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Montenegro Business Visa – Requirements, Validity and Fees

Montenegro business visas are primarily issued to people who enter the country to do business. Montenegro, although not so well known, is one of the rising economies of Europe. As a result, it is a very healthy economy for investments and business negotiations.

In terms of doing business with ease, Montenegro ranks topmost. Moreover, operating businesses in Montenegro is not as difficult as in most European countries. For instance, you only need one company shareholder to establish a company in Montenegro territory. A natural person, a corporate entity, and a local or foreign investor can also own a share.

Acquiring a Montenegro business visa is not demanding and stressful. This is because the country’s business policy is not strict with foreign investors.

This article describes the process of acquiring a Montenegro business visa in the most simplified way.

About Montenegro 

Montenegro is one of the highly developing countries of Europe located in the Southeastern end of Europe. With an average Human Development Index of 0.829, Montenegro comes off as a fast-rising European economy, resulting in fertile land for investment and establishment.

Montenegro forms part of the Balkan Peninsula (i.e., the easternmost part of the three great southern peninsulas of Europe). The Adriatic Sea and Croatia border it, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia in the order; of southwest, northwest, southeast, east, and northeast.

Montenegro was the only Balkan country to increase its foreign investment and, as a result, stepped away from recession in 2010. This, however, proves Montenegro as a good place for foreign investments and businesses.

Despite being a fertile ground for business establishment, the Montenegro embassies are meticulous when issuing business visas to foreign citizens. This is why every citizen of foreign nations that wishes to establish a business in Montenegro must know about the processes and requirements of acquiring a Montenegro business visa.

What is a Montenegro business visa?

A Montenegro business visa is a non-immigrant visa that the government of Montenegro issues to foreign citizens only to do business. Montenegro business visa is not the only Montenegro visa that grants the holder the right to do business in its territory.

However, the Montenegro business visa is distinct from the other visa because the holders can only participate in tasks that can’t be considered work or gainful employment. The other visa grants the holders the ability to perform services that would be considered a job or labor.

Why do you need a Montenegro business visa?

Apart from its specificity of function, foreign citizens also need the Montenegro business visa because it allows them to develop business relationships with their business contemporaries. Furthermore, with a Montenegro business visa, they can visit Montenegro for business as many times as possible.

You can always apply for another business visa if the one you hold expires. This is possible only if you still have a business relationship with business contemporaries in Montenegro.

Who needs a Montenegro business visa?

Generally, the Montenegro business visa is issued to people visiting the country to do business.

These business purposes include;

  • Contract negotiations
  • Estate Settlements
  • Consultation with business associated
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Attending conferences and educational, professional, or business events.
  • Sales or investment meetings.
  • Interviewing and hiring of staff.
  • Discussing planned investment and purchase.
  • Research and product launch.
  • Business investment purposes.

Types of Montenegro business visas

The Montenegrin government issues four types of visas to visiting foreign citizens; the airport transit visa (category A visa), a transit visa (category B visa), a short stay visa (category C visa), and a long stay visa (category D visa).

#1. The airport transit visa or category A visa

Allows foreign visitors to transit in an airport in Montenegro within 24 hours of arrival. It allows for one or multiple entry transit. However, holders of this visa are limited and can only move about in areas around the airport.  

#2. The transit Visa ( category B visa),

Also allows holders to transit through a Montenegrin airport. But it has a six months validity and allows you to stay in Montenegro for five days, unlike the airport transit visa. The visa can be issued individually or collectively, allowing for one, two, or multiple entry transits.

#3. The short-Stay Visa (category C visa),

Allows foreigners to visit Montenegro for 90 days within 180 days, and It is issued for one or multiple entries. 

A multiple entry short stay visa is valid for one year.

 #4. The Long-Stay Visa (category D visa),

Grants foreigners access to Montenegro for a long time. This visa allows foreigners to visit for six months in one year. The Montenegro business visa can be issued as a short or a long stay visa, depending on the duration of the stay.

Eligibility Criteria for getting Montenegro Business Visa

Eligibility criteria for getting a Montenegro business visa generally include;

Genuineness –

Your reasons and intentions for traveling to Montenegro must be good, valid, and related to business.

Financial Stability –

You must be financially capable and stable to bear all the expenses for your travel. The funds you have in possession must be able to cater to your needs throughout your travel stay.

