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Maldives Visa on Arrival – Application, Extension and Fees

If you crave a tropical break but are stuck at your job, it’s time to book a flight to the Maldives. The Maldives, with its silky white sand beaches and gorgeous blue waters, is the ideal spot to escape it. Obtain a Maldives visa on arrival!

Imagine going on a tour excursion to the Maldives without first registering for a visa. You only need to prepare the documents before arriving in the Maldives.

This article will provide all the needed information that you need. You will also learn the necessary documents, including the visa fee and how to extend the Maldives visa on arrival.  

Maldives and Tourism

Tourism is one of the pillars of the Maldives’ economy, and it is needless to say that visitors are drawn to the country’s natural beauty. The Maldives boasts some of the world’s best coral reefs, which provide a stunning backdrop for diving and snorkeling.

In addition, there are other activities available such as surfing, hiking, and bike riding. And if you’re looking for an exclusive island getaway, then the Maldives may be just what you’re looking for.

Maldives Visa On Arrival For All Nationals

The Maldives government issue Maldives tourist visas on arrival to Indians and all foreigners who wish to visit the Maldives for tourism. The point is that visitors who visit the Maldives for tourism do not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance. Instead, a Maldives visa was issued upon arrival. 

Meanwhile, you must meet the Maldives tourist visa requirements and prepare some documents in advance. These documents are the main requirements to obtain a Maldives visa on arrival.

Which countries can obtain Maldives Visa on Arrival?

All countries can obtain a Maldives visa on arrival for tourism for up to 30 days period of time. Therefore, everyone who wishes to visit the Maldives for tourism is entitled to this privileged. However, only Russian and Indian passport holders can stay up to 90days period in the Maldives.

How Can I Qualify for a Maldives Visa on Arrival?

We did say you can enter the Maldives without applying for a tourist visa in advance. However, you are not aware that only when you meet the visa requirements will you be eligible for a Maldives visa on arrival.

On the contrary, all foreigners who fail to meet the requirement and provide the necessary documents become ineligible for a visa on arrival.

For instance, you become eligible for a Maldives visa upon arrival when you acquire certain documents like an electronic readable passport. And also, prepare some other travel documents before arrival in the Maldives.

Prepare the required document.

The following documents are required to qualify for a Maldives visa on arrival:

  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). The passport or travel document should be valid for at least one month from the date of arrival in the Maldives.
  • Proof of hotel reservation booked in advance.
  • Proof of onward/return airline tickets.
  • Bank statements of accounts to demonstrate financial stability.
  • Proof of a valid yellow fever certificate (if required)

 Meanwhile, the Maldives visa on arrival is a tourist visa. Hence, a Maldives tourist visa is your entry pass into the Maldives. Also, you must present the immigration officers with scanned copies and original hard copies of the required documents before you are granted a permit into the country.

In addition, You will be issued a Maldives tourist visa depending on the decision of the immigration officer. And if you meet all the requirements, you will be granted entry into the country.

How much is a tourist visa on arrival?

Maldives visa on arrival is exempted from any charges by the Maldives government. However, unless you wish to extend the tourist visa for 60 days, you will have to pay Rufiyaa 750. And Rs.3045 visa extension fee for Indian nationals.

How to Extend Your Maldives Visa on Arrival

The Maldives visa on arrival is valid for 30 days. And you can extend the visa for additional 60days, which is a total of 90days. 

To extend your Maldives visa on arrival, go to the Department of Immigration in the capital city, Male and fill out the visa extension application form. You must apply at least seven days before the free-entry tourist visa expires. And pay Rufiyaa 750 for the extension fee.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I work with a Maldives tourist visa?

No, you are not allowed to work in the Maldives with a tourist visa issued on arrival, even though you can extend your stay for extra 60 days.

Suppose you plan to stay in the Maldives for more than 90 days for work or business. Then you will need to apply for a Maldives work visa or the Maldives business visa in advance. Please, contact the Maldivian Embassy or Consulate nearest you for more information on the Maldives visa on arrival extension process,  

What is the most popular food in the Maldives?

With its stunning beaches and bright blue waters, Maldives is a popular tourist destination. 

Maldivian cuisine is seafood-based and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Fish and rice are staples in the diet, and coconuts a common in many dishes.

Curries, grilled dishes, baked or fried. Seafood such as tuna, shark, and rays are popular, as well as chicken and lamb.

With its abundance of fresh seafood, it’s no wonder that the Maldives is a popular tourist destination. So next time you are planning a trip to this beautiful island nation.

What languages does the Maldives speak?

The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi. Dhivehi is a member of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. Although Dhivehi is the official language, English is also widely spoken.

Is a Maldives visa on arrival issued for all kinds of visits?

No. Foreigners who wish to visit the Maldives for tourism and stay up to 30 days are issued a Maldives visa on arrival. For this reason, the Maldives tourist visa is the only type of Maldives visa issued on arrival.


The Maldives is the perfect place to escape the daily grind, with its soft white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters.

And if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, the Maldives is the perfect destination. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on one of its many beaches or exploring its vibrant coral reefs, you will have a memorable experience.

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