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Moldova Permanent Residecy – Application and Documentation

Are you itching to apply for the Moldova Permanent Residency? Are you finding it challenging to achieve it?

You can kiss the itches goodbye. Do you know why? This post will teach you the various processes and steps you must take to get a permanent residency.

The Eastern European nation of Moldova is situated halfway between Romania and Ukraine. About three million people live in Moldova, which has a 33,846 km2 area. Moldova’s most prominent ethnic groups are Moldovans and Romanians.

Based on the official figures from the 2014 census data, Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the most common religion in Moldova.

It is a parliamentary republic, according to the 2004 census. Moldova’s nominal GDP per person is $3,415; the official currency is the Moldovan Leu (MDL).

Eligibility for Moldova Permanent Residency

Foreign citizens are given permanent residency if they intend to stay beyond 90days.

The issuance of permanent residency is dependent on some factors. These factors include the following;

  • Family Reasons
  • Employment

The Resident Permit issued on family grounds and employment is only possible if you can meet the required documents. These documents should prove beyond reasonable doubt your intent.

Moldova Permanent Residence on Family Ground

Here are the requirements for the issuance of a permanent residency on family grounds;

  • an international passport in original,
  • the immigration certificate in original, 
  • the immigration certificate, in original, 
  • a copy of the marriage certificate, 
  • the birth certificate of children up to the age of 18, 
  • a copy of the spouse’s ID, a copy, 
  • the medical test for HIV / AIDS, 
  • a copy of the rental contract endorsed by the notary,  

Moldova Permanent Residence on Employment Basis

Here are the requirements for the issuance of a permanent residence on an employment basis.

the medical certificate on one’s health status and the results of an HIV/AIDS antibody test (the original),

  • a copy of the passport and passport Annex + recording stamp from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a visa with a valid term
  • a copy of the marriage (divorce) certificate,
  • the ID of the spouse, a copy,  
  • the Employment Office’s argued opinion,
  • a copy of the employment contract,
  • signed notarized written consent of the person granting the housing,
  • a copy of the study document, specialty,
  • Three photos 5×6,
  • The receipt confirms the payment of the state fee.

Moldova Permanent Residence By Investment

Another eligibility factor for permanent residency in Moldova is an investment. International investors may apply for a residency visa in Moldova via several different channels, all of which require a financial commitment to the Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Here are the investment breakdowns if you would like to take this route to apply for residency.

Investment Plan for Applicant

  • EUR 100,000

Single Applicant

  • EUR 115,000 A Couple
  • EUR 145,000 Family of Four
  • EUR 155,000 Family of Five or more

This type of permanent residency has helped improve the Country’s economy and maintained a conducive environment for business there. You may access further information on the Moldova government website.

Additionally, candidates must not engage in money-laundering schemes and have a solid reputation in business and finance. The government has specified a 30-day window for the application’s consideration.

It will take the applicant 90 days to receive his new passport and have his Moldovan citizenship recognized.

Benefits Of Having A Moldovan Passport/Citizenship

The benefits of having a Moldovan Passport/Citizenship is so enormous. These benefits come in three major parts. I shall be itemizing them as seen below;

  • Benefit of having citizenship itself
  • Tax benefits and
  • Business Benefit

Benefit of having citizenship itself

Just like we discussed earlier in Switzerland Permanent Residency: How to Apply and The Benefits, here are some of the benefits of having Moldova citizenship;

  • One hundred twenty-two nations and territories provide entry without a visa or with a visa on arrival. All nations in the Schengen Area of Europe, Malaysia, Russia, and Turkey, are permitted access without a visa.
  • In addition to the primary investor, his dependent family members, such as his spouse, children, and parents, may also be granted lifelong citizenship in Moldova.
  • An easy application procedure and a fair contribution amount. The minimum investment required to gain citizenship in Moldova is EUR100,000.
  • Full citizenship, including family members, and passport privileges for the applicant
  • The simple inclusion of parents (of either the primary applicant or the spouse) from the age of 55 and dependent children up to the age of 29 in the application
  • Transferable citizenship for future generations
  • citizenship in a nation that has signed an association agreement with the EU and hopes to apply to join as a candidate
  • membership in a nation that is a part of organizations like the World Trade Organization and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Being a citizen of a place with a continental climate, a renowned wine industry, and gorgeous, diverse scenery, including woods and rocky slopes,
  • reduced tax rates
  • According to the government, there will only be a 90-day window for the application’s review.
  • It’s possible to have two citizenships.
  • There is no prerequisite degree or managerial experience needed.
  • No necessary travel or interviews are part of the application process.
  • No necessity for a residence
  • The cost of living is low.

