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Meeting Your Future Husband Before Marriage In Canada

Canada offers an extremely high quality of life which lures many foreign partners in marital relationships with Canadian citizens. If you wish to meet your future husband in Canada before making your final decision, you will most likely come to Canada on a Temporary Resident Visa.

You may not need to have a visa if residents from your country of origin are not required to have a visa upon entering Canada. You can get more of this information through Citizenship and Immigration Canada or through the Consulate or Canadian Embassy in your home country.

So if you are looking at meeting your future husband before marriage in Canada or looking at getting married in Canada on a temporary resident visa, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You need to apply for the Temporary Resident Visa in your country of origin. Details on how to apply for the visa, and the application forms, can be found on the CIC website or at the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your home country. You will have to meet all of the screening eligibility requirements.

The moment you are in Canada, if you plan to stay longer than the authorized date of your visa, you will have to extend your Temporary visa. This has to be done at least 30 days before your visa expires. In order to do this, you will need to provide the following:

  • Information about why you want to stay longer
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of current status in Canada
  • Proof of how you will support yourself in Canada
  • Evidence that you can pay for transportation to leave Canada

You can obtain the forms required to apply for an extension from Citizenship and Immigration Canada online platform. If your application for extension is granted, immigration documents will be issued to you via mail.

If you allow your visa to expire, you can no longer apply for a visa extension. Instead, you will apply for a restoration of your temporary resident status. This means that you have to leave Canada and then apply for another visa before you can return to Canada. But, this application may or may not be granted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If during your visit, you and your husband-to-be got married in Canada, he could start the sponsorship process for you to obtain your permanent resident status and you can remain in Canada while you wait for the sponsorship application to be processed.

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