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Guide on how to apply for a Montenegro Family Reunion Visa

We know the importance of family, and we know that reuniting with your loved ones should be a priority. Luckily for some who have a Montenegro Family Reunion Visa, the requirements and process are straightforward.

However, for others, the family reunion visa application can be a daunting task that requires patience and perseverance. That is why you need to find out now if you are required to apply for a visa or exempted from the Montenegro visa requirements.  

With a Montenegro family reunion visa, you will be able to reunite with your family and stay temporarily in Montenegro for a period longer than 90 days. You can either be exempted from these visa requirements or required to apply for this visa before you can enter Montenegro.  

Therefore, this article is a guide to the Montenegro family reunion visa. We guarantee that this guide will furnish you with everything you will need to know about the visa eligibility criteria, application procedures, requirements, and cost of successfully attaining a Montenegro family reunion visa. We hope that it will lead to more reunions in the future. 

Please continue reading to learn about all of the relevant information and resources we have compiled as a guide for you to ensure that your application is flawless. 

About Montenegro Family Reunion Visa 

If you’re hoping to reunite with family in Montenegro, you may not want to opt for a regular Montenegro visa. Instead, you may want to apply for a Montenegro Family reunion visa.  

The reason is that a Montenegro family reunion visa is a Type D long-stay visa. The purpose of this visa is that allow foreigners to enter Montenegro and temporarily stay with any of their Immediate family members who reside in Montenegro. 

Also, they can stay in Montenegro temporarily for a period longer than 90 days while fulfilling the purpose of their visit. These immediate family members in question are direct family members who are siblings or step-siblings, spouses, minor children, or those above 18 years of age. 

Eligibility Criteria for Montenegro Family Reunion Visa  

We mentioned earlier that the Montenegro family reunion visa allows foreign nationals to leave their country of residence to reunite with their families. Thus, you qualify to apply for the Montenegro Family reunion visa if you fulfill the following eligibility requirements: 

  • You share Family ties with the family member living in Montenegro, or they are an immediate family – they include direct siblings, step-siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren, etc. This is an indication that only family members with proof of documents confirming family ties can apply for this visa.   
  • Your family member you are going to reunite with must have a resident permit. The person must have a permanent or temporary resident permit from Montenegro. It is either by naturalization or by investments such as the acquisition of property in real estate. 
  • Only one spouse may reunite their family in the case of a polygamous marriage. 
  • It would help if you did not overstay your visa Validity which is longer than 90 days. Return to your country of residence once your Montenegro family reunion visa expires. The duration of a family reunification visa must not exceed one year.  
  • For spouses, if your marriage has lasted for at least three years in that country. Your visa validity may be extended only when the partner with a Montenegrin citizen you have gone to reunite has passed away, or the marriage has been annulled.   

In addition, the Montenegro Family Reunion visa requirements can be exemptions or inclusion for some countries. Thus: 

Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Exemptions 

Supposed you are national from the USA, Australia, Canada, and European countries; you are exempted from the application requirements. This means you do not need a visa to enter Montenegro for a period longer than 90 days. Similarly, you only need a passport or travel ID to enter Montenegro.  

Montenegro Family Reunion: Other Visa Exemptions 

Similarly, nationals from European Countries also do not need to apply for a visa if they fall into any of the following categories: 

  • You are a resident of the United Arab Emirates. And you have proof of your residency and accommodation in the United Arab Emirates. 
  • If you hold a passport or travel from either Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Schengen countries  

Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Inclusion 

However, according to the Montenegro visa requirements, if you are a national from a non-European Country. You will need to apply for a visa in any Montenegro visa embassy online before they can enter the country and reunite with your family. Besides that, visa application would be much easier when you fulfill all the requirements necessary for the attainment of this visa. Hence we shall look at the Montenegro Family Reunion visa requirements necessary for fast-tracking your visa application.  

Requirements for Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Applications (documents) 

We believe that every visa application has its requirements and conditions. We also trust that you are aware that to apply for this visa, you must first confirm your eligibility status. At this point, if you want to go ahead and apply for a family reunion visa.

Then you will have to checklist the specific requirements and documents enlisted below. Therefore, this article highlights the visa requirements you must fulfill and the documents required for a Montenegro Family Reunion Visa approval. 

#1. Passport or Travel ID 

You must have a valid passport or other travel documents that will allow you to enter Montenegro because this is your international identity. Also, it should be recent, not more than six months.   

#2. A completed Montenegro visa application form

Suppose you are applying for the visa online through the Montenegro Embassy or the visa portal. You will need to fill out the application form online. Do not forget to fill out your information and answers correctly. After you have completed all the required sections, then sign your name. Save it as a PDF and print it; you can still have a soft copy in your email. 

#3. Two Recent Passport Photographs 

Your photo must be recent, with a white background. It shouldn’t be more than six months from the day of application. To sum it up, your photograph should meet the Montenegro visa photo requirements. 

#4. Provide Documents Confirming Your Family Ties  

Naturally, your purpose for the visa is for a family reunion. This indicates that you share family ties with the person living in Montenegro. He or She must be an immediate family (spouse, siblings, parents, children). Hence you will need to present documents such as marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for children below 18 years of age. In addition, you should expect to undergo other electronic registrations and inspections within 24 hours of your arrival in Montenegro. 

#5. Documents Confirming Financial Resources or Bank Statements 

If you are not financially buoyant, you can ask the family member residing in Montenegro for their Bank Statement with not less than 3650 euros in their Montenegrin bank account. This proves that the family member residing in Montenegro is financially stable and is capable of sustaining you throughout your stay in Montenegro. 

