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Montenegro Golden Visa – Application and Investment Options

Montenegro is one of the most affordable countries in Europe to live in. The Montenegro golden visa program provides an excellent opportunity for foreigners to invest in the country. 

Furthermore, this program allows investors to live and work in Montenegro without getting a visa or residency permit. 

Montenegro is a beautiful country with abundant natural resources, making it a popular destination for those looking to invest. 

There are several investment options available through the golden visa program, and each offers its unique benefits and challenges.

 In this guide, we will inform you about the qualifying criteria, prerequisites, and steps to apply for the Montenegro golden visa. Continue reading!

What is a Montenegro golden visa?

Montenegro’s golden visa program is a way for foreigners to stay in the country without having to apply for a residency permit. 

Furthermore, the program allows holders to live and work in Montenegro without having to go through the process of obtaining a residency permit.

The Montenegro golden visa program is open to foreigners who are of good behavior, have sufficient funds, and have a job offer from a Montenegrin company.

As a result, if you have this visa, you will be able to work, reside, and study in Montenegro and everywhere else in Europe. 

After five years, you will indeed be able to request Montenegro citizenship.

Advantages of Montenegro golden visa

Montenegro is a beautiful country known for its natural beauty and history. It also offers many advantages to those who wish to live in this country.

The Montenegro golden visa allows holders to live and work in Montenegro without having to apply for a visa. 

This makes Montenegro a great choice for those looking for an easy and pleasant living experience.

Furthermore, this program is beneficial because it allows people to see the country and meet the people there firsthand.

 It also allows them to work without worrying about their immigration status.

The golden visa program allows visitors to enjoy all the benefits of living in Montenegro while still maintaining their original citizenship and residency status.

Other benefits of the Montenegro golden visa include access to government services and a reduction in tax payment.

Qualifying criteria to apply for Montenegro golden visa

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Applicants must have no criminal record and no penalties or prohibitions on admission to certain countries, such as the EU, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Canada.
  • Investors must be nationals of a third country, not European Union or EFTA citizens.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that their funds are legally obtained and have an excellent credit history.
  • Applicants must have sound health (both physical and mental).

Investment options for Montenegro golden visa

Through its golden visa program, several investment options are available to foreigners who wish to invest in Montenegro. They include:

#1. Real Estate investment option for Montenegro golden visa

Montenegro is a country to consider if you are looking to invest in real estate. The country has a rich real estate history and many opportunities for future growth.

This program provides successful candidates and their qualified family members with full Montenegrin citizenship and a passport.

To start with, applicants under the real estate investment option must donate €100,000 to a government fund and invest in pre-approved real estate projects. 

In addition, applicants must be aware that the value of property investment is determined by its location. 

Properties in the less developed northern areas of the country should cost at least €250,000, while those in the busier southern or the seaside region should cost at least €450,000. 

The Montenegrin government has pre-approved suitable real estate possibilities for all applicants.

#2. Entrepreneur investments option for Montenegro golden visa

Applicants must invest in a new or existing firm in Montenegro that fits specific requirements, such as creating jobs or contributing to economic growth.

The investment must be of a specific type, such as purchasing stock in a corporation, lending money to an enterprise, or giving tangible assets such as physical assets.

Any company investment should aim to earn a financial return on investment, whether through capital gains, interest payments, or dividends.

Requirements documents for the application for a Montenegro golden visa

To apply for a Montenegro golden visa, you must satisfy the following conditions. 

You should be aware that you would be required to spend nothing less than five days in the country each year. But, first, let us examine the papers necessary for the application.

  • A completed application form.
  • Three valid passports photograph (issued within the last five years). 
  • Authenticated copies of the applicants’ passports or travel documents.
  • Birth certificate copies (if children are included in the application for citizenship)
  • Certificate of Marriage (if applicable)
  • Health insurance policies.
  • Medical certifications proving that candidates are free of infectious illnesses
  • Documents attesting to the legality of the income source(s).
  • Evidence of your investment (Documentation may vary depending on your selected investment, for example, bank transfer, property lease, municipal investment project permission).

How to apply for a golden visa to Montenegro

In general, applying for a Montenegro golden visa is a simple process. You will have a successful application if you follow the stages required, including the proper documents and investment.

You can follow the steps below to apply for a Montenegro golden visa

Step 1: Perform a preliminary assessment with your agency

If you are interested in a Montenegro golden visa, it is vital to do a preliminary assessment with your agency. 

However, this will help ensure that the application process is handled properly and that all the necessary documents are submitted.

Step 2Gather all necessary papers and select your investment project.

You will need to gather all the documentation required for the registration procedure. The list is presented above. 

However, if you are traveling with dependents, they must also have the relevant documentation in order.

It is critical that you notarize, translate, certify, and obtain apostilles for your documents if necessary.

Step 3: Pay the administrative fees and make the whole investment (government donation + property investment)

If you are considering making a government donation to secure property investment, be aware of the administrative fees that may apply. 

 There are often ways to work around these fees, such as through trusts or estate planning.

Step 4: Submit your application and wait up to six months for a response while the due diligence procedure is in process

Of course, you must submit your application online once your qualifying investments and paperwork are complete.

In some circumstances, your lawyer will assist you and notify you if anything is missing. However, receiving an appointment after submitting your paperwork will take around six months.

Step 5: Get your naturalization certificate.

This document is required to apply for citizenship in Montenegro. 

There are several ways to obtain a naturalization certificate. First, you can apply through the government’s website or a local court. The process involves completing an application form, providing documentation of your identity and residency, and taking a citizenship test.

The process is relatively easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Step 6Travel to Montenegro to take the citizenship oath and biometric information.

To become a citizen of Montenegro, you must take the citizenship oath and provide biometric information. 

In addition, you must pass a language test and demonstrate knowledge of the constitution. The processing takes less than two months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is real estate in Montenegro a good investment?

Montenegro is an ideal country to invest in real estate. The Montenegrin real estate market is growing and has a good infrastructure. 

Indeed, the real estate sector is stable. There are no restrictions on investment. The country has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Can foreigners buy property in Montenegro?

Foreigners can buy property in Montenegro, but they must meet various requirements and undergo a process of approval.

In addition, foreigners must have a permanent residence permit and be financially stable.

Is it easy to get permanent residency in Montenegro?

To be eligible for residency in Montenegro, you must have a valid visa and meet the requirements set forth by the government. 

There are several ways to get residency in Montenegro, including marriage to a citizen, investing in the country, or working for an approved company.

What are the advantages of getting a Montenegrin passport?

Montenegrin passport holders get visa-free travel to over one hundred countries and direct access to the Schengen region.

Is it possible to have dual citizenship in Montenegro?

It is possible to have dual citizenship in Montenegro. However, you must renounce your other citizenship if you wish to have dual citizenship in Montenegro. 

You must also meet the legal requirements of both countries. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, you must follow the rules of both nations to have dual citizenship in Montenegro.

Is the Republic of Montenegro part of the EU?

The country is yet to join, but it continues progressing on many European Union requirements. 

Montenegro is considered a stable, democratic country with good economic prospects.


In conclusion, Montenegro offers a golden visa program that is straightforward to apply for, with investment options that are varied and affordable. 

However, the country welcomes foreign investors and has a stable economy, making it a desirable place to obtain a residency permit. 

With its beautiful natural scenery and relaxed lifestyle, Montenegro is the perfect place to invest and obtain a golden visa.

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