Life in Winnipeg for Immigrants – Students, Workers Visitors

Learn various aspects of the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, and other foreign nationals in the city.

Are you thinking of immigrating to any of the cities in Manitoba? You can show consideration to living the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, including international students, skilled workers and visitors.

Certainly, the city of Winnipeg can satisfy all your needs in terms of education, work & career, security, lifestyle, and more.

Hence, this post will provide you with a variety of information about the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, workers, students and workers.

You will also learn about how to getting a job, cost of living, public transit, weather, as well as on immigrating to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Let’s get started.

Where is Winnipeg located in Manitoba?

Winnipeg is a city in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Indeed, the city is located in southern Manitoba.

Besides, Winnipeg is the provincial capital of Manitoba, which is one of the three (3) Prairie Provinces in Canada.

Moreover, Winnipeg is widely known as the largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Population of Winnipeg

As at 2016, Winnipeg’s population was 705,244. This figure was determined after the census in year 2016.

Without a doubt, foreigners are continously moving to Winnipeg for various reasons, which include visit, study, work and permanent stay.

Life in Winnipeg for immigrants, visitors, students and workers is indeed worth experiencing.

Cost of living in Winnipeg

Indeed, Winnipeg is one of the Canadian cities with low cost of living.

Besides, renting a house in Winnipeg cost less amount of money compared to other cities in Canada.

You will definitely enjoy your stay in Winnipeg on a tight budget regardless of if you are a new immigrant, visitor, student or worker.

How to immigrate to Winnipeg

If you are planning to immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is an immigration pathway available to you, and all other foreigners.

Of course, MPNP requires you to meet a number of requirements before you can immigrate to Manitoba, Canada, and live in Winnipeg.

Upon meeting these requirements, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) by following the simple steps below.

  • Request nomination from the province of Manitoba
  • Complete Express Entry profile
  • Send application for PR after receipt of invitation
  • Schedule flight and immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba

STEP 1: Request nomination from the province of Manitoba

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) requires applicants to request for their nomination before anything else.

Hence, you can contact the province of Manitoba for help in getting nomination for permanent residency in the province.

STEP 2: Complete Express Entry profile

On the way to start enjoying the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, it is essential for you to create an Express Entry profile online, and submit it.

After your nomination by the province of Manitoba, you need to update your Express Entry profile with information that proves your nomination.

Without doubt, this creates possibilities for being included in the Express Entry pool.

STEP 3: Send application for PR after receipt of invitation

You must submit an application for permanent residency within 60 days of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

STEP 4: Schedule flight and immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba

At this point, you can now book a flight with an airline to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG) in Canada.

You surely need to do this after the approval of your permanent residency application.

Weather in Winnipeg

It is without doubt that the city of Winnipeg is renowned for its severe winter season. Moreover, summer season in Winnipeg is very warm, and lasts for a short time.

If you want to take delight in the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, you need to pack more jackets, gloves, hats, coats and scarves as Winnipeg’s winter season is enduring.

How multicultural is Winnipeg?

The city of Winnipeg in Manitoba is surely among the Canadian cities with high cultural diversity.

Besides, Winnipeg residents consist of foreign nationals from many countries of the world, speaking 100+ languages.

Schools in Winnipeg

Of course, many educational institutions that are Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) exist within the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. These include public, private, research-intensive universities and colleges.

List of universities and colleges in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Here are list of post-secondary institutions in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  1. University of Manitoba
  2. Red River College
  3. University of Winnipeg
  4. Robertson College
  5. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
  6. Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)
  7. Booth University College

Transit in Winnipeg

Through Winnipeg Transit, you can access a well-managed means of public transportation within the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Undoubtedly, this public transit improves the way of life in Winnipeg for immigrants, visitors, students and workers.

Obviously, Winnipeg Transit operates only within Winnipeg, and is operated by the government of Winnipeg.

As a matter of fact, Winnipeg Transit offers a variety of transit services, which include Regular service, BLUE Rapid Transit Line, Ligne de transport rapide BLEUE, airport service, school charters, among others.

Life in Chilliwack for immigrants

Dining out and nightlife in Winnipeg

After closing from work or during weekends, there are several places to visit for premium entertainment in the city of Winnipeg.

Of course, you can enjoy your nightlife with your loved ones by visiting Manitoba-based restaurants, lounge and bars, movie theatres and nightclubs.

Visiting any of these places surely offers experiences like no other, and brings about an enjoyable life in Winnipeg for immigrants, and other foriegn nationals.

Restaurants in Winnipeg

Dining out is usually fun, most especially when you are with your family members, friends and co-workers.

Thus, you can eat out in any of the following restaurants in Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.

