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Mailing PR Renewal Applications For Couples

Concerning mailing PR Renewal applications for a family and couples should not take any cumbersome process. Thus, it is expected to follow every usual process as for individual applicants.

I want to present you with a case of that of a couple whose Permanent Residency is about to expire and would like to mail applications for renewal.

He and his wife need to renew their PR cards. They too have their applications filled and ready but have a question regarding mailing PR renewal applications.

He would like to know if himself and wife can mail 2 applications together in one mail/courier, or if it does have to be sent through separate mails for each application involving the both of them as per being married and possibly he may be able to lay hands on any reference to it in CIC website.

Well, we would respond by saying “Yes, he can”. A close resourced person recently did for his parents and there is an understanding that a few other people have done the same

To be more clear, he can put his own applications and that of his wife’s application in one envelope. It is normally accepted where one may want to renew for one’s self and family, he then needs to put all applications for himself and that of his family member or partner in one envelop and then hope to receive their cards after 45 days.

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