Manitoba Support – How To Bring Your Friend to Canada

Are you looking to bring your close friend to Canada? Yes! You can achieve your dream of bringing your bosom friend to Canada through the Manitoba support program.

Canada is a beautiful country anyone would like to visit or live in. The friendly nature of immigration policies and programs, a buoyant economy, quality standard of living, and high-wage jobs, among others, make the country a top destination for immigrants.

One of the ways to bring your close friend to Canada is through the Manitoba support program.

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident based in Manitoba, you can sponsor your friend when you stand as a Manitoba Supporter.

A Manitoba Supporter is an established resident or Canadian citizen of the province who is a friend or distant relative of the applicant and is willing and able to review and sponsor the applicant’s plan for settling and finding a job in Manitoba.

What is the Manitoba Support Program?

The Manitoba Support Program is a branching program from the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

MPNP seeks to bring recent graduates, workers, business-oriented persons, and their families to settle in Manitoba, Canada, as permanent residents.

Although each province in Canada has a Provincial Nominee Program, their processes are unique. Manitoba stands out from others because it allows people who are already residents in the country to support their family and friends to also immigrate to Canada.

This provision is made available under the Manitoba Support Program. The Manitoba Support Program is a structure that allows foreigners to immigrate to Canada through the support of their families or friends.

Family relations that can be sponsored to immigrate to Manitoba are not limited to immediate family members but include uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins, parents, and grandparents.

Understand that you are not required to sponsor the travel expenses of your friends or relations under this program. You are only meant to support and help hasten their immigration process.

Why the Manitoba Support Program?

The government of the province of Manitoba seeks to populate the province with skilled and productive persons who will be willing to reside in the province permanently.

One of the ways to achieve this is to make those already permanent residents in the province invite and support their friends and relatives to immigrate to Manitoba.

Once in Canada, such persons will be willing to reside permanently in the province and not desire to move to more urban areas since they already have support and relationship ties.

Who is Eligible to Immigrate to Canada as your Friend?

It is imperative to check if your friend willing to come to Canada is eligible to do so through the Manitoba Support Program.

The following people cannot apply to come to Canada through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and hence cannot apply to the Manitoba Support Program:

  • Refugees/refugee claimants
  • Temporary workers currently working in any province in Canada
  • Spouses of Canadian citizens or residents
  • Those who have been denied by the program in the last six months and have not been able to address the reason(s) for their denial.
  • Those who have actively applied for immigration to Canada through any other provincial or federal immigration program. (This does not include an Express Entry profile)

Requirements for Bringing your Friend to Canada through the Manitoba Support Program

An applicant to the Manitoba Supporter Program, that is, the friend or family member who wishes to immigrate to Canada, must:

  • Have family or friends living in Canada that are willing to render them support.
  • Have work experience or some level of education in the province (Manitoba).
  • Prove they are qualified to work and establish themselves quickly enough in the province.
  • Provide proof of enough funds to successfully sustain themselves during their first few days in Manitoba and until they get employed.

At least C$12,669 is required of an applicant to prove sustainability. The amount is expected to increase if the applicant has dependents.

A Manitoba Supporter must be the applicant’s close relative/distant relative or close friend and must be: able to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the province
  • Must have been residing in Manitoba for at least a year and be able to provide documents to prove so.
  • Must have steady employment (with proof) that will make them capable of sponsoring the applicant’s Settlement Plan and first few days in Canada.
  • Able to show sufficient proof of close ties to the applicant and Manitoba
  • Able to show that any applicants they previously sponsored were successfully able to migrate to Manitoba and establish themselves.
  • Must not have any other person sponsored by their household. A household based in Manitoba can only sponsor one relative or friend at a time.

For close relatives, both the applicant and the supporter must provide sufficient documents to show or verify their familial relationship.

Close relatives can support the application of more than one foreign skilled worker at a time, provided they sufficiently demonstrate their ability to do so.

For friends and distant relatives, their household must not be currently supporting the settlement of another Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) applicant, Express Entry nominee, or a person under another Canadian immigration program.

Finally, the Manitoba supporter cannot be, and the MPNP will not accept any Settlement Plan Part 2 signed by:

  • a paid immigration representative or lawyer
  • anyone who is not a demonstrated friend or relative of the applicant
  • a Canadian elected official or their staff

As a Manitoba supporter, you are only a connection for your friend to immigrate to the province.

The MPNP applicant must be able to acquire sufficient points for age, language, education, employability, and adaptability as contained in the MPNP Self-assessment Worksheet, or they will not be qualified for immigration.

Processes Involved in Bringing your Friend to Canada

Your friend who wishes to immigrate to Canada through your support should follow these processes:

Step 1: Expression of Interest

This is the first step to immigrating to Canada through the Manitoba Support Program. Interested applicants must submit a profile containing personal information about them.

The information provided by all interested applicants will be used to make a ranking similar to that of the Express Entry System using an assessment sheet.

Candidates ranked highest will receive a Letter of Advice to begin the full application process.

Each profile submitted remains active for a year. Interested applicants can choose to resubmit their profile only when they do not receive a Letter of Advice to Apply a year after the first profile was submitted.

Step 2: Applying for the Provincial Nominee Program

Once your friend receives a Letter of Advice to Apply, they can begin the application process for the support program under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The applicant should make all necessary documents required as proof available and await a nomination from the province.

Step 3: Submitting an Application for Permanent Residency

A successful application means you will receive a nomination for immigration from the province of Manitoba.

Once you receive this, you can begin applying for your permanent residency.

This also demands specific eligibility requirements and maybe a stretchy process, taking about 28 months to complete.

Applying for PR through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program allows the applicant to include their immediate family (spouse and children) so they can all become permanent residents in Manitoba.

Children are considered to be dependent on a PR applicant when:

  • They are below 22 years of age
  • They do not have a spouse or common-law partner

Children who are 22 years and above will only qualify as dependants if:

  • They cannot emotionally and financially support themselves due to physical or mental conditions, and they have depended on their parents for support since the age of 22.


FAQs About Manitoba Support Program

Q. What is the Minimum Assessment Score for Manitoba PNP?

Ans. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program eligibility score is at least 60 points out of 100, which must include issues from the assessment’s Factor 5 (Adaptability Section).

Q. What are the Factors used in Calculating PNP Points in Manitoba?

Ans. Language proficiency, Age, Work experience, Education, and Adaptability to Manitoba.

Q. How Many Friends or Relatives can I sponsor to Manitoba per Time?

Ans. You and your household can only sponsor one friend or relative per time to Manitoba through the Manitoba Support Program.

You will have to wait for the friend or relative’s nomination to be successful before sponsoring someone else.

Q. Can Refugees Immigrate to Canada through the Manitoba Support Program?

Ans. No. Refugees cannot immigrate to Canada through the Manitoba Support Program or any other option under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Q. Will my Fiancé or Fiancée be Considered a Dependant during my PR Application?

Ans. No. Only legally married spouses are considered dependants while applying for permanent residency in Canada.