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Minimum Eligibility Requirements To Get Into Ontario PNP

Below are the detailed eligibility requirements to get into Ontario PNP. This stream targets candidate who has received an invitation from Ontario Immigration to apply for a provincial nomination. There are two main streams – the French-speaking skilled workers and the Skilled Trades stream.

Between January and April 2018, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program selected a number of skilled trade candidates who had submitted their express entry profiles earlier this year.

Since the coming of 2018, over 545 candidates have been issued the Notification of Interest by Ontario Immigration through the Skilled Trades stream. Around 384 candidates have also been issued NOI through French-speaking Skilled Worker stream.

Requirements For Express Entry Candidates in Skilled Trades Stream

Applicants must possess certain qualifications to apply in the Skilled Trades Stream;

  • Applicants who have the intention to live in Ontario
  • An applicant with a minimum work experience of one year in Ontario
  • Applicant must possess a valid work permit and must currently reside in Ontario.
  • Applicant must also have a minimum level of savings and income for support.
  • Applicant must also have a certification or trade license from the Ontario College of Trades.

In the advent of 2018, all relevant information pertaining to express entry draws was published by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). The draws that are published after an agreement, is signed by the province and the Federal government of Canada.

On April 25th 2018, Ontario issues 57 Notification of Interest to those applicants or candidates who had submitted their express entry profiles between January and April 2018.

The most crucial aspects of these nominations are that there is no score requirement on the basis of CRS for either of these two streams. The Ontario province has conducted several draws on the basis of French-speaking skilled workers and human capital in the year 2018.

Other Open Streams for Ontario Immigration

Currently, the Province is inviting applications from immigrants of different streams. Apart from the Skilled Trade Stream, candidates can apply through the Express Entry System for various other streams include the following;

  • International students and in-demand skills
  • French-speaking skilled workers
  • Employer job offer
  • Entrepreneur and corporate business stream
  • Human capital priority.

Twice in the year 2018, Ontario has also opened the Masters Graduate Stream but it is currently closed. Another stream that Province has opened for students is the International Student PhD Graduate stream.

The Federal government of Canada has increased the nominations of immigrants to 6600 this year for Ontario. Interested applicants can submit their profile to the express entry pool to get a nomination through the streams that are linked to the Ontario Express Entry system.

How Do I Apply For Ontario PNP?

If you are looking at applying to the Ontario PNP, then it is essential that you first understand the nitty-gritty of the application process. Though it might seem complex and cumbersome at first, but it is actually very easy and straightforward. The steps and guide below will point you in the right direction when it comes applying for OINP.

One important thing to also consider when applying for OINP is a job offer. The vast majority of nominations for 2018 applicants are offered only to those with job offers within Ontario. But, not just any job offer is accepted. It must be a permanent, full-time job offer in one of the three skill levels of the National Occupation Code 0, A, or B.

With that said, below is the application process for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. The steps are broken down into Three stages.

Step One: Pre-Screen Application

The applicant in question begins the immigration application process by submitting a pre-screen application. The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration then assess this application.

Step Two: Nominee Application

Employers will be given an approval letter after their pre-screen application is assessed and approved. A pre-screen approval certificate as well as a joint verification form from the Ontario Nominee Program office will be issued to the employer. Prospective employee are then required to submit the nomimee application package. This must include the pre-screen form and the joint verification form. The forms needed are available for candiddates at the Opportunities Ontario website.

Step Three: Provincial Nomination

At this stage all successful candidates will receive a provincial nomination certificate. Nominees would then apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for PR. Those candidates nominated by Ontario, with their accompanying family members, would have to meet all Citizenship and Immigration Canada requirements. These include police clearance certifications, medical examinations and other background checks.

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