Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Procedures To Apply

Get the information you need on applying for the Manitoba Business Investor Stream.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream (BIS) is a collection of immigration streams introduced in 2015 and run by the Manitoba province. The Business Investor Stream includes two immigration streams which target foreign individuals with business experience seeking to invest significant amounts of money in the establishment of new business development in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business investors and entrepreneurs internationally that want to start up a business or a farm in Manitoba.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream Immigration Pathways

Manitoba Business Investor Stream encompasses two immigration streams or pathways. which include:

#1. The Entrepreneur Stream

The MBIS Entrepreneur stream was previously called the Manitoba Business Stream or the MPNP-B. The target audience for this stream is investors who intend to open a business in Manitoba.

#2. The Farm Investor Stream

The Farm Investor Stream used to be known as the Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative. It is aimed at experienced farm owners who desire to establish a farm enterprise in rural Manitoba.

Eligibility for Manitoba Business Investor Stream

Interested individuals or investors can apply for the Manitoba Business Investor Stream through these two major pathways: The Farm Investor Pathway and the Entrepreneur Pathway. To qualify for any of the two pathways, you must also be qualified to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

Your eligibility will depend on several factors, which include age, language proficiency, working experience, net worth, and additional factors such as their spouse’s language proficiency or existing ties to the province.

From these factors, investor candidates will be ranked on a point-based system that will determine their qualification for the program.

How to Apply for the Manitoba Business Investor Stream

All application forms are to be completed and submitted online through the application portal. That is, the MPNP does not accept paper applications.

Below are the procedures on how to apply for the Manitoba Business Investor Stream:

Manitoba BIS: Entrepreneur Pathway Application Process

Step 1: Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Self-Assessment

First of all, potential applicants must check if they meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the Entrepreneur Pathway. Then, they will complete a self-assessment form. The applicants can obtain a maximum of 150 points based on their profile.

The Manitoba self-assessment awards points based on the following criteria:

Open table to view the criteria
Factors Maximum points Requirement for Maximum Points
Age 10 36 to 45
Education 10 Doctoral degree (PhD)
Business experience 30 11 or more years as a business owner
Official language proficiency 25 CLB/NCLC 8 or higher
Investment factor: 50  
Net worth 10 Above $3 million
Business investment 15 $900,000 or above
Economic priorities 5
Business research visit to Manitoba 20  Completed an extended business research visit for at least 10 consecutive days or longer
Adaptability factors: 25  
Has a spouse with CLB/NCLC 5 or above in Canada’s first or second official language


Has a close relative currently living in Manitoba who is also a citizen or permanent Canadian resident for more than a year 5  
Has a child studying full-time in an accredited Manitoba educational institution at least 6 months before the date of submission of EOI


Has a spouse who has completed a year of full-time study at a Manitoba institution of higher education. The applicant’s spouse must have done so after attaining the age of 18 and possessing a valid study permit.



Has a spouse who has worked in Manitoba for at least 6 months on a continuous full-time basis. 5  

Step 2: Explore Manitoba

Following the self-assessment, potential applicants are required to explore Manitoba and research interesting business opportunities. They are also to complete a business concept form that outlines business opportunities and research efforts.

Step 3: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Prospective applicants must submit the following forms to the MPNP

  • Self-Assessment Form
  • Business Concept Form
  • Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives (if you are using a representative)

The MPNP will respond to these submissions by email and candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements will not have their business concept reviewed.

Step 4: Submit an Application to the MPNP

All candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the Manitoba BIS will receive an official Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). Candidates must comply strictly with application instructions and supply all the required documents which include verification of net worth and source of funds. Applicants have 120 days to submit a complete electronic application including a non-refundable application processing fee of CAD 2,500.

Step 5: Application Assessment

Once the MPNP approves an application, the applicant will be required to sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) before receiving a Letter of Support from the MPNP. The Letter of Support will enable the candidate to obtain a work permit in Canada.

Step 6: Operate a Business in Manitoba

With this work permit, the entrepreneur can now start and operate a business in Manitoba. They will provide regular updates on the business performance and can consult with the Business Consulting unit (BCU) for assistance and guidance on establishing the business successfully.

Step 7: Receive an MPNP Nomination

An applicant who has fulfilled the terms and conditions listed in their BPA will receive a certificate of nomination from the MPNP. The applicant can then apply to the Canadian Government for permanent resident status.

Manitoba BIS: Farm Investor Pathway Application Process

Step 1: Explore and Research Farm Business in Manitoba

After checking the Farm Investor Pathway eligibility criteria to determine your eligibility status, potential applicants can begin their application process by conducting a farm research visit to Manitoba. This step is mandatory and must be completed at most a year before the submission of application forms to the MPNP.

Step 2: Completion of Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept Forms

The interest guidelines form is similar to the EOI for the entrepreneur application. This form requires applicants to provide details about their profile such as education, language proficiency, farm business experience, adaptability, and net worth.

Step 3: Submission of Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept Forms to the MPNP

Submission of these forms does not represent an application to the MPNP. Only candidates whose forms are approved and receive an LAA are eligible to submit an application to the MPNP. And like the entrepreneur application, any applicant who does not meet the minimum eligibility criteria for this pathway will not have their business concept reviewed.

Step 4: Submission of Application to the MPNP

Upon receipt of an LAA, the candidates must submit a complete Farm Investor Pathway Application within 120 days. The applicants are to complete their application in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the LAA together with the non-refundable application fee.

Step 5: Assessment of the Application

The Manitoba BIS application assessment process may include an interview with an MPNP representative. If the application is approved, the candidate receives a letter of approval which will contain the Deposit Agreement. The applicant is required to sign the deposit Agreement and deposit a refundable sum of CAD 75,000 with the MPNP.

Step 6: Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

When the MPNP receives an applicant’s Deposit Agreement, a certificate of nomination is issued and the investor will be able to apply to IRCC for permanent residency in Canada.

Step 7: Establish a Farm Business in Manitoba

Once the application for permanent residency is approved, the investor can now start and operate a farm in Manitoba. They will provide regular updates on the business performance and can consult with the BCU for assistance, guidance on establishing the business successfully. The MPNP after verifying the farm business investment will return the CAD 75,000 deposit to the applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Manitoba Business Investor Stream Introduced?

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream was introduced in 2015. It was under the Manitoba section of many other provincial nominee programs introduced in Canada.

How many points do I need at Minimum for Manitoba BIS?

For the assessment worksheet, you need a minimum of 60 points to qualify. The maximum number of points obtainable is 150.

Are there similar programmes to the Manitoba Business Investor Stream?

Yes. There are programmes similar to the Manitoba BIS in Yukon, British ColumbiaSaskatchewanNova ScotiaNew BrunswickAlbertaNewfoundland and LabradorOntario, Northwest Territories, and Prince Edward Island.


In conclusion, the Manitoba Business Nominee Programme is a great initiative by the Canadian government to aid working-class immigrants. We hope this article has given you an insight on how to apply for the programme. Do share it to your friends who might need it as well.