#6. Proof of Accommodation or Rental Lease Agreements 

Since you are going to Montenegro based on family unification, then family members must have a house or property in their name. So, you will be staying with them if your accommodation is rented. Therefore, you will need a lease agreement.  

#7. Health Insurance Certificate 

You must obtain a health insurance certificate from a reputable insurance company in Montenegro. This proves that your health condition is stable. If you have a relapsing health condition, your health insurance should be able to cover your stay in Montenegro.  

#8. Schedule of Itinerary 

This has to do with your travel and return ticket. First, you must obtain a booked round-trip flight ticket from any airport line. It must indicate the time of your flight arrival and the date of your return ticket. 

#9. Invitation letter and Proof of Residency 

 You will have to present your invitation letter attached with your proof confirming family ties.  

Your invitee must fulfill the following conditions for your Montenegro Family Reunion visa application.

  • Must be a resident of Montenegro with at least a permanent residency or temporary resident  
  • The family member must show proof of property acquisition in real estate
  • The family member living in Montenegro is not eligible to invite a family member if they are on a Montenegro Seasonal Work Visa or any form of residency by invitation.  

Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Application Processes 

Applying for a Montenegro Family Reunion Visa is a relatively simple process.  

When you apply, you are given a temporary resident permit, which could either be a long-term Visa or a short-term Visa. It allows you to stay in Montenegro longer than 90 days. Thus, it must not exceed one year.  

Above all, you are expected to have met all the requirements and possess all supporting documentation before forwarding your application.  

Once you have adjusted to the requirements and gathered the required documents, the thing on your list should be the collection of the application form. Make sure to fill in your details correctly. Now, submit your application to the Montenegro Visa embassy or your consulate officer. If you applied online, you could offer your application online while at the visa portal. 

 It takes fourteen working days to approve or respond to your visa. Note also that they are phenomena that could prolong or delay the application processing time. But in all, it will not exceed one month. So, it is important to do your research and follow the steps carefully.  

Steps to Apply for Montenegro Family Reunion Visa 

We believe that with our guide, you should be able to complete this simple application process without a hassle. Therefore, the following steps will guide your Montenegro Family Reunion Visa applications. 

Step: #1 Collect a Montenegro visa Application form from the Montenegro embassy.

Your application for a Montenegro family reunion visa begins from the Montenegro embassy in your resident country, where you can book an appointment for the application of your visa. 

Step: #2 Complete the application form. 

Complete the application form. You can find the application form on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration website. Make sure that you fill out all the information correctly and attach all the required documents. In case you are applying online after you completed all the left fields. Then go ahead and print out the form and sign your name at the end.  

Step: #3 Gather All the Required Documents 

This includes your passport, travel itinerary, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of sufficient funds, relationship with your relative, and evidence of their residency in Montenegro.  

Step: #4 Submit Your Application with All of Your Supporting Documents. 

Submit your application along with all of your supporting documents. This can be done at the embassy or consulate of Montenegro in your country of residence.  

Step: #5 Make Your Payments for the Visa  

Make your payments for the visa; after submitting them, you will have to pay the visa fee. It could be made in cash or Euros. Make sure to attach the receipt of the payment to your application form. However, if you are unsure of the correct amount to pay, you can contact your consulate officer and ask for the fee. Then, confirm the visa fee once again before paying in the right bank.  

Step: #6 Wait Until Your Visa Application is Approved. 

The entire process should take about two weeks, so plan accordingly.  

Step: #7 Book an Appointment with the Embassy or a Consulate Officer 

If your visa is approved, you must arrange an appointment with the embassy or consulate to have your visa stamped into your passport.  

Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Validity 

The validity period of a Montenegro family reunion Visa is dependent on the type of Visa, either a long-term Visa or a short-term Visa. It, however, is pertinent to note that it does not exceed one year. 

Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Processing Time  

Generally, the visa will be ready within two weeks when the embassy or consulate receives the application. It’s essential to keep this in mind when planning a family reunion.  

Frequently Asked Question 

How Much Does Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Cost?

As earlier stated, the Montenegro family reunion Visa is categorized under a temporary resident permit, which could be a long-term or short-term Visa. 

However, the cost of acquiring a Montenegro Family Reunification Visa is the same as other Visa types. Thus, it cost €35. 

Can Montenegro Family Reunion Visa be Extended?

Those seeking to extend their period of residency in Montenegro have to place an application not later than 30 days before the current resident permit expires. 

Can Montenegro Family Reunion Visa Be Rejected? 

 For a rejected Montenegro Family Reunion Visa, you will need to do the following: 

Reapply for the same visa. 

If your Montenegro family reunion visa is rejected, the next step is to determine why. If you correct the issue, you may be able to reapply for the visa. You may also need to consider other options for bringing your family together.  

Appeal your visa rejection at the embassy.

You will need to provide evidence that you meet a family reunion visa requirements.   

  • If the court does not agree that you meet the requirements 

The court will issue a ruling in favor of the government’s decision to reject your visa application. 


Indeed, the Montenegro family reunion visa is that one-time opportunity you have patiently waited for. In as much as you yearn to reunite with your spouse, children, and family members and also spend quality time with them. Most importantly, when you meet all the requirements for this visa.  

Then it is without a doubt that you will need to hold onto it. It is one of many opportunities for migrating to Montenegro on the grounds of a family reunion. By following the guide above, you will have everything you need to make your application as smooth as possible.  

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