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Guide on Applying for Malaysia Residency Permit

If you are stuck applying for your Malaysia Residency Permit, this blog will guide you through the process.

Malaysia has different residency permits that allow foreigners to live, study, and work there. These permits include the Temporary Residence Permit, Permanent Residency Permit, and Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program. Each permit has its eligibility criteria, requirements, and benefits. Hence, it would be best to conduct thorough research before choosing any of them. However, without a doubt, all foreign nationals need a residency permit to stay in the country for more than three months.

In this blog post, we will discuss each type of Residency Permit for Malaysia, including the reasons to become a Malaysian permanent resident and more.

Types of Malaysia Residency Permits

The following are the types of residence permits for Malaysia.

#1. Malaysia Temporary Residency Permit

This residency permit is best for foreign workers, international students, and other foreign nationals who need to stay in Malaysia for more than 90 days.

To obtain Malaysia Temporary Residency Permit, you must apply at the Malaysian Immigration Department.

#2. Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program

This type of Malaysia residency permit authorizes foreign nationals and their family members to stay in the country for a maximum period of ten years. Undoubtedly, holders of MM2H do not have any form of movement restrictions within Malaysia.

To be eligible for Malaysia My Second Home program, you must tender proof of funds or sustenance, as indicated hereafter.

  • For applicants below 50 years old: You must hold liquid assets valued at less than $135,000 or earn a monthly income of at least $10,000 from outside Malaysia.
  • For applicants over 50 years old: You need to possess liquid assets of a minimum of $95,000 or receive a monthly pension or income of at least $3,000.

It is equally essential for persons under this category to open an account with a Malaysian bank and deposit not less than $40,000. Upon one year of operating the account, you can withdraw up to $13,000 but must always maintain a minimum account balance of $27,000.

Bear in mind that you must spend your withdrawals within Malaysia.

#3. Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit

This type of Malaysian residency permit allows its holder to stay in the country for a relatively long time.

Why obtain Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit?

There are vast benefits to being a permanent resident of Malaysia, as follows.

  • You do not need a visa to reenter, work or study in Malaysia. Moreover, you can move freely anywhere in the country.
  • Malaysian permanent residents can purchase residential properties at will.
  • Unlike Malaysian visa holders, permanent residents are not required to apply for renewal at any time.
  • Permanent residents of Malaysia are eligible to set up a business within the country.
  • Furthermore, Malaysian permanent residents can work for any employer or company without an employment visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit

Foreign nationals eligible to apply for Malaysia permanent residency visas include spouses of Malaysian nationals, investors, experts, and professionals.

Below are the conditions for getting a Malaysian PR permit under each category.

#1. Spouse of a Malaysian national

Foreigners legally married to Malaysian nationals can apply for a permanent residency permit. As such, you must have been a Malaysian resident on a valid Long Term Social Visit Pass for not less than five years.

#2. Investors

If you can afford up to $2m, you can deposit the money to a Malaysian bank account to qualify for permanent residency. However, bear in mind that you cannot withdraw from the deposit at any time within five years.

After five years, your spouse and dependent child/ren can join you in Malaysia as permanent residents.

#3. Experts Category

Foreign nationals with vast skills and qualifications can apply for Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit.

To qualify under this category, you must satisfy the following conditions.

  • You must possess a recommendation from a Malaysian authority pertinent to your occupation.
  • Having a police clearance certificate from your country of origin is equally essential.

#4. Professionals Category

Highly-skilled professional is another category of persons eligible for a Malaysian permanent residency visa.

Below are the criteria to fulfill under this category.

  • You have been a Malaysian worker for a minimum of three years in either a private entity or a government agency.
  • Besides, you must have a reference issued by a Malaysian authority relevant to your type of occupation.
  • Furthermore, you must provide a criminal record certificate from the police authorities in your country of origin.

Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit Requirements

If you seek how to become a Malaysian permanent resident, you must first prepare all of the following documents.

#1. A filled-out Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit application form (Form IMM.4)

#2. Duplicates of all pages on your passport (your travel document must be valid)

#3. Two photographs of you and another for your sponsor (passport-sized)

#4. A Marriage Decree Letter (if you want to join your spouse in Malaysia)

#5. A reference letter from a relevant Malaysian authority (applicable to professional and expert workers)

Such authorities include:-

  • Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • The Malaysian Sports Council, or the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Ministry of Health – applicable to foreign workers in the Malaysian health sector
  • Ministry of Transportation – if you are a road, sea, or air transport worker in Malaysia
  • The Central Bank for Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia)
  • Ministry of Higher Learning
  • The Securities Commission Malaysia – applicable to foreign investors
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
  • The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), or the Ministry of International Trade and Industries (MITI)
  • Ministry of Information, Communication, and Culture

#6. Proof of funds, such as your recent bank statements

#7. Duplicates of your Employment Pass (if applicable)

#8. Copies of your marriage certificate (if you are in matrimony)

#9. Duplicate copies of birth certificates (required by minors applying for Malaysia PR)

#10. A personalized cover letter

Above all, Malaysian permanent residency requirements also include having a sponsor who is a Malaysian national above 21 years old.

How to Get Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit

To become a permanent resident of Malaysia, you must undertake the steps below, one after the other.

  1. Ensure that you have a valid visa for Malaysia
  2. Confirm your eligibility and put together all required documents
  3. Visit the Immigration Department of Malaysia to apply for your permanent residency
  4. Go for an interview at the Immigration Department

Step 1: Ensure that you have a valid visa for Malaysia.

The first step in becoming a Malaysian permanent resident is to obtain a visa for entry into the country. If you are already in Malaysia, be sure to hold a valid visa before applying for your permanent residency.

Step 2: Confirm your eligibility and put together all required documents.

Next, you have to gather all the documents required for Malaysia Permanent Residency Permit applications and meet each eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Visit the Immigration Department of Malaysia to apply for your permanent residency.

At this time, you are set and can apply for your permanent residency. This requires you to visit the Malaysian Immigration Department’s head office in Putrajaya Federal Territory.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia does not accept PR permit applications via mail or the internet.

Step 4: Go for an interview at the Immigration Department.

You will also have to visit the Immigration Department at another time for an interview. Moreover, you must present yourself for a criminal record check with the Malaysian police authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get PR in Malaysia?

Yes, you can obtain a permanent residency permit in Malaysia. However, the process requires you to visit the Malaysian Immigration Department in person before anything else.

How can I get a residence permit in Malaysia?

To get any Malaysia Residency Permit, you must apply at the Immigration Department in Putrajaya Federal Territory. You can contact the office by calling 03-8000 8000 or emailing [email protected].

Is it easy to get Malaysia permanent residency permit?

Yes, it is relatively easy for foreign nationals to obtain Malaysia Permanent Residency. Permit.

How can I stay in Malaysia long-term?

To stay in Malaysia for a relatively long time, you must get a Permanent Residency (PR) permit through the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Can foreigners retire in Malaysia?

Foreign nationals can retire in Malaysia through the MM2H (My Second Home) Program. This program allows retirees from foreign countries to stay in Malaysia for up to ten years.


To sum up, getting a Malaysian Residency Permit is essential to stay in the country for an extended period. With a valid Malaysian PR permit, you have no restrictions on living in the country for the rest of your life.

Ensure not to delay exploring other blog posts on our website or reaching out to our team in case you seek further information on working, living, studying, and moving to Malaysia from any country.

Thanks for reading!

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