in Victoria

Unquestionably, the student population in Victoria is thriving. The artistic heritage of Victoria attracts many students all over the world. The artistic heritage features the Butchart Gardens, and the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Generally, there are several private and public schools, colleges, and universities to choose from. Basically, about 20% of the city population has some tertiary-level education behind them which is above the national norm.

One of the popular universities in Victoria is the University of Victoria which is originally a college in 1903, and Royal Roads University. The University of Victoria attracts students all over the world to Victoria because of its outstanding education system and superb facilities to make life in Victoria for immigrants as a student remarkable.

Food and dining in Victoria

Without a doubt, Victoria has quality food. Even though there are few restaurants present, unlike other restaurants in Canada’s biggest cities with several restaurants.

Obviously, there are numerous Farmers and farm produce markets around Victoria. Therefore, if you are a visitor, student, or worker you don’t have to stress about your diet because you will get enough locally grown, high quality, and organic food in Victoria. Life in Victoria for immigrants is definitely nutritious.

However, you may need to spend some extra money to get this food because they are a little expensive but of high quality.

Not only is Victoria popular for its quality restaurants and food but also in the bakery and microbrewery industry. You will conveniently find restaurants that offer any cuisine of your choice and eat afternoon tea and homemade scones with a local beer. Life in Victoria for immigrants is really fun.


Although Canada is well known for welcoming immigrants and making life in Victoria for immigrants memorable, Victoria is much more unique in this aspect. Basically, about 84% of people in immigrants speak English which is one of the national tongues in the world.

You can conveniently go by in Victoria.  There’s a strong British presence in the city, however, if you are from other nationalities aside from British, no worries, other nationalities are represented at Victoria as well. There are Punjabi, Chinese, and Japanese. South Asians and Chinese make up 4% of the overall population of Victoria.

Beautifully, the city boasts of the highest population of their residents been 80 years and above, while the median age for a resident in Victoria is higher than the national average of 40.6 years of age.


For workers inquiring about the life in Victoria for immigrants-  the unemployment rate in Canada is 5.1% which is lower than the national average of 6.8%. Hence, it is very rare to stay unemployed.

Life in Richmond for Immigrants

Wildlife in Victoria

Generally, British Columbia is popular for its wildlife. The oceans that are around Vancouver island are also a sight to behold. Do you want to watch orcas and whales or go on a boat trip to sports bears around the Pacific rim national Park?- you have to visit Victoria and experience the awesome life in Victoria for immigrants.

Also, in Victoria, you can see some wilder animals, where deer and peacocks roam the streets. Actually, peacocks are residents of beacon Hill park but they often move freely around the Park inn Southend Victoria.

People in Victoria

Undoubtedly, life in Victoria for immigrants is interesting with people around. Victorians are welcoming and friendly and move at a leisurely pace to give each other the time of day. Most times, people know their neighbors, where they are, and where they will go to and will also try as much as possible to make one another feel comfortable and happy. Therefore, there is an ideal life in Victoria for immigrants

Frequently Asked Question

Does it snow in Victoria?

Definitely, it does snow in Victoria but it is very rare

What is the coldest month in Victoria?

The coldest month in Victoria is December

What is the hottest month in Victoria?

Basically, the hottest month in Victoria in January and February

What are the common foods peculiar to Victoria, BC?

The following are the common food you should try in Victoria

  • Dungeness crab
  • Butter chicken pizza
  • Fish Chowder
  • Wild pacific salmon
  • Bannock bread
  • Maple syrup
  • JapaDog
  • Okanagan fruit


In summary, Victoria is a nice place for students, workers, and visitors. Generally, life in Victoria for immigrants is remarkable and full of history. You can check it out!

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