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Mexico Student Visa – Application, Requirements, and Funding

Do you look forward to studying in any of the outstanding institutions in Mexico? If yes, then you may consider obtaining a Mexico student visa.

The Mexican student visa is a document that allows foreign nationals to study in Mexico at an accredited school or institution. It is a specialized visa that is specific for individuals who are in search of knowledge in Mexico.

Getting used to the Mexican visa rules and preparing well before applying to study in Mexico is essential. This guide will help you with your student visa and enlighten you on everything about the cost and requirements for the visa application. Don’t miss a section.

Studying in Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries with the most significant number of Spanish speakers, having a rich culture and history, many of which are conserved as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country is one of the places with the highest number of visits worldwide and is a popular tourist site all year round.

Also, Mexico has excellent educational institutions, and tuition rates are much lower than in other countries. Several universities in Mexico rank among the best in the world. Some of the outstanding courses to study in Mexico are medicine and business because the quality of medical education is high, and the country’s economy is snowballing. In general, Mexico is a great place to live, with plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure for all students.

Types of Mexican student visa

The Mexican student visa you will apply for depends on the duration of your course of study in any of Mexico’s institutions. If your studies take less than 180 days for completion, you will need to obtain a visitor student visa. However, if your studies take more than 180 days, you must obtain a temporary resident student visa.

Moreso, you wouldn’t need a student visa to study in any of the institutions in Mexico if you have a visa for Japan, Canada, the UK, the United States of America, or any of the Schengen area countries. However, this is only applicable if you stay in Mexico for not less than 180 days for course work.

Cost of the student visa

Without a doubt, your country of origin impacts the price you have to pay for the Mexico student visa. To make things easier, you should visit the website of the Mexican consulate or embassy in your country regarding the information on the cost of the student visa.

Requirements for the Mexico student visa

The requirements for a student visa in Mexico may differ from country to country. However, some general conditions are the same regardless of nationality. Therefore, here is the requirement you should note.

#1. Application form

Your student visa is the first document you need to obtain for your student visa. You can get this visa online at the official webpage of the Mexican embassy or consulate of your home country.

#2. International passport

Undoubtedly, it would be good if you had a valid passport and a photocopy of the information on the first page of your passport for your student visa application.

#3. Proof of financial solvency

As a student wanting to obtain a student visa to study in any of the institutions in Mexico, you must prove your financial independence to survive in the country. Some of the evidence you can submit are:

  • Evidence that you have a monthly income of not less than $400.
  • Proof of investment or savings.
  • Prove that you have received a scholarship to study in the institution in Mexico (if applicable).

However, if you are not up to 25 years of age, you can provide the bank account statement of your parent for validation.

#4. Passport photo

You need at least one passport-size photograph with your face clearly shown and shot under a white background.

#5. Scholarship letter (if applicable)

Suppose you’re going to study in Mexico on scholarship. In that case, you must present a letter from the institution that mentions the scholarship amount and the course duration as proof that the scholarship is valid.

#6. Evidence of accommodation

Before applying for your visa, you need to secure accommodation in a school hostel, student lodge, or with a family.

#7. Medical health insurance

Preferably, you can opt for Mexican health insurance. However, if you will be going for an international health insurance scheme, it must be able to operate in Mexico.

#8. Admission or acceptance letter

Since you will be moving to Mexico to study, you must submit your admission letter or acceptance letter from a registered institution in Mexico. The letter must be addressed to the Mexican embassy containing the following information.

  • Your name in full.
  • The degree, level, and area of study you will be taking.
  • The course of study you will take in the country.
  • The duration of your course, including the date you will start and end the course.
  • The tuition fee and specification on if you will be attending the institution on a scholarship

Note that if the country you are applying from is not your country of origin, you should include further documents such as a residence permit or proof of legal residence.

How to apply for a student visa in Mexico

To apply for a student visa to study in Mexico, you must meet all requirements and take the procedure step wisely. To succeed at it, follow the stepwise guide given below.

Step one: Apply for admission at a Mexican institution.

First and foremost, you must apply for a course of study at any registered private or public institution in Mexico. Before deciding on the institution you will opt for, kindly go through the institutions in the country for the one that suits your purpose.

Note that the institution you go for must offer the course of study you want. Likewise, check for their tuition fee, admission requirements, and other relevant information.

Step two: Print out your admission letter

Once you have been offered admission to carry on a course of study in the institution, you should print out the admission letter and keep it away for further registration.

Step three: Get the Mexico student visa application form

To obtain the student visa application form, you can check online at the official websites of the Mexican Embassy in your home country. Once you get the application form, fill it in accordingly with your details.

Step four: Contact a Mexican embassy for an appointment.

Once you’ve made your online visa application, you should make contact with a consular officer for Mexico in your home country to set up an appointment for your visa application.

Step five: Attend your appointment

Importantly, you should attend your visa appointment fully prepared with your application form and other necessary documents. On the day of your appointment, you should hand in your application and attend a short interview.

Step six: Await the processing of your visa.

After satisfying the abovementioned process and completing your interview, you should wait for your visa to be processed. 

Afterward, you will get a message from the embassy or consulate you visit to come and pick up your passport, and then you can travel to Mexico on your student visa.

Step seven: Exchange your student visa for a temporary residence card

To exchange your student visa for a temporary residence card, you have to travel to Mexico. If your course of study will take longer than six months, you must apply for the temporary residence card within 30 days of arriving in Mexico. You can get the permit card at the office of the National Immigration Institute in Mexico.

For the temporary resident application, you must have the following documents:

  • The temporary resident visa is fixed to your passport.
  • Evidence of payment of the residence card
  • The Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM).
  • A letter addressed to the Instituto Nacional de Migración for the request for a temporary resident card.
  • Proof of enrolment into an educational institution in Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a student visa in Mexico?

There are a few ways to get a student visa in Mexico. One way is to be accepted into a school or program recognized by the Mexican government. Once taken, the school will provide you with the necessary paperwork to apply for the student visa. Another way is to be invited by a Mexican citizen to come and study in their home country.

Is a Mexico visa easy to get?

Yes, a Mexico visa is easy to get. Nationals of most countries do not require a visa to visit Mexico for tourism purposes for up to 180 days.

Is it hard to migrate to Mexico?

It depends on a person’s situation and what they are looking for in Mexico. Some people find it easy to migrate and adjust to life in Mexico, while others find it more difficult. Many factors can make the process easier or harder, such as the person’s age, language skills, financial resources, and level of adaptability.

How long does it take to get a Mexican visa?

A tourist visa can take up to a week to process, while a work visa can take up to two months.

How do I become a permanent resident of Mexico?

Becoming a permanent resident of Mexico varies depending on nationality and other factors. However, some of the most common ways to become a permanent resident of Mexico include marrying a Mexican citizen, obtaining a work visa, or investing in property or businesses in Mexico.


The Mexico student visa is a sure way of obtaining a standard and world-class knowledge and degree recognized worldwide. We have provided the requirements for funding and application for this visa. Therefore, endeavor to apply as soon as possible.

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