Manitoba Invited 602 Candidates in the Latest MPNP Draw

Manitoba invited 602 candidates in the most recent draw held on September 2nd.

The most recent draw of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, saw 602 Letters of Advice to Apply granted to skilled workers and overseas graduates.

LAAs were distributed through three MPNP streams on September 2nd.

In Manitoba, skilled workers received 463 LAAs, with the lowest-ranked candidates receiving 445 points.

With a minimum score of 698, the remaining 84 LAAs were awarded to Skilled Workers Overseas candidates through a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

101 of the 602 individuals possessed legitimate Express Entry IDs and job seeker validation codes, according to Manitoba.

In the MPNP’s 125-year history, this was the 125th draw.

What Were the Details of the Manitoba Draw 2021?

See Table Below
Skilled Workers International Education Stream Skilled Workers Overseas
August 12, 2021 ITA: 238
CRS: 454
ITA: 31 ITA: 6
CRS: 719
July 29, 2021 ITA: 285
CRS: 400
ITA: 43 ITA: 47
CRS: 708
July 27, 2021 ITA: 1,140
CRS: 557
July 9, 2021 ITA: 201
CRS: 445
ITA: 23 ITA: 53
CRS: 705
June 28, 2021 ITA: 1,017
CRS: 565
June 17, 2021 ITA: 95
CRS: 430
ITA: 22 ITA: 24
CRS: 703
June 7, 2021 ITA: 95
CRS: 375
ITA: 22 ITA: 25
CRS: 708
May 27, 2021 ITA: 404
CRS: 601
May 25, 2021 ITA: 166
CRS: 415
ITA: 20 ITA: 46
CRS: 703
May 7, 2021 ITA: 108
CRS: 400
ITA: 13 ITA: 29
CRS: 703
April 26, 2021 ITA: 301
CRS: 440
ITA: 55 ITA: 11
CRS: 721
April 19, 2021 ITA: 30
CRS: 703
April 8, 2021 ITA: 208
CRS: 456
ITA: 21 ITA: 14
CRS: 708
March 25, 2021 ITA: 285
CRS: 423
ITA: 41 ITA: 9
CRS: 711
March 11, 2021 ITA: 261
CRS: 459
ITA: 35 ITA: 3
CRS: 728
February 26, 2021 ITA: 158
CRS: 457
ITA: 28 ITA: 21
CRS: 698
February 12, 2021 ITA: 240
CRS: 514
ITA: 33 ITA: 23
CRS: 676
January 28, 2021 ITA: 178
CRS: 518
ITA: 23 ITA: 17
CRS: 681
January 14, 2021 ITA: 236
CRS: 461
ITA: 29 ITA: 7
CRS: 722

How Do I Apply For The Skilled Worker Stream in Manitoba?

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM) is centered on Manitoba employers’ specific needs.

SWM chooses foreign-trained workers who have the necessary skills or abilities and nominates them for permanent residency in Canada.

The stream prioritizes candidates with a strong attachment to the province, with two pathways to Manitoba immigration.

(a) Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

For candidates currently working in Manitoba on temporary work permits, as international graduates, or through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program from any province.

Candidates are not required to be working in In-Demand Occupations.

(b) Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

For internet applicants with job offers from approved Manitoba employers.

How Do I Qualify For The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream?

The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream comprises both a dedicated Canada Express Entry Pathway and a direct provincial pathway.

It’s aimed at foreign skilled workers with experience and training in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations.

Applicants and spouses with close family ties are given priority, as well as those who have the necessary language skills, training, and experience to obtain work promptly.

(a) Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

For international candidates that meet Express Entry criteria and have an active Express Entry profile and are eligible under another MPNP stream.

Candidates must have experience, training, and skills in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations, as well as strong family ties to the province.

(b) Human Capital Pathway

International skilled workers with experience, training, and skills in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must show that they have the ability to obtain work as soon as they arrive in Manitoba.

What Are The Requirements For the International Education Stream?

International graduates from Manitoba colleges and universities are eligible for the International Education Stream (IES).

Candidates are no longer required to work in their field for six months before filing for an MPNP nomination under IES. It has three pathways:

1) Career Employment Pathway

Eligibility requirements include:

Completed a one-year or longer course from an eligible post-secondary Manitoba institution within three years of submitting the application.

Have a full-time job offer in a Manitoba In-Demand occupation that is relevant to your degree.

A resident of Manitoba.

2) Graduate Internship Pathway

Even if they do not have a job offer in the province, Masters and Doctoral degree holders who have completed Mitacs Accelerate or Elevate internships can apply for nomination through internships.

3) Student Entrepreneur Pathway

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Completed a two-year or longer course at a Manitoba post-secondary school that is government approved.
  • Six months of business operation experience in Manitoba province.
  • Must be a resident of Manitoba since graduation.
  • No specific minimum personal net worths requirement.

Some of the Most Important Things You Should Be Prepared For

Note: Candidates invited under the Express System sub-category who do not have a valid Express entry ID, a valid job seeker validation code, and evincible experience in an occupation included on Manitoba’s in-demand occupation list will be rejected.

Candidates’ expressions of interest are not considered by the Manitoba government unless they were invited directly by the MPNP under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

It’s possible that your score is greater than the lowest-scoring candidate, but you haven’t obtained the letter of recommendation to apply (LAA).

It could be related to a variety of circumstances, including:

1. You did not provide a valid test number in your EOI, or your test may have expired.

2. You obtained LAA to apply for the MPNP as part of the strategic initiative, but you failed to give the authorities with the valid invitation number.


What is the minimum score for manitoba PNP?

The minimal Manitoba PNP score varies depending on whatever category of Manitoba immigration you are seeking for.

The following is the score range for the various MPNP categories as of the most recent Manitoba PNP drawings 2021:

According to the most recent trends observed in Manitoba PNP drawings held in the year 2021.

Is Job offer required for manitoba PNP?

Yes, the MPNP International Students Stream and the MPNP Employer Direct Stream are the two major streams that require a full-time job offer from a Manitoba employer.

So, if you want to go to Manitoba, you’ll need to arrange for a genuine work offer in one of these Manitoba PNP streams.

How long does Manitoba PNP takes?

The length of time it takes to process a Manitoba PNP application is mostly determined by the documents submitted and the accuracy of the information provided.

If all of the documents are accurate and authentic, the MPNP application should be processed in less than four months on average.

It is recommended that the documents remain genuine and that any falsification or disinformation be avoided.

The Manitoba PNP takes around a year to complete the Canada PR process.

Funds requirements to apply manitoba PNP?

The availability of enough finances is an essential and critical criteria for the Manitoba PNP to show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself and your family.

You must have a minimum of CAD $ 10,000 for yourself, plus CAD $ 2,000 for your spouse and each dependent kid traveling with you (primary applicant).

IELTS requirements for manitoba PNP?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a requirement for foreign skilled workers and professionals to easily migrate to Manitoba.

To apply for the Manitoba PNP 2021, you must have an IELTS score of at least 4 bands on IELTS (General), and if you want priority treatment for your MPNP application, you must have a score of 5 or more than 5 bands.

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