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Malaysia Special Pass – Application and Requirements

If you are interested in traveling to Malaysia for a short while without passing through the rigorous visa process, consider applying for a Malaysia Special Pass before leaving. The pass allows holders to stay in designated areas for certain days without obtaining a visa each time they visit.

In addition to being a travel document, MSP acts as a saver card. For instance, after entering Malaysia via a land border checkpoint or seaport, you can enjoy a visa-free stay for three months from the entry date.

Consequently, this Special Pass could be issued to you only if the Malaysia Immigration Department is convinced of the reasons for the Issuance of the Special Pass. Therefore, keep reading to know if you are eligible and discover the required documents and how to apply for the Special Pass.

About Malaysia 

Malaysia is a country located on the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. It has thirteen states and three federal territories. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur. However, Malaysia has a population of more than thirty million people and is one of the most populous countries in the world. Meanwhile, the country’s economy is powered by natural resources, including oil and gas, palm oil, timber, tin, and rubber.

What is a Malaysia Special Pass?

Malaysia Special Pass is a travel document that allows its holders to enjoy several privileges when traveling in Malaysia. The pass includes access to the country’s most popular tourist destinations—also, discounts on airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other attractions.

The Malaysian Special Pass was first introduced in 1994 by the Malaysia Government and has since become one of the most popular travel documents in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, if you are a foreigner staying in Malaysia for a certain period, you may be eligible to apply for a Malaysia Special Pass. In addition, this pass entitles the holder to enjoy various privileges. Some of them include reduced or no fees for some government services, free admission to national parks, and discounts on airfare and other tourist attractions. The pass is valid for a certain period, usually six months or one year.

Who is eligible to obtain a Malaysia Special Pass?

Malaysia Special Pass is a travel document that allows holders to enjoy discounts on various tourist attractions in Malaysia. The pass is available to citizens of 54 countries and territories, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The pass allows holders to visit popular tourist destinations such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malacca City, Genting Highlands Resort, and Cameron Highlands Resort free of charge for three days or seven days.

Types of Malaysia Special Pass

There are different types of Malaysian special passes which you can use to enjoy other parts of the country. The passes include the Golden Pass, Tiger Pass, the Hillstation Pass, and the Forest Pass.

The Golden Pass is good for visitors over the age of 65 and gives holders access to discounts on tickets and admission prices to tourist spots across Malaysia. Whereas the Tiger Pass allows tourists from India, Thailand, and Brunei to enjoy special discounts at tourist spots in Malaysia.

Requirements to apply for a Malaysia Special Visa

With the Malaysia Special Pass, you constantly need a lot of documentation. These include:

  • Photocopies of all pages on your passport.
  • You could also be requested to submit copies of previous passports (if any).
  •  A copy of your current passport.

If the applicant is a Dependents

These will be necessary:

  • Photocopy of the information page contained in the principal Pass bearer’s passport
  • Their Immigration Pass Marriage certificate (for spouses),
  • Birth certificate.
  • Birth certificate of the main Pass bearer (for dependent parents),

A reserved flight ticket within thirty days.

The flight attendant submitted one of the required documents, typed as a letter explaining why a Special Pass was necessary.

What will happen if I overstay in Malaysia?

If you stay in Malaysia past the expiration date of your Pass permit, you will remain in Malaysia past the date of your departure. However, staying in Malaysia past the Departure Period allotted to you is penalized and has the possibility of detention as well as a monetary fine. The Malaysian Immigration Department issues the punishment.

How to apply for a Malaysia Special Pass?

To get this document, the applicant must follow the steps below:

Malaysia Special Passes are a great way to get around the country quickly and easily. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Go to the Malaysian Transport Department website and find the application form for your chosen Malaysia Special Pass.
  2. Fill out and submit the application form with all requirements.
  3. Wait for a response from the Malaysian Transport Department, which should be within 2-3 weeks.

What are the application fees for a Malaysia Special Pass?

Malaysia Special Pass is a visa that allows tourists to stay in Malaysia for up to thirty days consecutively. The application fee for the Malaysia Special Pass is RM150. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as citizens of Brunei, Indonesia. Also, Singapore who are only required to pay an RM50 application fee.

What is the validity of a Malaysia Special Pass?

Malaysia has a special pass that is valid for some months. However, the purpose of the pass is to allow people to travel freely throughout the country. Also, there is no clear definition of who qualifies for the pass and what activities you can do. Nevertheless, there are also concerns about the pass’s validity, as it has been reported that some people have not obtained it.

Benefits of Malaysia Special Pass

Other benefits of this document include the following:

  1. Malaysia Special Pass provides unlimited access to over a hundred tourist attractions in Malaysia, including national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
  2. The pass is valid for three months from the date of purchase. Also, you can use it as a resident of Malaysia and a foreigner with a valid passport.
  3. The pass can also offer you a discount admission rate for some hotels and restaurants in Malaysia.
  4. The pass is available at participating outlets, including travel agencies, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, and tourist police offices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a special pass in Malaysia?

Special passes are a form of identification that allows holders to enjoy certain privileges and exemptions from specific laws and regulations. However, standard special passes include travel permits, student identification cards, medical passes, and work permits.

In addition, the most common type of special pass is the travel permit. This pass allows holders to travel anywhere within Malaysia without obtaining a visa.

What is the price of a Malaysia Special Pass?

Parents of students at certain schools in the United States are required to purchase a special pass for their children to attend school. These passes can cost anywhere from $20-$100 per year. Meanwhile, some parents buy these passes because they believe it is essential for their children to have access to a good education, regardless of financial circumstances. Others may purchase the passes simply because they enjoy receiving special treatment or discounts at their child’s school.

Can I apply for a special pass online? 

There are a few ways to get special passes online. One way is to go to the website for the attraction or event you want to visit and look for the “special events” tab. This tab will list any special passes available for that particular attraction or event. Also, you can go directly to the website for the attraction or event and look for the “special events” tab. Again, this tab will list any special passes available for that particular attraction or event.

What is a form of special pass? 

A form of a particular pass is a document issued to someone by a government, organization, or company. It allows them access ta esrestrictarea area of areas that can be either physical or electronic and come in different forms such as passports. Also, boarding passes, ID cards, and work permits. They are typically used to allow people access to areas that are off-limits to the public or that they are not authorized to be in.

Can I obtain a pass to leave Malaysia with the special pass? 

Malaysia has several different types of travel visas that allow foreigners to enter the country and stay for specific lengths of time. In addition, a special pass, specifically designed for tourists, will enable foreigners to leave the country with relative ease. However, the pass contains all the necessary documentation, such as an identification card and a visa. Also, it is essential to note that the pass is not a visa and cannot be used to work or study in Malaysia.

How do I request a special pass?

You can request Special passes on the student portal or in person. However, to request a pass in person, students should go to the front desk and ask for a special pass. When ordering a pass online, students should sign in to their MUC account and then click on the Student Services tab. From there, students can select Special Passes under Academics & Services.


In conclusion, the Malaysia Special Pass is a great way to save on your travel costs while visiting Malaysia. However, the pass is easy to apply for and has various benefits. These include free entry into some national parks and the ability to stay in designated hotels. Make sure to get your pass before you go, as they are limited and often sell out fast.

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