List Of Things And Documents Required For Post ITA

Have you received your Invitation To Apply (ITA) and in the process of submitting your documents? You might want to find out the basic list of documents required for post ITA. You might need different documents based on what you have filled in your Express Entry profile.

So, basically, If you have received your ITA or expecting an ITA in the next draw, it is better you start planning now itself for all the required things. Prepare the following documents.

International Passports: – Following things will be checked in your passports.

  • Your International Passport should be valid for at least one year.
  • You should have at least two blank pages in the passport.
  • The page should show your date of birth and country of origin, and any pages with stamps, visas or markings.

PCC: – Police Clearance Certificates

  • You must provide a police clearance certificate for the country, region or territory, in which you have spent Six (6) months or more.
  • Make sure you have police clearance certificate from all your past addresses. (from the age of 18).
  • If an address is mentioned on any of your submitted police clearance certificate (PCC) from any country, make sure it covers the entire period of time you stayed in that country.
  • You should check the CIC guidelines to get the PCC for a country.

POF: Proof of funds

  • You have to prove that you can financially support yourself and the family members who will be with you while you are in Canada.
  • You need to obtain a letter from your bank for the available amount of money with you.
  • You must take the previous six months bank statement also for your account.
  • You must show six months average balance of your bank account.

Employer Reference Letter

  • Make sure the role mentioned in the letter are matching to your chosen job code’s responsibilities and duties.
  • All the location with time period should be stated in the letter.
  • The Reference letter should be on the letterhead of your employer. If it is not possible to get it directly from the Human Resource (HR) on letterhead and you are submitting the letter from some senior colleague or your supervisor, then try to get it on an affidavit.
  • Include the take-home pay as your compensation proof.

Education Qualifications

  • All the diploma or degree certificates and mark sheets (i.e transcripts) should be added with your WES letter.
  • Include your language test result also with education documents.

Medical Test

You need to carry out a medical examination and submit the receipt with your file. We advise you to go for medical test only after getting ITA and as close to your date of submission as possible. The rationale behind this is that your initial one-time entry visa will be valid up until one (1) year of your medical exam date.

Marriage Certificate

Make sure this is a valid certificate, in compliance with the law of the country where the marriage took place. The marriage must be valid with the law of the country where it took place and under Canadian law.