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Luxembourg Transit Visa – Application, Eligibility and Fees

Obtaining a Luxembourg Transit Visa is now more difficult than before, especially for third-world countries. However, one of the challenges you may face may not be because of the difficulty. But rather because you may lack the right information you need.

Besides, there is a lot of fake news on the internet. That may even intensify your fears. But the good news is that you can come out of this situation if you get the correct information. Again, obtaining a Luxembourg transit visa will help you to get to your destination quickly since you will use the Luxembourg airport for your transit.

Therefore, our guide will be helpful on how to get a Luxembourg Transit Visa, what it will require you, plus other useful information.

What is Luxembourg Transit Visa?

This visa allows its holders to pass through Luxembourg to other countries. Thus, they can use international airports in Luxembourg to transit to other countries with connecting flights. However, you cannot enter any Schengen country with this type of visa.

Who needs a Luxembourg Transit Visa?

The citizens of the following countries need a transit visa to pass through an airport in Luxembourg. They include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka

Exemptions from Luxembourg Transit Visa

The following do not require a visa to transit Luxembourg to other countries. Therefore, their citizens will not apply for a visa to any of Luxembourg’s international airports. They include:

  1. Citizens of countries within the EU, EEA, or Switzerland
  2. Nationals of countries which have visa-free agreements with Luxembourg

Requirements to apply for a Luxembourg Transit Visa

You will need the following documents to apply for a Luxembourg Transit Visa. They include:

#1. Valid passport

The first document on the list is a valid passport at least three months from your return date. Besides, it must have at least two blank spaces and be in good condition.

#2. Previous visas

You will also need the previous visas you have used to travel to some Schengen nations. This is because these countries have visa agreements.

#3. Photos

In addition to your passport, you will also need two recent photos. These photos must be the same in size and color. Additionally, it must meet Schengen visa photo specifications.

#4. Luxembourg Transit Visa application

In place of this, you will use the Schengen visa application form. It is because Luxembourg is part of the Schengen nations. Thus, it uses the same visa policies as other Schengen nations.

#5. Travel insurance

You will also need travel insurance, especially if traveling to a Schengen nation. The insurance will be able to cover you for the time of your stay in your Schengen destination.

#6. Luxembourg Transit Visa fee receipt

After your visa fee payment, you need to show evidence of payment. It will naturally come in the form of a receipt of payment. Without a receipt, you cannot obtain a visa from the embassy.

Basic information about Luxembourg Transit Visa

You will need the following information when applying for a visa to transit through Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Transit Visa Processing fee

All applicants for a Luxembourg transit Visa need to pay a visa fee. Thus, all candidates must pay an application fee of 80 euros. However, children less than six years will not pay a visa fee. Likewise, children between six and fourteen years old will only pay a visa fee of 40 euros.

Validity of Luxembourg Transit Visa

Your visa to transit through Luxembourg is valid for only 24 hours. Therefore, you must leave the country after 24 hours. There is no extension for this visa.

Processing time for Luxembourg Transit Visa

The processing time for your Luxembourg visa is usually 15 days. However, it can take longer than this. But if you have the documents, your transit visa will take shorter depending on the situation. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary delay, apply for your transit visa three months before you enter Luxembourg.

Reasons to reject your Luxembourg Tansit Visa

Your Luxembourg visa may be rejected for any of the following reasons. they include:

  1. Incorrect details
  2. incomplete documents
  3. Being late to a visa appointment
  4. Invalid passport
  5. If you don’t have a travel insurance
  6. Lack of financial means

Questions to expect when applying for a visa in Luxembourg

Expect to answer the following questions for your visa interview for any Luxembourg visa. They include:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your age?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. What is your marital status?
  5. How many kids do you have?
  6. Who is traveling with you?
  7. Are you currently employed?
  8. Can we see your bank statement?
  9. Where have you been before?
  10. What proof shows that you will return when your visa expires?

Meanwhile, you must know that these questions can come in different ways. So, when they arrive, you must provide the same answer as it is in your documents.

Steps to apply for Luxembourg Transit Visa

You can use the following steps to apply for a Luxembourg Transit Visa. With them, you can obtain your visa in 15 days. They include:

Step 1. Book an Appointment with the Luxembourg Embassy

Firstly, you must book an appointment with the Luxembourg embassy in your country. During this period, you will find out more about the visa requirements. Then, also find out the best time to apply for your visa. When you have done this, you can also gather all the documents you need for your visa.

Of course, you need to gather all the supporting documents you need. Any missing document will result in visa rejection.

Step 2. Fill out your application form for Luxembourg Transit Visa

You must fill out the application form, the same as the Schengen Transit Visa application. While filling in the details, you must be careful to avoid mistakes. Any false information provided will lead to visa cancellation and denial. The information you need to provide includes the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Nationality
  3. Time of travel
  4. Purpose of travel

Step 3. Apply to the embassy

You can now submit your application and supporting documents. Remember to take all the documents. Besides, any missing document can lead to rejection. Not to forget, you must be at the embassy on time to apply.

Step 4. Pay the application fee

After submitting your application, you must proceed to pay the fee for the Luxembourg Transit Visa. The visa fee is 80 euros for all applicants. However, applicants between 6 and 14 years will pay a fee of 40 euros. Children who are below six years don’t pay a visa fee.

Step 5. Processing time

Now, you can wait for the response from the embassy. It can take up to 15 days. However, if there is a problem, it can take longer than you expect. Therefore, it will help if you wait patiently. Nevertheless, you can contact the embassy to know your application status.

Also, be ready to give extra information to the embassy during this time. For example, this can come up if there is a missing document. Or probably, because there is confusing information you provided. All these can cause delays in the processing, therefore, be careful in every step of your application.

Step 6. Collect your visa

Once your visa is ready, you will get a notification from the embassy. Then, you can go and collect your visa. While going, you must go with your receipt of payment. It will work as evidence of payment for your Luxembourg Transit Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for a Luxembourg Visa?

You can apply for a Luxembourg visa at the Luxembourg embassy in your country. You can as well apply to a consulate closest to you. But the final decision is with the embassy.

Is Luxembourg a Schengen country?

Yes, Luxembourg is part of the Schengen area countries. Therefore, citizens of other Schengen nations can travel to Luxembourg without a visa.

Which countries are part of Schengen?

Member nations of the Schengen region include the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Does Luxembourg use e-visa?

For now, you cannot apply for a Luxembourg visa online. However, starting from May 2023, you can apply for an e-visa to Luxembourg. It will allow you to stay in Luxembourg and other Schengen countries for a short-term stay.

Do I need a Luxembourg visa if I have an Indian Passport?

Holders of Indian passports still need a Luxembourg visa to enter the country. However, if you possess a valid Schengen visa, you don’t need a visa to come to Luxembourg.


Finally, getting a Luxembourg Transit visa may be hard sometimes. But if you meet the requirements and follow the steps we have given here, it will become easy. Moreover, finding expert help will help you very well in this regard.

Above all, find out if you need a visa to transit through Luxembourg to other countries. It could be the reason why you have visa denial. Therefore, we still advise you to look at the eligibility and requirements for this visa type.

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