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Malaysia eVisa – Application, Duration and Eligibility

If you wish to enter Malaysia for sightseeing or exploration purposes, you need to read this blog post to know your eligibility for Malaysia eVisa.

Malaysia is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The country is home to approximately 33 million people who hold diverse ethnicity. Obtaining an electronic visa for Malaysia lets you explore its total area of 330,803 km2 and its hundreds of tourist attractions. These include Aquaria KLCC, LEGOLAND Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu, Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers, Perhentian Islands, Sipadan Island, Gunung Mulu National Park, Resorts World Genting, and Kek Lok Si Temple.

In this blog post, you will understand why Malaysia eVisa is presently the best option for foreign nationals who wish to visit the country for not more than 30 days. You will also learn about its application procedures, turnaround time, fee, and more.

What is Malaysia eVisa?

Malaysia eVisa is a visa open to eligible foreign nationals who intend to enter the country, particularly for a sightseeing experience. The visa is one of the Government of Malaysia’s application systems for online visas, along with Malaysia Electronic Travel Registration and Information visa (eNTRI visa), which serves as the second one.

The Malaysian government introduced eVisa in 2017, enabling foreigners to apply for a Malaysia Tourist Visa online.

This denotes that you should not apply for an eVisa to Malaysia because you are traveling for business, study, or employment purposes. It only covers short visits.

Undoubtedly, the entire application process for Malaysia eVisa is completable over the internet and does not require a visit to an embassy or consulate. Moreover, only citizens of some countries are eligible for the visa.

In addition to all previously mentioned, Malaysia eVisa allows for both single entry and multiple entries, depending on the type you were issued.

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Eligibility Criteria for Malaysia eVisa

To be eligible for Malaysia electronic visa, you must fulfill the following conditions.

  • You must be planning to enter Malaysia exclusively for a tour.
  • It is equally important to possess the nationality of Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Montenegro, China, or Serbia.

Malaysia eVisa Requirements

The following is a list of the documents required for the Malaysia eVisa application process.

  • A valid passport (electronic copy of its front page)
  • One passport-sized photo (Supported formats include JPG, PNG, JPEG, and more)
  • Evidence of prepaid accommodation in Malaysia
  • A round-trip flight ticket to Malaysia
  • Your birth certificate (applicable to persons below 18 years old)

Remember that you do not need to submit any of these documents in person since the application process is online. Hence, you must scan the documents above and save them on your computer before applying for the visa.

How to Get Malaysia eVisa

While planning to apply for Malaysia electronic visa online, ensure you have access to a WiFi-enabled computer, scanner, and printer.

Now that you have them, you can start taking the following steps one after the other to apply for Malaysia electronic visa.

  1. Log on to the online visa application system
  2. Provide all necessary information on the Registration Page
  3. Confirm your registration via email
  4. Upload and submit all of the required documents
  5. Give time for visa processing

Step 1: Log on to the online visa application system

The first step in getting Malaysia electronic visa is to log on to the Malaysian online visa application system using a WiFi-enabled desktop or laptop.

You must click ‘I’m New’ on the screen to begin a new registration.

Take note that the most appropriate time for the application is at least two weeks ahead of your intended departure date.

Step 2: Provide all necessary information on the Registration Page

Now that you are on Malaysia eVisa’s Registration page, you have to provide nothing but correct information in filling out your online visa application. Ensure optimal correctness, as false information will likely deter your eVisa application.

Remember that you can use a single online visa application system account to apply for up to five eVisas simultaneously. In addition, you can include your spouse and dependent child/ren in your Malaysia electronic visa application.

Step 3: Confirm your registration via email

You do not only need to register for Malaysia electronic visa online but also to confirm your registration through a link subsequently sent to your email address.

Step 4: Upload and submit all of the required documents

The fourth step in applying for Malaysia electronic visa involves completing the visa application process. Therefore, you must scan and upload the required documents on your computer.

Afterward, you must submit them all via the same online platform.

Step 5: Give time for visa processing

Finally, you have to be patient for about 48 hours to allow visa processing.

Once approved, you may decide to print your eVisa on A4 upon its receipt in your email or present it digitally to the Immigration Officers at the port of entry in Malaysia.

Processing Time of Malaysia eVisa

Application processing for Malaysia’s electronic visa takes only 48 hours, excluding weekends and public and statutory holidays. Thus, there is a guarantee that you will receive your Malaysia eVisa within two days of completing its application process.

Contrarily, the processing of Malaysia eVisa applications can take longer, supposing a common issue affecting the online application system.

Malaysia eVisa Fee

Whether you intend to obtain Malaysia electronic visa for single entry or multiple entries, the amount to pay your application fee is $45. Besides, Rush Processing of Malaysia eVisa application costs $65, while Super Rush Processing costs up to $85.

Validity Period of Malaysia eVisa

An electronic visa for Malaysia has a duration of 90 days but only permits a maximum stay of 30 days within this period.

On the contrary, the Government of Malaysia does not allow eVisa holders to apply for an extension. Your departure from Malaysia within 30 days of entry is mandatory if you entered using an eVisa.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is eVisa open for Malaysia?

Yes, Malaysia currently accepts eVisa applications from foreign nationals who wish to enter the country for tourism purposes. Holders of Malaysia’s electronic visa can access any tourist attractions within the country. These include Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers, Mount Kinabalu, Perhentian Islands, Resorts World Genting, LEGOLAND Malaysia, and Sipadan Island.

How long does it take for Malaysia eVisa?

It takes about 48 hours to receive an electronic visa for Malaysia. Unquestionably, the visa allows its holder to tour all exciting places in Malaysia for 30 days.

What documents are required for Malaysia eVisa?

To obtain Malaysia eVisa, you must have the electronic copy of your passport’s front page, your digital photo (passport-size), a round-trip ticket for a flight, your birth certificate (if applying as a minor), and evidence of a prepaid accommodation in Malaysia.

How do I pay the eVisa fee for Malaysia?

To pay your Malaysia eVisa fee on the online visa application system, you must have a valid credit or debit card funded with an amount ranging from $45 to $85.

How much does Malaysia eVisa cost?

The cost of getting a Malaysia electronic visa for single or multiple entries ranges from $45 to $85, depending on its processing time. It would be best to have a valid credit or debit card to initiate your Malaysia eVisa fee payment.

How long can I stay on Malaysia eVisa?

Malaysia electronic visa is usable for a maximum stay of one month, precisely 30 days. Without a doubt, Malaysia eVisa holders must leave the country on or before their visa expires, as overstaying is a law violation. Furthermore, it is impossible to extend this type of visa.

Is it easy to get Malaysia eVisa?

Yes, getting an electronic visa for entry into Malaysia is very easy. You can apply for Malaysia eVisa through the internet, simplifying and fastening the entire process. It also does not require in-person visits to a Malaysian embassy or consulate popularly known for having long queues.

How do I apply for Malaysia eVisa?

You can apply for Malaysia electronic visa using the internet. However, remember that you cannot apply for the visa when already in Malaysia or if you are from Singapore. Aside from this, eligible foreign nationals can apply from anywhere else.

How will I receive Malaysia eVisa?

Once approved for Malaysia electronic visa, you will receive it through your email address. For this reason, be sure that you provide your correct email when filling out the visa application form.


In summary, obtaining Malaysia electronic visa (eVisa) is an excellent way for tourists to explore the country and its numerous places of interest. Using this article as your guide in applying for the visa, you will have access to all of Malaysia’s tourist attractions without any problems.

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