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Malian Embassy in Canada – Popular Consular Services

Based on research, the Malian Embassy in Canada is working towards promoting stronger bilateral ties between Mali and Canada, particularly in the areas of investment, education, technological transfer, international cooperation, etc.

However, you may find it difficult to locate the addresses, contact details, as well as some other vital information on the Malian Embassy in Canada.

That is why we have provided information about the Malian Embassy in Canada and the Canadian Consular in Mali.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission generally located in the capital city of another country, which offers a full range of services, including consular services.

In addition, an embassy is responsible for representing the home country, for handling major diplomatic issues (such as negotiations), and for preserving the rights of its citizens abroad.

Malian Embassies have bilateral missions abroad. Malian Embassy in Canada promotes foreign interests abroad and play important role in trade development, cultural affairs, and local contacts with the press.

In addition, the activities of all Malian embassies are coordinated from their Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

An Embassy is a permanent foreign diplomatic mission, which is usually located in a foreign country’s capital city.

The ambassador is the highest official in a Malian embassy and acts as the spokesperson and chief diplomat for the home government.

Nevertheless, Malian Ambassadors are usually appointed by the highest level of the Malian government.

About Mali

Mali officially the Republic of Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. Mali is the eighth-largest country in Africa, with an area of over 1,240,000 square kilometers (480,000 sq mi).

The population of Mali is 19.1 million. 67% of its population was estimated to be under the age of 25 in 2017.

The capital and largest city is Bamako. The sovereign state of Mali consists of eight regions and its borders on the north reach deep into the middle of the Sahara Desert.

The country’s southern part is in the Sudanian savanna, where the majority of inhabitants live, and both the Niger and Senegal rivers pass through.

The country’s economy centers on agriculture and mining. One of Mali’s most prominent natural resources is gold, and the country is the third-largest producer of gold on the African continent. It also exports salt.

Mali is a multilingual country where French is the official language of the nation. They have 13 indigenous languages where Bambara language is widely spoken.

Popular consular services provided by Malian Embassy in Canada

The Malian embassy in Canada provides the following consular services.

1. Entry visa to Malians

The Malian embassy in Canada can help you to obtain a Malian visa from Canada. However, you have to meet the minimum requirements as well as the eligibility criteria.

In addition to that, you must fill the application form correctly. You must as well pay the application fee.

Generally, the embassy serves candidates in Ontario, the Outaouais, and the provinces located there.

2. Passport

Among the services that the Malian embassy in Canada provides to Malian citizens in Canada is to process their application for passports.

All applicants must come in person to submit their applications. This will allow the workers at the embassy to collect identical photographs and biometrics of the applicant.

Documents for application of passport

You must provide the following documents whenever you are submitting your application for a passport to the Malian embassy in Canada. They include:

  • The consular card
  • The birth certificate
  • Extract of marriage certificate
  • The biometric passport application form duly filled
  • 2 recent and identical biometric identity photos. Size: 35mm wide by 45mm high.
  • Proof of stay in Canada permanent residence card, confirmation
  • Proof of address
  • Paternal or guardianship authorization for minor children
  • Chancery fees: CAN $ 100.

3. National service

The Malian embassy in Canada also provides updates and information for you concerning the National service.

4. Birth Certificate

Malian citizens in Canada can obtain their special birth certificates through the Malian embassy in Canada. However, first of all, the applicant must submit a request online.

Then, once the request has been entered, the following process must be followed carefully.

Step 1: Obtaining the access code using the provided website. On the website, you must enter the last name, first name, and email address. Then, wait until you receive the access code on your e-mail.

Step 2: Request for the birth certificate by filling in the spaces relating to the requested information.

Therefore, you must also enter your last name, first name, and e-mail address. Then, click on save.

Step 3: Monitor the changes in demand. You have to follow the process and see what level of processing is given to you by us

Step 4: Delivery of the birth certificate. Once edited in Mali and sent to the embassy, ​​your birth certificate will be given to you at the consular service.

