Mongolia Business Visa – Documentation and Requirements

If you are planning to obtain a Mongolia Business Visa, here are some key things to keep in mind. First, Mongolia has always been an important country in Central Asia. The country has a rich culture and history and is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains. Second, Mongolia has become a major tourist destination due to its beautiful landscape and exciting history.

The Mongolian Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows nationals of certain countries to visit Mongolia for business for up to 90 days. The process of obtaining a business visa can be complicated, but it is worth it if you want to invest in the Mongolian economy.

This article will explore the steps to apply for a Mongolia Business Visa, its documentation, and its requirements.

About Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country in Central Asia. It has an area of 1,542,160 square kilometers and around 3 million people. Moreover, the capital and largest city are Ulaanbaatar. Russia borders Mongolia to the north, China to the east, and Kazakhstan to the south.

Mongolia was formerly part of the Soviet Union and experienced rapid economic development during the 1990s. However, there have been recent concerns about the country’s stability due to its high levels of poverty and corruption. The government has introduced measures to address these issues, but progress has been slow. Mongolia also faces significant environmental challenges, including air pollution from industrial plants and mining operations, water shortages caused by overgrazing, and desertification.

What is a Mongolia Business Visa?

A business visa is a type of travel visa that allows nationals of certain countries to travel to and work in Mongolia. While there are many different types of business visas, the most common ones are tourism or working visas.

To get a Mongolia business visa, you generally must have a solid business plan and evidence of funds to invest in your new company. You will also need to show that your company is legitimate and has the potential to be successful in the country you are visiting.

Mongolia has several types of business visas, including a tourism visa and a working visa. The tourist visa allows foreigners to visit Mongolia for no more than 90 days without obtaining a residence permit. The working visa allows foreigners to work in Mongolia for an extended period, typically six months or longer.

Benefits of a Mongolia Business Visa

There are many benefits to conducting business in Mongolia. Here are some of the most important:

  • A highly educated workforce: Most of the population in Mongolia is between the ages of 15 and 24. Making it a very youthful market. This means plenty of potential employees with the skills and experience needed for businesses to succeed in Mongolia.
  • Economic stability: Since Mongolia is still relatively new to the world economy, it has not yet experienced major economic fluctuations. This makes it an ideal place to establish or grow a business, as negligible risk is involved.
  • Low operating costs: Despite the country’s remote location, Mongolia has low operational costs due to its affordable wages and abundant natural resources.
  • Robust infrastructure: The country’s well-developed infrastructure supports business and leisure travel and makes it easy to get around.
  • Beautiful scenery: From the Gobi desert to khövsgöl lakes, Mongolia is full of beautiful scenery that can be used in marketing materials or photographed for online listings.

Eligibility criteria to apply for a Mongolia Business Visa

To apply for a Mongolia Business Visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a citizen or resident of a country that is a member of the European Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Have an established business in Mongolia
  • Have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Mongolia and any associated costs
  • Be able to provide evidence of your business activity in Mongolia

Steps to apply for a Mongolia Business Visa

If you are planning to visit Mongolia or already living and working in Mongolia, it is essential to know how to apply for a business visa. Here are the steps:

  1. Check with the nearest Mongolian Embassy or Consulate to determine which visa category you may be eligible for.
  2. Complete an online application form at the embassy or consulate website. You will need your passport number, national identification number (if applicable), and your employer’s name and contact information.
  3. After submitting your online application, you will be required to print out your application form and bring it with you to your interview.
  4. You will be interviewed by a visa officer who will ask about your reasons for visiting Mongolia and your business plans.
  5. Finally, after submitting all of the necessary information, it may take up to three weeks for a decision on your visa application. During this time, be sure to keep track of any updates that are sent to you by the embassy or consulate.

Required Documents to Apply for a Mongolia Business Visa

If you plan to start or expand a business in Mongolia, you must obtain a business visa first. There are a few required documents that you will need to submit with your visa application. These include:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of financial stability (proof of assets and bank statements)
  • Proof of legal residency in your home country
  • A letter from your proposed employer confirming the position and salary information
  • Once you have gathered all of the required documents, make sure to submit them along with your visa application form to the nearest Mongolian embassy or consulate

Mongolia Business Visa Processing Time

As one of the most popular countries in the world, obtaining a visa to travel to Mongolia is not tricky. However, given the strict regulations of their visa process, it can take some time for your application to be processed.

How quickly your application is processed could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Mongolia Business Visa?

A visa for a business trip to Mongolia costs $140. This fee must be paid in cash when applying for the visa and cannot be included in the cost of airfare. Foreign nationals who are citizens of EU countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United States are exempt from the visa fee.

Business travelers should be aware that they will need to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay in Mongolia. This can include a letter from a bank or other financial institution confirming that you have enough money available to cover your stay. You should also bring copies of your passport and travel documents.

How do I get a work permit in Mongolia?

To work in Mongolia, you will need a work permit. There are two ways to get a work permit in Mongolia. The first way is to apply through the government’s website. The second way is to apply through a private company or individual. However, to apply through the government’s website, you must apply and pay the fees. To apply through a private company or individual, you must contact them and negotiate a fee schedule.

Is the Mongolian passport strong?

The Mongolian passport is one of the most trusted travel documents in the world. As a result, the passport was recently awarded the “International Passport Award” by the British government. This prestigious award recognizes passports that are strong and compliant with global security standards.

However, the Mongolian passport meets or exceeds all international security standards, including those of the United States Department of State. The document also complies with the Schengen Agreement, allowing citizens of many European countries to travel freely throughout Europe.

Is Mongolia a friendly country?

The majority of foreigners who visit Mongolia enjoy their stay and find the country to be quite friendly. While a few areas may require extra caution due to crime levels or political unrest, the general population is generally accommodating and hospitable.

Most people are curious about foreigners and are happy to answer any questions. In addition, they show genuine interest in making new friends. The Mongolian people also have a reputation for being fiercely independent and proud of their culture, making some interactions challenging at first but ultimately rewarding. As a result, tourists should be cautious in some areas but find Mongolia a welcoming destination with friendly people.


If you want to visit Mongolia, a business visa may be the best option. However, research the requirements carefully before traveling, as some visas may require an invitation from a Mongolian company or organization. Finally, be aware that certain restrictions may apply to certain businesses.

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