Life in Welland for Immigrants – What to Expect

Have you ever wondered how multicultural or how much it costs to live in Welland with family?

Have you ever wondered how multicultural is life in Welland for immigrants? or how much it costs to live in Welland with family? What does life in Welland look like to immigrants?

All this and many questions like it may confuse you. But welcome! You are in the right place to answer your questions.

Before you start, let’s promise that life in Welland for immigrants is very enjoyable and fun to live. So you are sure to enjoy your stay.

To help you balance your plans for a short-term relocation or a permanent solution, it’s a good idea to review the list below.

Interestingly, life in Welland comes with double standard privileges of both an urban lifestyle and the opportunities to explore natural environmental factors.

Life in Welland for immigrants especially in the Alveo is unique and mind-blowing, expects to see the luxurious accommodation there.

Welland is a beautiful city with high employment rates, supportive community life, low crime rates, and low living costs.

Where is Welland?

Welland, Ontario is a small city in the south-central part of the Niagara region. The city is nearly equidistant from Niagara Falls in the northeast, St. Catharines in the north, and Port Colborne in the south, making it a popular destination for those who want to live in the middle of it.

Welland is best known for its beautiful waterways. The Welland River and the Welland Canal are recreational waters that residents can rent and enjoy boating during the warmer months of the year.

When looking for the perfect Welland district, it’s helpful to have a list of some personalized elements. Perhaps you are looking for the best access to the highway, proximity to shops, the Welland Canal, or a neighborhood with the best schools.

With these factors in mind, we’ve put together a list of neighborhoods that meet some key criteria when looking for an apartment in Welland, Ontario. This is to make your life in Welland as an immigrant an easy one.

Population of Welland

Welland, ON currently has 52,293 residents. Overall, the population of Welland, ON has increased at a rate of 0.54% annually from 2001 to 2016 over the last 15 years.

In the last two censuses, the population has increased by 1,662 and the average annual growth rate from 2011 to 2016 was 0.66%.

Cost of living in Welland

With an average cost of living in Welland of $ 1,589, it ranks in the top 26% of the world’s most expensive cities, ranked 2396 out of 9294 on the global list, 48 out of 153 in Canada, and 19 out of 43 in Ontario.

The average salary after tax is $ 3,251, which is enough to cover two months of living expenses. 2360 (top 25%) on the list of the most livable places in the world, 87th best city in Canada, and 22nd most livable city in Ontario.

With an estimated population of 50.6K, Welland is Canada’s 85th largest city. Life in Welland for immigrants  is made better here because of the various diversities and adaptations to multiculturalism.

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How to immigrate to Welland

The following are the steps and pathways to immigrate to Canada

Step 1: Eligibility test

The first thing you need to do is check the standards with the Quebec Immigration Site. If you qualify, you are one step ahead.

Step 2: Certificate of selection.

This step requires you to apply for a qualification certificate from the Quebec Government. This certificate proves that Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant.

Step 3: Create an entry profile.

After successful completion of Step 2, create an entry profile online to express your interest in the province.

Step 4: Invitation to apply.

If you are fortunate to be selected for Quebec in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you will receive an invitation to apply for the notification. Apply now and submit all relevant documents such as medical certificate and language certificate.

Step 5: Get a visa.

Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will soon contact you regarding your visa. Immediately move to Welland and start getting a permanent resident visa. Please note that you must stay in Quebec for at least two years before changing locations.

Weather in Welland

Year-round climate and average weather in Welland:

Canada Summers are warm in Welland. Winters are cold, snowy, and windy. And it is partially cloudy all year round. Throughout the year, temperatures typically fluctuate between 18 ° F and 79 ° F, rarely below 3 ° F or above 85 ° F.

According to tourism ratings, the best time to visit Welland for warm-weather activities is from late June to early September. At this time of the year, life in Welland for immigrants feels cozy.

Average temperature in Welland:

The warm season lasts 3.7 months from May 30th to September 20th, with an average daily maximum temperature of over 23 ° C. The hottest month of the year in Welland is July, with an average maximum temperature of 28 ° C and a minimum temperature of 23 ° C.

The cold season lasts 3.3 months from December 5th to March 14th, with an average daily maximum temperature of less than -2 ° C. The coldest month of the year in Welland is January, with an average minimum temperature of 20 ° C and a maximum temperature of 31 ° F.

How Multicultural is Welland?

