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Master’s Programs For Engineering Leaders At Duke University

Duke University is presenting forward-looking Master’s Programs For Engineering Leaders. Duke University Pratt School of Engineering is offering distinctive master’s options that prepare engineering students to become future innovators as well as leaders in cutting-edge fields, shaping the work sectors of tomorrow. The institution is a leading engineering school that is set in one of the world’s top research universities located in Durham, North Carolina.

Master’s Programs For Engineering Leaders At Duke University

Duke University generally appeals to international students as a result of its globally respected faculty, highly entrepreneurial culture, and low cost of living in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Region – home to 250+tech companies. The area’s top-ranked quality of life is complemented by a welcoming campus community, including a Graduate Communications and Intercultural Program and career services and professional development support specially tailored for master’s students in engineering.

You can choose to pursue to-quality traditional engineering disciplines for for your upcoming master’s course, or go for a future-focused degree. This is created especially for contemporary career fields that will shape the next few decades of work. Featured below are several of these new Duke Engineering programs

Master of Engineering in Financial Technology (FinTech)

It is important to know that the FinTech Master’s program at Duke University is one of only a handful in the world based in an engineering school. Because of high market demands, graduates with a combination of technical and financial financial-industry knowledge are on the rise. As a result of this, a financial technology course that equips students with the necessary foundations of engineering is the perfect mix.

According to Jimmie Lenz, Duke FinTech Academic Director states that,“Technologies like blockchain as well as machine learning are driving advances across the financial sector. With outstanding faculty from engineering, law, economics and business, the Duke Master’s program in FinTech is helping to develop professionals with the technical, financial and management skills needed to move this next generation of financial innovation.”

By choosing this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn programming and software engineering which is tailored to FinTech, you will understand the key technological advances that are reshaping traditional and non-traditional financial firms, and also obtain hands-on experience through a capstone project and internship.

You will also be opportune to learn from a faculty with decades of real-world financial market and FinTech experience, this include experts from the Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, the Department of Economics, Law School and Fuqua School of Business. If you wish to discover existing and emerging technologies in the financial workplace, this could be the course for you.

Entrepreneurship & Founders Track in Duke’s Master of Engineering Management Program

The Entrepreneurship and Founders Track in Duke’s Master of Engineering Program which is steered by successful tech entrepreneurs will teach you how to identify problems, how to develop conceptual solutions, build prototypes as well as develop a start-up strategy.

Supported by engaging coursework and faculty members who are company founders, this hands-on program enables you to tackle the business fundamentals of marketing, management, finance and intellectual property/business law. The knowledge acquired will be of great benefit to you in terms of technical electives and such knowledge will strengthen your ability to innovate within an established company or in your own venture.

In addition, this program takes entrepreneurial mindsets totally to a new level by offering selected graduates the opportunity to earn a Founder Fellowship and US$5,000 operating capital to assist them in launching their ventures!

Data Analytics & Machine Learning Master’s Programs

Duke University is the 6th university in United States and 8th worldwide for leading AI/machine leaning research. The institution and its committed engineering school certainly know what the future holds.

With six degree options that fall under the Data & Machine Learning Master’s programs, students can now focus on applying data-driven machine learning approaches to the field and career that interests them.

These six options include both business-focused and research & development-oriented programs in Electrical & Computer Engineering, a degree focused on machine learning in Engineering Management, and data analytics concentrations tailored to Civil & Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Risk & Resilience Engineering.

“The fundamental software skills and advanced machine learning techniques I learned at Duke are essential for my current job, especially when I’m doing work related to building ML models,” Duke graduate and Google Software Engineer Wanxin Yuan explains.

No matter what degree you choose to pursue, Duke Engineering offers both expert-led, future-focused courses and real-world experiential learning opportunities to transform learners into leaders.


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