  • Peasant Cookery
  • Carnaval Brazilian BBQ
  • Tuxedo Village Family Restaurant – Greek Food
  • The Oxbow Natural Wine Bar & Restaurant
  • Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Capital Grill & Bar
  • Elephant & Castle
  • Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge
  • Cordova Tapas & Wine
  • Saperavi Restaurant
  • Beaujena’s French Table

Movie theatres in Winnipeg

If you would like to watch a blockbuster movie in a cinema, you can surely go to any of these movie theatres in Winnipeg.

  • Towne 8Landmark
  • Cinematheque
  • Landmark 8 Grant Park
  • Scotiabank Winnipeg
  • Cinema City Northgate
  • Kildonan Place
  • SilverCity St. VitalCineplex
  • Cineplex Odeon McGillivray & VIP
  • Flicks Cinema

Nightclubs in Winnipeg

Here are some nightclubs you can visit in Winnipeg in order to get more of the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, visitors, workers and students.

  • World Famous Palomino Club
  • The Village Nightclub
  • Neon Lights Club
  • Charles Shabaquay
  • Fame Nightclub
  • Lipstixx Experience
  • Mirrors Pub-Club
  • High And Lonesome Club
  • The Limelight Karaoke Bar Winnipeg @ The Riverside
  • Jitterbug Lounge Big Band Club
  • The Good Will Social Club

Fun things to do in Winnipeg

Undeniably, there are endless fun and mesmerizing things to do in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

These include visiting any of Winnipeg’s tourist attraction centres such as entertainment parks, museums and art galleries, historical places, etc.

Tourist attraction centres in Winnipeg

You can visit any of the following tourist attraction centres in Winnipeg, province of Manitoba, Canada.

  • FortWhyte Alive
  • Dalnavert Museum and Visitors’ Centre
  • Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
  • Living Prairie Museum
  • Assiniboine Park
  • Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Place Saint-Norbert
  • The Forks National Historic Site
  • Kildonan Park
  • Riverwalk Trail
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Winnipeg Railway Museum
  • Manitoba Electrical Museum
  • Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum, among others

How to get a job in Winnipeg

There are truly various ways of getting a job in Winnipeg with ease.

Without doubt, you can apply for jobs in any part of Canada, including in Winnipeg before leaving your country.

Hence, you will not need to seek for employment anymore upon your arrival to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

This makes it easy for you to integrate to the life in Winnipeg for immigrants.

Getting employment through the job sites in Canada

Of course, all the job sites in Canada are helpful to immigrants in Winnipeg in finding a good job within the city.

Thus, here are some of the job sites in Canada for Winnipeg immigrants.

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Job Bank
  • Talent Egg
  • Jobboom
  • Google for Jobs
  • Eluca, and so on

Employment agencies in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Below are list, office addresses and phone numbers of some of the employment agencies in Winnipeg, Canadian province of Manitoba.

  • Agilus Work Solutions and Recruitment Firm

Address:  226 Osborne St N #102,

Phone number: +1 204-772-5040

  • Opulence Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Address: 421 Mulvey Ave Unit 305,

Phone number: +1 204-500-2424

  • Express Employment Professionals

Address: 102-912 Portage Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-289-1570

  • Premier Personnel

Address: 200-428 Portage Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-949-1474

  • United Way Agencies Employee

Address: 5 Donald St.,

Phone number: +1 204-953-2100

  • Trades Labour Corporation (TLC Winnipeg)

Address: 405 A Ellice Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-943-0055

  • Opportunities for Employment Community Office

Address: 561 Ellice Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-925-3595

  • Eagle Professional Resources

Address: 167 Lombard Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-284-2059

  • People First HR Services Ltd

Address: 1403 Kenaston Blvd.,

Phone number: +1 866-940-3950

  • Sagkeeng Employment & Training

Address: 294 Portage Ave.,

Phone number: +1 204-943-6073

  • Summit Group Inc

Address: 590 Erin St.,

Phone number: +1 204-774-0434

  • Robert Half® Recruiters & Employment Agency

Address: 201 Portage Ave Suite 2400.,

Phone number: 8AM • +1 204-809-0122

Frequently Asked Questions

Why immigrate to Winnipeg?

  • Vast job opportunities
  • Quality and affordable healthcare
  • Cheap public transit

Is Winnipeg a decent city to live in?

Winnipeg, Canada, is one of the best cities in the world for a free business climate. This is an excellent area to live, according to our city rankings, with high scores in housing, healthcare, and taxation.


As has been noted, there is no chance for regrets when you give all it takes to become part of the life in Winnipeg for immigrants, visitors, students and workers. You may share this post to help others who are looking forward to immigrate to Winnipeg. Thanks for reading!