There is an organization known as The Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre (WHC&MC).

This body provides newcomers and Canadian citizens (community members) with services and programs that strengthen individuals, families, and the community while creating cultural awareness and understanding among all citizens.

They assist all individuals to function with independence and dignity in society.

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Schools in Welland

Of course, when it comes to quality education, life in Welland is not overlooked throughout Quebec. If you are planning to relocate, you can look forward to great educational facilities and quality learning in both elementary, college, and Universities.

There are lots of schools in Welland. But below are the top 10 Colleges and Universities in Welland:

  • Niagara University
  • Kingston College
  • Brock University
  • Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Niagara School of Health Care
  • Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Trillium College
  • Erie Community College
  • Niagara University Dwyer Arena

Transit in Welland

There is a popular transit body known as Welland Transit in Welland that looks into the transportation affairs of the city

Welland Transit provides public transport in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Port Colborne.

When first introduced in 1973, the bus service was operated by a private company known as Metro Niagara Transit, funded by the City of Welland, which took over the full operation of the local transportation system in 1977. [1]

Eight scheduled routes provide daytime service from Monday to Sunday and staggered service during off-peak and evening services (Monday to Saturday at 61:00 am).

Weekday services are provided under the Niagara Regional Transit on three routes to out-of-city destinations to Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, and St. Catharines.

In addition, Welland transit operates two community shuttles to the city of Port Colborne. In the suburbs of the city, where there is no regular transportation, a service called TransCab provides a taxi connection to traditional bus services for a small additional fee.

Barrier-free services are available for those who cannot use regular buses throughout the city or region to make life in Welland for immigrants very easy.

Dining out and Nightlife in Welland

Welland has everything from country bars to house music to great restaurants.

Welland nightlife is more vibrant than ever, with a variety of bars and clubs in the city and downtown.

Sometimes one could decide to eat out or chill outside in some nice and beautiful restaurant. Just in case you have that in mind, we’ve got you covered. Below are the top 10 best restaurants in Welland:

  • Black Sheep Coffee Roasters
  • Matteo’s Ristorante
  • Taris on the Water
  • M.T. Bellies
  • Ye Olde Squire
  • Frontier BBQ & Smokehouse
  • Benedict’s
  • Evelyn’s Sandwich Factory
  • Thailandia
  • Welland Cafe

Fun things to do in Welland

With community services, annual events, and local attractions, Welland, Ontario has a lot of things to be done at your leisure.

Welland does not have the same attractions as Niagara Falls, but it is perfect for residents who like to explore the local history and admire the nearby beaches, parks, and golf courses.

What to do in Welland, Ontario Community buildings, parks, and services are at the heart of Welland’s everyday entertainment. Whether part of an organized league or weekend fun, these facilities provide a convenient way to connect with the Welland community.

The Welland Public Library is a great community resource with three branches: the Boardwalk main branch, the Diamond Trail branch, and the Seaway Mall branch.

Welland’s public library offers physical book lending, programs for all ages, ebooks, audiobooks, online magazines, regional history, and digital resources for 3D printing.

Other great community facilities include the Welland Community Wellness Complex, the Wellan Domain Arena, and the Civic Square Outdoor Skating Rink, which hosts public ice skating events during the winter, to keep residents connected and active.

The community program also includes rental services for pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards available during Victoria Day and Labor Day weekends.

Hiking and cycling around the connection between Welland’s trail network and the Niagara region is another example of entertainment that is popular with Welland’s inhabitants. Another way to feel part of the Wellandward is to attend one of the many recurring events in the city.

Welland Farmers Market is a year-round event held every Saturday. Traders from across the region are gathering in Welland seeking indoor and outdoor markets to sell products from local farms, artisans, and wineries.

Two major summer festivals, the Welland Dragon Boat Festival in mid-June and the Welland Float Fest in July, celebrate Welland’s city center waterways.

The Dragon Boat Festival is Welland’s largest water sporting event where communities gather to celebrate the beautiful dragon boat race. Float Fest is another water festival with live music and a large flowing pool event in the summer sun. These activities make life in Welland for immigrants enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Question

Which pathway is best for immigrating to Welland, Ontario?

The Provincial Nominee Program is the best pathway to use for immigration to live in Welland, Ontario.


In summary, Welland is one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. The unemployment rate here is high, the crime rate is low, and the standard of living is high. Welland is the perfect balance between urban life and the friendliness of a small town.