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Malaysia Tourist Visa – Eligibility, Requirements, and Fees

Do you want to witness a fantastic experience in Malaysia? If yes, then consider obtaining a Malaysia Tourist Visa.

Malaysia has been a favorite destination for tourists worldwide, and you will surely enjoy its beautiful sights and warm hospitality. Also, the country features a vibrant economy and a high standard of living. The first approach to these excellent features is to get a Malaysia Tourist Visa.

At this point, we will enlighten you on the reasons to visit Malaysia, the tourist attractions and beautiful sights, and the requirements and the application processes for the Malaysia Tourist Visa.

About Malaysia 

Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has over thirty million people and is the 23rd most populous country in the world. Meanwhile, the country is known for its natural resources, including oil and natural gas. However, tourism is essential to the Malaysian economy, and the country has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is a Malaysia Tourist Visa?

A Malaysian tourist visa is a visa that allows foreigners to visit Malaysia for tourism or business purposes. You can obtain this visa from any Malaysian embassy or consulate. Generally, the visa is valid for three months and must be used within that period. Foreigners who hold a valid passport from a country not included in Malaysian travel.

Categories of a Malaysia Tourist Visa

The meaning of this visa can be categorized into three:

A Single Entry Visa

You only may apply for this kind of visa to enter the country once, and you can only use it for tourist purposes. However, these visas are generally valid for a longer time and are not typically issued for tourism purposes.

A Visa Without Reference

You may not need permission from the Malaysian Immigration Department to get it. Instead, you obtain it at the Malaysian Representative Office Abroad (Embassy Consulate).

A pre-entry requirement into the country

This enables you to travel to Malaysia, but this is not a guarantee of whether you will enter Malaysia or not.

However, foreign nationals may enter Malaysia if Immigration Officers decide it’s appropriate for them. Generally, the Immigration Officer who determines whether a foreign national is fit to enter Malaysia is in charge of their entrance.

Also, if they decide that you are suited to enter, you will get a Pass (i.e., a stamp on your passport), depending on what you wish to enter. For tourism, the type of Malaysia Pass you receive is a Short-term Social Visit Pass.

Who is eligible to obtain a Malaysia Tourist Visa?

Malaysian nationality is necessary for anyone who can prove that he or she has resided in Malaysia for at least five years. Also, has been of good conduct. Also, Persons who are citizens of countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations are eligible for Malaysian citizenship.

Who will not obtain a visa to enter Malaysia

The Malaysian government has recently announced that citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter Malaysia: Brunei, Japan, Singapore, and the United States of America. However, this new ruling is effective from May 15th, 2014. These five countries were chosen because they are all part of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Also, they have a close relationship with Malaysia.

How to Apply for a Malaysia Tourist Visa

Depending on the nationality of the applicant, there are two ways through which he or she can apply for a Malaysian tourist visa:

In-person, at a Malaysia Representative Office Abroad (Embassy Consulate), or at an authorized Visa Application Center. Online, for nationals of certain countries only.

You can apply for a Malaysia tourist visa in person.

Steps for the application process

Follow the steps below:

  • Find out where to apply.
  • Download the Malaysian visa application form.
  • Collect all the necessary documents for a visa to Malaysia.
  •  Apply to the consulate.
  • Wait for processing.

#1. Find out where to apply

To find the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Consulate to you, in addition to the Visa Application Center, which can submit your application on your behalf, you will have to visit their website.

#2. Download the Malaysian visa application form. 

Next, visit the Ministry of the Interior and Immigration of Malaysia website and go to the page titled “Visa Requirements for Malaysia.” Then, download the application form and complete it electronically with your computer and Adobe Reader. Then, print two copies you need and sign both copies.

#3. Collect all the necessary documents for a visa to Malaysia. 

Every Embassy in Malaysia may have special requirements for paperwork.

