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Luxembourg Student Visa – Eligibility, documentation, and funding

Do you want to study in the hilly country of Luxembourg? Then you should be acquainted with Luxembourg visa requirements for students. This magnificent small country issues a Luxembourg student visa that can last for 90 days. You would need this visa if you are an international student and want to study in the country. But you first must get admission to the country before applying for a Luxembourg student visa.

If you are traveling to Luxembourg to study, the Luxembourg visa requirement for a non-Schengen citizen is a visa to enter. But if you are from the Schengen countries, you can stay for about six months without a Luxembourg visa. The Luxembourg student visa is mainly for a degree course, a doctoral program, and those who want to carry out any research in the country.

Studying at any of the universities in Luxemburg affords one world-class knowledge in a multilingual and interdisciplinary setting. One will have a uniquely rewarding experience. So to enjoy this imparting experience, it is good to know about the Luxembourg student visa requirement: Eligibility, documentation, and funding. This post will furnish you with the right information that will update your knowledge of Luxembourg visa requirements.

Luxembourg student visa Eligibility requirements 

To get the Luxembourg student visa, you must meet the criteria for eligibility of it. In addition, the following conditions must be met before a student visa is issued:

  1. Evidence to show full-time enrolment as a student in any university in the country
  2. Evidence to a backup claim of full payment of tuitions fees for the course study in Luxembourg
  3. A valid passport that is about six months before completing the course
  4. The temporary authorization to stay letter must be an original copy. This should be a letter from the immigration department of the ministry of foreign affairs in Luxembourg.
  5. Evidence to show health travel insurance and the coverage should be about 30,000 Euros. This is high so that it will cover the duration you intend to stay in the country.
  6. Proof to show that you have the intention to leave Luxembourg at the end of your studies

Luxembourg visa requirements are prior to entering and after entering the country

To enter the country, you need to do the following:

  • You start by applying for the visa, which should be within the ninety days you are given the valid authorization.
  • Then you would apply for the immigration directorate of the ministry of foreign and European affairs.
  • The visa you would be applying for is the type D visa.

When you gain access to Luxembourg, then you follow the complete requirements by doing the following:

Start by making a declaration as you arrive, then undergo a medical checkup and start getting a residence permit.

Luxembourg student visa documentation

The Luxembourg visa requirements to study need some documents that an applicant should submit, which are always according to one’s citizenship. But for general knowledge, the below documents are usually requested

  1. Photocopies of applicant’s passport, the passport must be a valid minimum of 6 months
  2. Copy of a completed application form
  3. Photographs of passport size: this should be 2
  4. Admission letter from any university in the country (unconditional)
  5. A copy of the letter from the university confirming receipt of payment
  6. Photocopies of university or college certificates ( it can be any of SSCE, was, or high school)
  7. A signed Guarantee letter by both the student and the sponsor is to show that the sponsor will take care of all the bills for the studies. That the student will not seek financial help anywhere in the country. This should be certified by a public notary.
  8. A copy of the bank statement that has been approved officially in the past three months
  9. A letter of consent from the applicant’s parent that is less than 18 years at the time of application. This should be sealed by a court or notary.
  10. Proof of flight reservation
  11. A vaccination card for typhoid and yellow fever diseases
  12. A photocopy of a driver’s license, sponsor’s ID, or an international passport

Language Luxembourg visa requirements

Luxembourg is a multilingual country, so it is of the essence to know that different languages are used for learning in the country. So to get your Luxembourg student visa easily, you are expected to show evidence that you are conversant with the language that will be used for your studies. So this means that you should be good with German, French or English language. These are the three common languages of learning used in Luxembourg.

What is the cost of a Luxembourg student visa?

You would need to pay for your Luxembourg student visa to be processed and approved. The charge is 50 Euros which is $69. However, there is a reduced rate for those from Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova. Those from these countries will only pay 35 Euros which is $41. To get your Luxembourg resident permit is 80 Euros which is about $95

How to apply for a Luxembourg student visa

  • Start by applying for a temporary authorization stay
  • Then wait for the processing to be approved; the embassy will send you approved authorization which will be documented by post
  • Then you can apply for the type D visa, the Schengen entry visa. You would need to use this at least fifteen days before departure. Documents you would need for this application include: Accomplish common Schengen application form, valid passport, two passport-sized photos, residence permit as a foreigner in another country, proof of visa fee payment, confirmation of financial stability, and travel insurance evidence. You would make the application to the consulate either in Belgium or Luxembourg
  • Then you can gain entry into Luxembourg and declare your arrival: you would make a declaration of coming as a student in the commune’s administrative office. The declaration should happen in the first three days of arriving in Luxembourg. The documents you would use for declaration are a valid passport, temporary authorization stay letter, and valid proof of address
  • Next, undergo a medical checkup on arrival. This will enable you to get the medical certificate that the immigration medical department will issue
  • Lastly, you would need to apply for your residence permit: Apply for the permit at the immigration Directorate using the following documents: proof of payment, enrolment certificate from a higher education institution, valid passport, copy of the temporary authorization to stay, and copy of the declaration of arrival from the commune.

Luxembourg visa funding requirements

The funding of the Luxembourg student visa required a guarantee letter that should be signed by a sponsor. The sponsor will be signed that he or she will solely do funding. In addition, there will be proof of financial capability by the sponsor. An example will be a presentation of a bank statement with at least six months of cash flow evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the duration of the Luxembourg student visa processing time?

Getting a student visa for Luxembourg from the ministry of foreign and European affairs will take up to thirty days. The maximum period is days depending on your case.

Can they extend processing days for additional documents needed for the Lathe Luxembourg student visa?

Yes, when once there’s no need for additional demands for documents, the applicant will be informed. When this happens, more processing time will be allotted for the applicant to submit a maximum of ten days will be put on hold till the needed documents are submitted.

If my Luxembourg student visa is granted, what should I expect?

When a Luxembourg student visa is granted, you are allowed temporary authorization to stay. So you can get into Luxembourg and remain for ninety days. You would need a type D Visa as well.

Who can apply for a Luxembourg student visa?

Any foreign national outside Liechtenstein, EU, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland must apply for a Luxembourg student visa. This is only for those whose purpose is to study.

Can I use Lua Luxembourg’s student visa to work in the country?

When you complete your studies as an international student, you can search for a job or even start a business. But it would help if you got your residence permit. So you would need to apply for your residence permit at least 30 days before the expiration of your student visa.

Can I use the La Luxembourg student visa to invite my spouse over?

You must get a valid passport for your spouse before entering Luxembourg. Then get an entry visa and residence permit for visits that are about three months. With this, you can bring your spouse over. Your spouse can do other professional activities without needing further approval.


The incredible antique country of Luxembourg issues Luxembourg student visas for foreign nationals who want to study there. But you need to meet all the Luxembourg visa requirements to obtain the permit. The details above are the facts you need to know to apply rightly for this visa. So follow the above guide to get your Luxembourg student visa without hassle.

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