Addresses of Malian Embassy in Canada

Embassy of Mali in Ottawa, Canada

Embassy Address:
50 Avenue Goulburn
Ottawa ON K1N 8C8

(613) 232-1501, (613) 232-7762

(613) 232-7429

[email protected]

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Office website

Besides the Embassy of Mali in Ottawa, Canada Mali also has other representations in the following cities of Canada:

  • Calgary (Honorary consul)
  • Montreal (Honorary consul)
  • Toronto
  • Quebec

Honorary Consulate of Mali in Calgary, Alberta

Honorary Consulate of Mali in Calgary, Alberta located at 83 Edenstone View NW.

83 Edenstone View NW
Calgary AB T3A 4T4

(403) 239-0763

(403) 239-0763


Office Hours:
Please call the Honorary Consulate of Mali in Calgary, Alberta at (403) 239-0763 to find out current hours of operation and other details.

Mali Consulate in Montreal

505 Rene Levesque West Blvd., Bureau 1502. Montreal, Canada, QC H3B 4N4

For general issues:
[email protected]

For general issues:

Mali Consulate in Quebec

14 Jardins de Merici, Suite 1009. Quebec, Canada, QC G1S 4Z6

For general issues:
[email protected]

For general issues:

Mali Consulate in Toronto

519 Spadina Road Toronto, Canada, ON M5P 2W6

For general issues:
[email protected]

For general issues:

Mali Consulate in Fredericton

541 Charlotte Street Fredericton, Canada, NB E3B 1M1

For general issues:
[email protected]

For general issues:

Mali Honorary Consulate in Richmond

9115 Jaskow G.T.Richmond, Canada, BC V7E 5H6

For general issues:

Paraguayan Embassy in Canada

Address of Canadian consular in Mali

In case you visit Mali from Canada and you want to locate the Canadian consular in Mali, the address and contact details are here for you.

Bamako – Embassy of Canada

Street Address:
Immeuble Séméga, Route de Koulikoro, Commune II, Bamako, Mali

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 198, Bamako, Mali

+223 44 98 04 50Fax+223 44 98 04 55

Email: [email protected]


Passport Services Available

Embassy of Canada to Mali


How to Apply for Passport at Malian Embassy in Canada

Truly speaking, a passport serves as a travel document that is issued to a Malian citizen for traveling purposes.

You can apply for a Malian passport online if your passport is going out of pages, your passport is expiring in about nine months, your passport expired, you are applying for a passport for the first time, or your passport is damaged or lost.

However, you will need to come personally to the Malian Embassy in Canada to validate some of your documents, such as your birth certificate, and some other means of identification

Certainly, you will need a digital, passport-sized, color photograph that is taken within the last 3 months. Failure to abide by these will lead to a delay in your application

However, for a lost or damaged passport, you will pay $50 for the first replacement and $100 for subsequent replacement.

To pay online, you can use Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card, or Internet direct debit (DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB.

These are the simple steps to apply for a passport at a Malian Embassy in Canada

  • Firstly, You will fill the application form
  • Secondly, provide Evidence of Malian Citizenship
  • Thirdly, present your means of identification i.e ID
  • Then, provide a Photo
  • After which you Calculate your fees
  • Lastly, submit Your Completed Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Mali embassy in Canada?

Of course, yes. Mali has an embassy located in Ottawa, ON, which is the capital city of Canada.

Does the Malian embassy in Canada open on public holidays?

No, the Malian embassy in Ottawa is usually closed on public holidays for both Malian and Canadian citizens.

What do I need to apply for a visa at the Malian embassy in Canada?

  • Valid means of identification
  • Photograph with white background
  • Confirmation of assets
  • Proof of accommodation booking or evidence that you have a family member or friend to stay within Mali
  • Round-trip flight ticket to Mali
  • Credit or debit card for online payment of processing fee


In conclusion, the Malian embassy in Canada is dedicated to assisting Malian citizens in Canada. And have been dedicated to it for years.

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