Have the intention of returning-

You must prove that you will return after your visit. For this reason, you must have strong ties that will ensure your return home.

Unquestionable Character-

You must have a clean record and no track of criminality in your home country. You will provide a Police Clearance Certificate too. 

Medically strong-

You must be very healthy. To that effect, you must meet at least the minimum medical/ health fitness requirements.

As long as you meet these criteria and can prove them, you can apply for the business visa and hope that it will be granted

Documents required to process a Montenegro business visa?

Before you are issued a Montenegro business visa, you must present the following documents at the Montenegro embassy in your country;

#1. A copy of the Montenegro business Visa application form:

This form must be fully completed and signed.

#2. A copy of the receipt for visa fee payment:

Proving that you have laid for the visa application.

#3. A copy of a valid international passport:

You are to submit a passport that captures your biodata and information. This passport should be valid for a minimum of three months beyond your visa expiration date.

Submit also older passports with visas on them (if you have any). 

#4. Two copies of recently taken civil passport photos:

Both copies must be recently taken. And must make your facial features visible and clear. The passports should be taken on a colored background.

#4. A proof of Round trip reservation/itinerary:

This is to prove that you can pay for your entry and return flights. It must include dates and flight numbers. It must also specify your date of entry and return.

#5. Proof of medical travel insurance:

This document must include a minimum coverage of €30,000. It is proof that unforeseen travel and health risks have been catered for.

#6. Proof of accommodation:

A document that certifies that you can cater for your accommodation. This document indicates the location of lodgings, the information of the person accommodating you, hotel reservation ( address, number, and location), and the length of stay.

#7. Proof of financial means:

Evidence that you have enough money to financially support and cater for yourself throughout your stay in Montenegro.

The document can be a bank account statement (not older than three months), a sponsorship letter ( for validity must be accompanied by the sponsor’s bank statement. Not older than three months), or a combination of both.

#8. Cover letter and invitation letter:

This is to ascertain the purpose of your trip to Montenegro. The invitation letter should be written by the business partner and has to appear as an invitation to a meeting or other relevant business event.

Steps to applying for a business visa

Below are a few steps you should follow to ensure your application is rightly submitted for processing.

Step #1. Find out the embassy where you have to apply

This embassy is where you need to obtain your application form and submit it with other documents after filling in your information.

Step #2. Schedule an appointment/interview with the embassy.

Make sure to attend the interview. Go along with all necessary documents.

Step #3. Begin your application.

This is done either online or offline with the consulate. 

Step #4. Make your visa application payment.

Without the receipt of payment of the visa application, your application will not be processed. Therefore, make sure to make your payment and attach the receipt to other documents to be submitted.

Step #5. Submit your application.

After going through all processes, submit your application and await a response from the embassy on the success or failure of your application.

You are to submit your visa application form for a business visa to the embassy of the country you are going for the business trip. In this case, you are applying for a Montenegro business visa at your local Montenegro embassy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Get a Montenegro business visa?

It takes 10 to 15 days on average to process your Montenegro business visa. However, the Visa processing time can go beyond the expected time in such cases as; individual cases or from the consulate.

Can I get access to Montenegrin Healthcare with a Montenegro business visa?

As a foreigner visiting Montenegro for business purposes, the business visa does not grant access to Montenegrin healthcare and health facilities. For this, you may need to acquire a Montenegro medical visa. 

But it will be best for you to purchase health insurance.

How long can a Montenegro business visa last?

A business ticket to Montenegro is valid for stays not exceeding 90 days. Please, carefully understand the labels attached to the business visa sticker, including the period it permits you to remain in Montenegro; otherwise, there can be consequences to overstaying a Montenegro business visa.

How much does it cost to acquire a Montenegro business visa?

The Visa fee for a business trip to Montenegro costs about €35. This fee is not inclusive of other processing payments. Therefore, €10,000 can serve for every fee necessary to take you to Montenegro.


The government of Montenegro issues business visas to travelers who intend to conduct business activities and meetings that do not constitute labor or gainful employment in Montenegro.

The Montenegro business visa allows individuals to travel to its territory with the sole purpose of conducting business. With the knowledge of the Montenegro business visa and all the requirements need, you are a step away from Montenegro!

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