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Mali Visa Requirements – Application, Types, and Documentation

Mali visa requirements entail getting different documents, depending on the purpose of your travel. Sometimes, this requirement might be generic, and sometimes, it might be specific according to your country of origin or the type of visa you are looking for. 

There is also just one way to apply for your Mali visa and get it in record time. Perhaps, you have Mali on your list of countries to visit; then, you need to know the documents you must put together and how to apply for your Mali visa. 

About Mali

Mali, a country with a population of about 21.9 million in West Africa, stretches farther north into the Sahara Desert. It is recognized as one of the wealthy African countries back in the day, with a renowned University in one of its regions called Timbuktu.

Mali suffered an invasion from the Tuareg rebels in 2012, followed by a military coup. It devastated the country and adversely affected the people and the economy. 

However, Mali has since moved on from the damages all these caused the country. 

What has kept this country going for years is agriculture. Mali is well-known for its cotton cultivation and is well known as the highest cotton exporting country in West Africa. Also, Mali produces millet, rice, tobacco, livestock, and even gold and exports them to other African countries. 

Amidst all the numerous setbacks and conflicts this country encountered, it did not get to their hearts and culture. 

The Mali tradition is quite diverse, colorful, and beautiful. Malians have a special interest in football and music. The country has gained more civilization and is trying to move past its rough history, but gender inequality is still biting hard on the back of the women of Mali.

Visiting Mali at the right time will open your eyes more to the beauty, strengths, and weaknesses facing the country.

Who needs a visa to Mali West?

Anyone from a non-visa-exempt country must apply and obtain a Mali visa before getting into mali.

All you have to do is know your Mali visa requirements and apply through the appropriate channel.

Except you’re from a visa-exempt country, you only need to hold a valid passport before traveling to Mali.

Furthermore, Mali does not operate a visa-on-arrival policy, meaning that no one travels to Mali expecting to get a visa at the port of entry.

Before you finalize your decision and begin your application, you need to check out the status of your country regarding the Mali visa policy.

Countries that can visit Mali without a visa

We’ve made a list of the countries that its Nationals can visit Mali with just their passport and include:

  • Nigeria
  • Niger
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • Mauritania
  • Sierra Leone
  • Morocco
  • Cape Verde
  • Benin
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Togo
  • Burkina Faso
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Monaco
  • Tunisia
  • Andorra
  • The Gambia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Senegal
  • Indonesia
  • Macau

If your country is not among the listed, you need a visa to Mali. Meanwhile, Syria Nationals are not permitted in Mali even if they’re transiting through the airport.

What kind of visa do I need to travel to Mali?

Mali has a tourist and a business visa, and any of those can serve your traveling purpose. 

A tourist visa is for travelers who wish to visit Mali for holidays or sightseeing. 

A business visa is for travelers on a business assignment in Mali. Their company often sends them to another company in Mali.

Mali tourist visa requirements 

Any tourist from a non-visa-exempt country to Mali will meet these requirements for their travel.

  • Two copies of the visa application form correctly filled out and signed
  • Passport validity of 6 months at least, before your travel and with at least one blank page
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proof of your yellow fever vaccination. Mali is very particularly strict on this requirement.
  • Evidence of your onward or return flight ticket
  • Evidence of enough funds to last you throughout your stay
  • Hotel reservations accommodation proof

Mali business visa requirements

Travelers that intend to do business in Mali must apply for a visa with these documents.

  • A letter from the company, written with the company letterhead, with details of the travel, and the reason for the travel
  • Two copies of the visa application form
  • The return flight tickets
  • Two recent passport-size photographs. No eyewear or headgear
  • Passport with at least one blank page and six months validity
  • Evidence of your yellow fever vaccination
  • Your company tax income document

How to apply for your visa

All visa applications follow the same procedure. However, since Mali does not have a policy for visa on arrival or e-visa policy, you can only apply through the embassy a consulate.

Visa application through the embassy

  • Reach out to the Mali embassy or consulate closest to you and set up a meeting
  • An extra documents you may get at the embassy
  • Pay for your visa fee application
  • submit all your documents to the embassy or consulate
  • Report back for your interview. Come early enough, be adequately dressed, and answer your questions smartly. 

Traveling with a minor

You need to submit more documents if you are traveling with a minor or if your minor is traveling alone. 

  • Birth certificate
  • Application form correctly filled out and signed
  • If just one parent is traveling with a minor, they must carry a letter of consent from the other parent.
  • If a minor travels alone, they need to hold their parent’s consent letter or affidavit.

Cost of Mali visa

The fee for your visa to Mali depends on your type of visa and country of origin. For example, United States Nationals who wish to travel to Mali pay about $135 for their visa, irrespective of how long they will stay.

But generally, and according to the Mali policy;

  • A single entry visa that will last for three months may cost up to $80
  • A multiple entry visa with three months duration costs you about $110
  • Again a multiple entry visa with at least six months duration will cost $200
  • Visa with a one-year duration may cost $370

How long does it take to process a Mali visa?

Visas to Mali can take up to ten days for the embassy to review your document, process the visa, and give you feedback.

However, if your documents are incomplete, you may not get your visa on time. In addition, the embassy may require extra documents from you if the need arises.

Travelers with pets

Travelers who want to visit Mali with their pets are required to follow these guidelines.

  • You need to show the rabies vaccine certificate if it’s a dog.
  • You will need a certificate for other animals to prove that they are free from sickness and infectious diseases. This certificate has to be not less than three days old from the day of your travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vaccine does Mali require from visitors?

The yellow fever vaccine is a must for anyone that wants to visit Mali. 

Aside from that, visitors must present meningitis, polio, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and shingles Vaccines.

So what should I consider as a visitor to Mali?

  • You need to dress according to Malian rules. Since the country is more Muslim faithful, you must come with clothes that are less revealing and covered up.
  • Mind how you smoke or drink in the country because citizens frown on such activities.
  • Again, be willing to ask questions, so you don’t break the law in ignorance.
  • Always stay safe and out of trouble.
  • Be careful over your belongings and your surroundings, and avoid late-night movement.

Can I apply for Mali electronic visa?

Currently, Mali does not offer electronic travel authorization. Therefore, you need to apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate closest to you in your country of origin.

What Natural Resources does Mali have?

Mali’s primary natural resource is gold. They are among the biggest gold producer in the whole of Africa. Moreover, they are the third largest country that mines and export gold in Africa.

Can I apply for a Mali visa from Nigeria?

Nigeria is among the visa-exempt countries to Mali. So, nationals of this country do not need to apply for a visa to visit Mali.

Nigerians only need a valid passport, flight ticket, and a yellow visa certificate. And then they are good to visit Mali.

Is Mali cheap to visit?

Firstly, it depends on where you’re coming from. But Mali is relatively cheap to visit. You do not need to spend much in the country because nothing is costly there.

What currency does Mali use?

The country makes use of west African CFA Frank. However, you can change your dollars or pounds at the airport, the banks, and all railway stations in Mali.


In summary, gathering the correct Mali visa requirements is not as demanding a task as other countries make theirs look. All you have to do is, make sure the documents are authentic before you begin your application. This way, you will have it all smooth and stress-free.

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