Luxembourg Visa Requirements: Who can apply and Fees

Are you planning on traveling to the beloved country of Luxembourg? If yes, you must be aware of the Luxembourg visa requirements.

Luxembourg is a small country in the middle of Europe that tourists often visit. It is known for its interesting historical sites and museums. It offers visa-free entrance to citizens of the European Union while demanding reserve from third-world Nationals.

So, if your country is not part of the European Union, you may need to apply for a Luxembourg visa and meet its requirements.

Therefore, In this article, you will learn about the Luxembourg visa, its requirements, the application fee, and much more. Don’t miss out on any section!

Luxembourg visa

Without a doubt, the Luxembourg visa is a travel document that you need to gain entrance to Luxembourg. To be eligible for this visa, you must be able to state briefly the reasons why you have to visit the country. After that, you can apply for the visa type that aligns with your travel purpose to Luxembourg.

For example, you should not obtain a Luxembourg study visa if you plan to visit Luxembourg for tourism. Likewise, you cannot apply for the Luxembourg business visa if you travel to Luxembourg for family visitation. In a nutshell, obtain a unique visa for your travel purpose.

Who can apply for the Luxembourg visa?

Interestingly, Luxembourg is part of the Schengen member states. Therefore, citizens of Schengen countries can freely enter the country for different purposes, either for a short stay or a long-stay period.

However, suppose your country has no visa-free access to Luxembourg. In that case, obtaining a Luxembourg visa is your option. Therefore, you need to know about Luxembourg visa requirements. Here, we will do justice to that in subsequent sessions in this prosé.

Application fee for Luxembourg visa

It is noteworthy that the Luxembourg visa application fee payment is an essential requirement for your visa. But, the visa fee is not the same for every category and nationality. So, here we have the cost of getting a visa according to the different countries and categories.

  • Airport transit visa (A): 80 Eur.
  • Short stay visa (C): 80 Eur.
  • Long stay visa (D): 50 Eur.
  • In exceptional cases, about 25 euros is given to citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Albania, Armenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Azerbaijan, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Also, applicants between the ages of 6 and 12 will get a reduction of 40 euros of the visa fee. Interestingly, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia citizens with biometric passports will not have to fulfill the Luxembourg visa requirements. Hence, have visa-free access to the country.

In addition, the following groups are exempted from obtaining the Luxembourg visa

  • Children that are not up to six years old.
  • Teachers, students, and pupils on an education or study trip.
  • Researchers going to Luxembourg to carry out scientific research.
  • Also, any representative from a non-governmental organization (not more than 25 years old) wants to participate in a conference, sports, cultural events, educational events, or seminars in Luxembourg.
  • Any family member of the European Union National.

Types of Luxembourg Visas?

Without a doubt, there are about three different types of Luxembourg visas you can go for. They are airport transit A visa, short-stay C visa, and long-stay D visa.

#1. Airport Transit A Visa

Peradventure you cannot do without passing through the Luxembourg airport to your destination, you will need the airport transit A visa for access. However, this visa type prohibits you from leaving the airport vicinity, and you have to be on your way to your destination within 24 hours.

#2. Short-Stay C Visa

Here is another Luxembourg visa that will allow you to stay in Luxembourg for about three months. You can visit some other Schengen countries for other activities within this duration. This visa is often issued for business meetings, tourism, visit, medical controls, conference, school trips, etc.

Note that this visa type does not permit you to apply for a temporary residence permit in Luxembourg.

#3. Long-Stay D Visa

The Luxembourg long-stay visa is also known as the Type D visa. It is a visa type that allows you to stay in Luxembourg for about one year. Also, it permits you to visit other Schengen countries during your visa period. Although, this visa type has its special requirements that you must meet.

And yes, you can obtain this visa for investment, work, study, or family reunion purposes. Likewise, you can apply for a temporary residence permit with this visa type.

Luxembourg Visa Requirements

There are different Luxembourg visa requirements as stated by the country of Luxembourg. To be eligible for selection for this visa type, you must meet all these requirements to prevent further delay of your visa.

#1. International passport

Without a doubt, you need a valid passport for your Luxembourg visa application. And yes, the visa must have about two blank pages bearing your signature, not more than 10 years from the day you issue it. Also, it must have about 90 days of validity from the day you return from Luxembourg.

#2. Passport-sized photos

For your photograph to be accepted for the application, it must meet the Schengen passport photo rule. The size should be about 3.5 x 4.5 cm and must be taken against a white background. Also, the passport must not be older than 180 days, showing your face vividly, visibly, and clearly.

#3. Visa application form

Importantly, you must obtain the specific application form for your travel purpose to Luxembourg. You don’t need to stress yourself over this by going to the embassy for the form. You can always get it online at the country’s website. After, you can complete it with your details, print it out, and sign it.

#4. Visa fee

Undoubtedly, the visa fee is one of your application’s crucial Luxembourg visa requirements. You can make payments online or in person at the Luxembourg embassy. However, if you make payment online, ensure to generate a receipt as proof of payment.

#5. Travel plan

Your travel itinerary is how and when you plan to visit and leave Luxembourg for your home country. This is an important visa requirement that shows that your journey to Luxembourg is properly planned out.

#6. Travel medical insurance

Having travel medical insurance is one of the very crucial Luxembourg visa requirements. And yes, the insurance you choose must be able to operate in Luxembourg. Likewise, you must invest not less than 30,000 euros in it.

#7. Proof of accommodations

Regardless of the visa type you opt for, you need a place to stay in Luxembourg. It is a very important requirement you need to meet before you proceed to apply for the visa. Once you settle your accommodation, you need to get evidence of it for registration purposes.

#8. Proof of funds

Eating, transiting, touring, etc. in Luxembourg all demands and requires money. Therefore, you need proof of financial capability to travel to Luxembourg. Consequently, you can submit your statement of account or any other financial proof you have as part of your requirements for the visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Luxembourg visa hard to get?

No, Luxembourg is not a complex country to obtain a visa for. The process is relatively straightforward, and most applicants will have the visa without issues. So, that’s good news for all third-world nationals wanting to visit Luxembourg.

Can I work in Luxembourg?

Yes, you can work in Luxembourg. The country has a strong economy and is home to many multinational companies. The job market is competitive, but there are plenty of opportunities for skilled workers. The cost of living in Luxembourg is high, but salaries are also high.

How long can you stay in Luxembourg without a visa?

As a citizen of the European Union, you can stay in Luxembourg without a visa for up to three months. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will need to apply for a visa before you travel.

Can my Luxembourg Schengen Visa be revoked?

Yes, it can be. Suppose you have violated the terms of your visa or are deemed a security risk. In that case, your visa may be canceled, and you may be deported from Luxembourg.

Can I extend my Schengen Visa during my stay in Luxembourg?

Yes, you can extend your Schengen visa while in Luxembourg. You will need to go to the local police station and provide them with your passport, visa, and proof of residence in Luxembourg. The process should take about a week, and the extension will be valid for another 90 days.


Visiting Luxembourg is a very nice idea, especially if you want to go on tourism. We have made available all you need for your application to be successful. Therefore, ensure that you meet these requirements to enjoy all Luxembourg offers.

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