Tax Benefits

When tax is discussed concerning foreign countries, this fear comes up mentally about how developed countries tax their citizens. However, that is not the case in Moldova.

With 48 active tax treaties in place to prevent double taxation with other countries, Moldova boasts one of the most competitive tax regimes in the area. However, residents of Moldova who do not engage in an entrepreneurial activity must pay tax on domestically and internationally sourced income.

Residents of Moldova are subject to real estate and wealth taxes. Wealth tax is levied on a taxpayer’s wealth in residential real estate, including vacation homes (apart from land plots), if the estimated total value and total area are at least EUR 1.5 million and 120 square meters, respectively. The rate of the wealth tax is 0.8% of the taxable base.

The reduced VAT rate is 8%, compared to the standard VAT rate of 20%. The most recent fiscal reform set a special tax rate of 12% on the income of individuals and legal entities.

Business Benefit

The business benefit encompasses quite a lot, which is most beneficial to citizens and the Country.

Moldova consistently rates strongly in international business climate rankings. For example, doing Business 2019 ranked Moldova 47th out of 190 nations. In contrast, the Global Competitiveness Index 2017–2018 ranked Moldova 89th out of 137 nations (an improvement of 11 positions year over year, making Moldova “the most improved Eurasian economy beginning from a low foundation”).

Global Location Trends 2017: Listed as a top destination country and ranked sixth globally in terms of the number of employees per million people – ahead of the UAE, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and others.

The Country offers free economic zone, industrial parks, and Information technology parks. These can be seen in the table below;

Free Economic Zone Offerings

  • A 50% reduction in the federal corporate income tax
  • If you invest USD 1 (or 5) million, you’ll get a three- or five-year income tax exemption.
  • Ten-year state warranty for legislative changes

Industrial Park Offering

  • The freedom to freely shift where agricultural land is going
  • The ability to sell a state-owned property for building at a fair price
  • Free distribution of public assets for park construction, at the owner’s choice
  • A reduction in yearly expenses for leasing land or space of up to 70%

Information Technology Parks Offerings

  • a 7% special tax imposed by residents on their sales revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moldova Allow Dual Citizenship?

Some nations do not allow people to have more than one citizenship.

For example, those who were granted Japanese and Moldovan citizenship by birth must declare to the Japanese Ministry of Justice before the age of 22 which citizenship they choose to retain.

However, for Moldovan citizenship, the people of Moldova are permitted citizenship from other countries. Therefore, obtaining foreign citizenship does not render one’s citizenship in Moldova invalid.

How strong is Moldova Passport?

The Moldovan passport, which grants users entry to about 120 countries without the need to apply for a visa in person at an embassy in advance, is ranked as the 47th most powerful passport in the world by the Henley Passport Index for 2021.

Does Moldova need a visa to Canada?

For citizens of Moldova, a tourist visa is needed for Canada. The typical length of stay is 180 days, and the visa expires after that time. The applicant must be present while requesting a tourist visa for Canada. There are 12 papers needed to apply for a tourist visa to Canada. Additionally, you may get advice from other travelers.

What race is Moldova?

Ethnic Moldovans make up about three-fourths of the population. Ukrainians, Russians, Gagauz, Roma (Gypsies), and Bulgarians have smaller populations.


In summary, getting a permanent residency in Moldova is sure when you can follow the guidelines and meet the requirements. However, it might be challenging to understand application processes, especially those requiring legal and regulatory requirements.

We want to make the application process for the Moldovan Citizenship by Investment Program as straightforward as possible. Our skilled professionals will be happy to help and advise as required during the application process.

Everyone interested is encouraged to apply for the Moldova Citizenship Program. This program also welcomes participation from stateless persons. 

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