Requirements for Malaysia Tourist Visa

Tourists from Malaysia need the following documents when they apply for a tourist visa:

  • Your passport, which needs to be valid for at least another six months from the time of your intended purpose to visit Malaysia, will be copied.
  • Two photographs that meet Malaysia’s visa picture guidelines. Ensure that the pictures meet the conditions for their approval, as any incorrect picture format may cause your visa to be denied.
  • A complete flight itinerary, complete with a return flight ticket.
  • Proof of reservation/availability in Malaysia, such as a hotel reservation.
  • If you have a letter of invitation from your host sponsor in Malaysia (you do have one), your hosts will have to confirm it. It marks proof of accommodation, and you are staying with them.
  • Proof of paid Malaysian visa fee is required by some Embassies Consulates, while some others will accept only bank credit card transactions.
  • You might think that a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate will suffice if you’re traveling to a country at risk of Yellow Fever or have recently been in the country for more than 12 hours.

Contact the embassy consulate and apply.

After submitting your documents, you should mail them to the Embassy of Malaysia Consulate and submit your passport. You may need to leave your passport at your consulate since your application will be approved if your visa is in place.

#4. Apply to the consulate. 

You can now apply comfortably to the Embassy or Consulate near your home at this stage. Submit your documents and attend their interview.

#5. Wait for processing

The Malaysian tourist visa processing time varies depending on the US Embassy or Canadian Embassy. However, it usually takes up to a week, on average.

Make sure you collect your passport with a valid visa before departing Malaysia.

What will happen you you arrive in Malaysia?

If you travel to Malaysia, you must first insert into border control, where Immigration Officers consider whether to issue you entry. You must provide them with the appropriate documents as follows:

  1. Your plane ticket and passport.
  2. Your return flight ticket.
  3. Present proof that you have ample funds. Your completed Arrival Departure Card, which you can get upon reaching the point of entry.
  4. Proof of adequate accommodation.
  5. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Letter of invitation from the host (if applicable).
  7. If you are allowed to enter Malaysia, you will receive a Short-Term Social Visit Pass. Every foreign national who enters Malaysia must have a Pass, regardless of whether or not they need a visa.
  8. The Pass specifies the duration of the Pass. Once you expire your Pass, you must leave.

What is a Malaysia Tourist Visa validity time?

A Malaysian tourist visa (eVisa included) is valid for up to three months and a single entry, but you are limited to staying in Malaysia for a maximum of thirty days. The immigration Officer at the Malaysian point of entry determines how long you can stay.

An entry visa is valid only for fifteen days, and you can’t apply for a new entry for three months unless there is a gap in how long your passport is valid.

Also, you cannot extend a Malaysian tourist visa for tourist visa. If you need a visa for business or government purposes, apply for a multiple entry visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best time to visit Malaysia?

The best time to visit Malaysia is typical during the dry season. There is less humidity from May to October when temperatures are comfortable. However, Malaysia also experiences a rainy season from November to April, so it’s important to check the forecast before traveling.

What is good about visiting Malaysia?

Malaysia is a beautiful country with a rich culture. There are many things to see and do in Malaysia, such as visiting ancient ruins, enjoying the beach, or experiencing the local cuisine.

Does Malaysia issue a visa on Arrival?

Malaysia does not have a visa-on-arrival system. Instead, travelers must obtain a visa in advance from an embassy or consulate.

How strong is a Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia visas are not as strong as in other visa-free countries. However, they are valid for up to six months and can be used to travel to many countries.

Can Europeans visit Malaysia without Visa?

Yes, Malaysian citizens can visit Europe without a visa. However, visitors should check the visa requirements of the country they are visiting as some countries have stricter policies than others.


In conclusion, the Malaysia tourist visa is available to nationals of 55 countries and can be obtained through several embassies or travel agencies. The visa is valid for three months and requires a passport with at least six months left before the date of travel. The application fee is $50, and there is an additional $10 charge for each page of the application form.

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