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Mexico Work Visa – Documentation, How to apply and Fees

If you are a foreigner and want to work in Mexico, you will need a work visa. This article will explain the documentation, process, and fees for obtaining a Mexico work visa. First, you will need to get a job offer from a Mexican company. Then, once you have the job offer, you will need to provide some required documents to your employer. Read on as we unveil how you can fulfill your dreams of living and work in Mexico.

About Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America. It shares a boundary with the U.S, Guatemala, and Belize to the south. The country is also the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world and the second most populous country in Latin America after Brazil. As of 2015, Mexico has a population of 120 million people.

The Mexican government offers work permits to foreigners who demonstrate they have employable skills. Getting a work permit is not always easy, as the process can be bureaucratic and time-consuming. However, there are many opportunities for foreigners looking for work in Mexico.

Jobs in Mexico are available in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, tourism, construction, manufacturing, and services. The government is also investing heavily in infrastructure projects, which provide opportunities for foreign workers in the construction industry.

Mexican culture is rich and diverse.

Mexico Work Visa

Mexico offers work visas to foreigners that are citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The work visa for US citizens is the TN visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. To qualify for the TN visa, you must have a job offer from a Mexican company, and you must be a professional or an expert.

The work visa for UK citizens is the FM3 visa, which is also a non-immigrant visa. To qualify for the FM3 visa, you must have a job offer from a Mexican company, and you must be able to show that you have enough money to support yourself while in Mexico.

The work visa for Canadian citizens is the TP-4 visa, which is also a non-immigrant visa.

The National Institute of Immigration manages all immigration in Mexico and issues work visas. Foreign nationals who wish to work in Mexico must apply for a visa. For example, nationals working for a Mexican company must have a residency visa that allows them to work. People working for a foreign company in Mexico for less time than six months may instead obtain a temporary visitor visa with permission to work.

Types of Visa

There are three main types of visas issued by the Mexican government:

Individuals holding a tourist visa can stay in Mexico for up to 180 days for any reason other than professional activities.

Temporary Resident Visa: This visa is for foreign nationals who want to stay in Mexico for at least 180 days. Holders can also seek a work visa in Mexico for several years if necessary.

Permanent Resident Visa: This visa is required for those who wish to live and work in Mexico permanently. Those who have family ties to Mexico or have lived in the country for a long time may also apply for the visa.

Mexico works Visa Requirements

No matter your position, most employees at your company who are in need of a visa from a Mexico consulate, will end up needing the Permanent Resident Visa. However, not all will meet the conditions since they must live in the country as permanent residents, have adequate income, or have been a permanent resident for a duration of four years.

Below are the requirements for getting a work visa:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Original copy of a migratory document
  • Letter of Invitation from a post-secondary institution
  • Visa application form
  • Proof of education, employment, finances, and marriage with a Mexican citizen.

How to apply for a Mexican work visa

As a foreign national wishing to work in Mexico for more than six months, you need a temporary resident visa with approval from Mexico. For that setup, your employer must put forward the application for anything in Mexico at the Mexican Institute of Immigration.

The employee must fill out the visa application at the Mexican consulate for locations in the applicant’s residence country if the visa application is approved. Once the visa leisure is approved, the employee must visit the consulate to receive it within 15 days.

This entire process provides a temporary resident visa to employees and permission to work, valid for 180 days. After arriving in Mexico, the staffer has 30 days to register with their local immigration office and receive a temporary resident card for up to four years.

When the card expires, the current resident must obtain a more permanent visa or be physically moved from Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a work visa for Mexico?

Prospective employers in Mexico apply to secure temporary residency work permission under the authority of Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Upon arriving at the INM, American citizens must request a visa interview with the Mexican Embassy or the nearest Mexican Consulate within the US.

How many days does it take to get a Mexican work visa?

The employer applies to the employee, and this process generally takes 30 to 45 days. In addition, the employee and the employer must provide proof of the company’s registration and employee credentials.

How long can you stay in Mexico on a work visa?

Validity. Temporary Resident Visas with work permits have a validity of half a year from the date of issuance. During the first 30 days, Temporary Resident Visas issued in Mexico need to be exchanged at the National Migration Institute (INM) for a Temporary Resident Card.

How much does it cost for a Mexican to obtain a work visa?

If you apply for a temporary Residente Temporal card, the basic fee is 3,207 MXN (150 USD). Additional fees may apply (e.g., visa sticker exchange charge).

Can I work in Mexico without a visa?

Anyone planning to work in the country must first apply for a visa. For example, those for Mexican businesses must acquire a residency visa with permission to work. However, individuals working for a multinational company in Mexico for less than six months can instead obtain a visitor’s visa to work.

How Easy Is It to Find Work in Mexico?

Thanks to its enormous tourist industry, Mexico is a country with an abundance of job opportunities in tourist-related fields. Its economy also relies on English-speaking workers, so education jobs are abundant. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a job in almost any sector if you have specialized skills.

How do I get a job in Mexico?

Copy of passport. Credentials and degrees in foreign languages apostilled or legalized and translated. Résumé (CV) in Spanish of activities abroad. Letters of reference in Spanish. The job position and pay package are offered. (ID of Legal representative representing the company hiring (original and copy).

What jobs can foreigners get in Mexico?

Some of the most sought-after professions for ex-pats include software engineer, architect, marketing manager, product manager, web developer, and UX designer. It’s wise to consult with multinational organizations or trade with a foreign populace. Alternatively, stay at home and request a transfer to Mexico.

Does Mexico hire foreigners?

Business owners who wish to expand or have already started operations in Mexico should familiarize themselves with some complexities when trying to hire employees from abroad. The Federal Labour Law in Mexico requires that 90 percent of an organization’s workforce comprise Mexican nationals, allowing no more than ten foreigners.

How can I immigrate to Mexico?

A Foreign National can obtain residency status in Mexico in any of the following categories Rentista, Scientist, Technician, Businessperson, Student, or as a family member of a Mexican national, family member of a Temporary Resident, or Permanent Resident.


In conclusion, a Mexico work visa can be a great way to start your career or travel abroad. So, do your homework well and choose the best one for you. Then, with the proper visa, you can enjoy all Mexico offers!

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