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Montenegro Study Exchange Visa – Application and Processing time

As an international student planning to study in Montenegro, it is unsurprising that you may have encountered the Montenegro study exchange visa in your visa research.

Montenegro is one of the popular study destinations for international students. This is so because of the quality of education associated with Montenegro schools. Furthermore, undertaking advanced study training in Montenegro universities increases your employability as an international student. 

For this reason, the government of Montenegro offers study exchange visas to international students to enable them to apply and move to Montenegro for advanced studies, exchange programs, or work experience. 

However, the Montenegro study exchange visa is for a temporary stay. That is to say that the visa is valid throughout your study exchange program. Therefore, your duration of stay in Montenegro as a study exchange student is the duration your visa can last.

Consequently, you must fully understand what the study exchange visa is about, its privileges, and the requirements needed to have one. And that is what this article discusses, so you are not lost even if it is your first attempt at international studies.

What is a Montenegro study exchange visa?

A Montenegro study exchange visa is a non-immigrant visa that the government of Montenegro issues to international students. This visa is issued for studies and exchange programs. 

This non-immigrant visa allows an international student to migrate to Montenegro temporarily and undertake a course of study or an exchange program in the nation. 

Montenegro is increasingly becoming a popular choice destination for international students. This, however, is not surprising as Montenegro offers a long history of quality learning with many educational institutions. 

When issued, the Montenegro study exchange visa allows holders to live in Montenegro for as long as they need to complete their academic activities. It also allows them to work to help support themselves and any dependent that comes along with them. But this is only for the period of their study program.

Why do you need a Montenegro business visa?

Apart from the fact that the Montenegro study exchange visa grants the holder the right to live, study, and work in Montenegro, international students still need the visa for other executions.

The holder of a study exchange visa has free entry and exit in Montenegro as much as they like. Furthermore, the visa holder can apply for a different visa within Montenegro. 

Family members of a Montenegro study exchange visa holder can join them in Montenegro throughout their study program. They cannot only join them but as well can study, work, and travel in and out of the country.

Types of study exchange visas?

The Montenegro government issues study exchange visas to international students under a long-term D visa. But, if you are going to the US from Montenegro, there are four types of study exchange visas that you can apply for. 

This depends mainly on the type of exchange program you are leaning towards. You can apply for;

#. An F-1 visa. 

This is the visa issued to a foreign student already enrolled in an approved Montenegro school. 

This means that even if you have secured admission, you are not eligible for this visa until you are fully enrolled in the approved institution.

#. An M-1 visa. 

This visa is issued to international students who apply for vocational studies—cooking, cosmetology, flight training, and technical courses.

#. A J-1 visa. 

This visa is a two-year exchange visa issued to international students going for any program in the below-accepted program categories;

  • Au pair and Edu Care
  • Camp Counselor
  • Government Visitor
  • Intern
  • International Visitor (Dept. of State use)
  • Physician
  • Professor and Research Scholar
  • Short-term Scholar
  • Specialist
  • Student, college/university
  • Student, secondary
  • Summer Work Travel
  • Teacher
  • Trainee

#. A Q-1 visa. 

This is a cultural exchange visa. It allows holders to work and share their culture with other international citizens.

Eligibility Criteria for getting Montenegro Study Exchange Visa

Before the government of Montenegro can issue an international student a study exchange visa, they must pass all the eligibility criteria listed below.

#1. They must demonstrate acceptance into an approved school’s academic program

They must present a letter of acceptance proving they have been accepted into full-time or foundational studies. 

#2. The international student must prove that they have a sponsor

To this, they submit evidence of their finance or the finance of their sponsors.

#3. They must pay the fee for the course they were admitted for

They are required to provide evidence of full payment of the course fee. 

#4. They must indicate a willingness to return to their home country for two years at the end of the study exchange program

They sign a binding agreement to that effect.

#5. They must purchase travel medical insurance

They are to provide evidence of insurance before their visa request process commences.

What are the requirements for applying for a Montenegro study exchange visa?

Below are the requirements you must meet before proceeding with your Montenegro study exchange visa.

#1. Funding Source:

You must provide at least 50% of your program funding fee. The accredited sponsor must not be a friend or a family member.

#2. Language Proficiency:

A prospective international student must write a language test and meet the required language proficiency score of the school they intend to enroll in for the program.

#3. Valid insurance:

Valid insurance is one document that cannot be overlooked. Both the international student and their dependent must have travel medical insurance. This must meet the standard outlined by their host university.

#4. Meet home residency requirements:

This is an agreement to return to your home country upon completion of the desired program.

#5. Maintain full-time enrollment during the academic year:

The study exchange visa is issued for admission into a full-time program. Therefore, the international student must maintain a full-time academic study in Montenegro.

#6. Follow work restrictions:

If you are to work as an international student, you must follow the work restrictions stipulated in the country’s regulations. Work part-time for 20 hours per week and full-time during academic breaks.

#7. Up-to-date address:

Make sure to update your address. For example, in the case of a residence change, you must update both the sponsor and the school’s address.

#8. Have a valid passport:

You must ensure your passports are ready and valid for travel at least six months before your program completion date.

#9. Adhere to Montenegro study exchange visa rules:

You must adhere to all rules and keep on maintaining study exchange to gram rules.

Document utilized in the processing of a Montenegro study exchange visa

Below are the documents required to obtain a Montenegro study exchange visa.

#1. A copy of a valid passport:

Make sure to capture all biodata and information. You can submit old passports if there are any.

#2. A completed copy of the visa application form: 

The applicant must fill out and sign the visa application form. Also, make sure that the signature on the visa matches the signature on the passport.

#3. Two copies of civil passport photographs: 

The passports must be recently taken photos. It must reveal the facial features of the applicant and must be taken on a white background.

#4. A cover letter:

The cover letter must contain the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, travel date (entry and return dates), the purpose of travel, sponsors, accommodation, and other required details.

The applicant should append their signature on the cover letter. The signature must be the same as the passport and application letter.

#5. An invitation letter:

This letter must be from the institution (school/college/university) in Montenegro where they will undertake the program of study. The letter must include the applicant’s name, the course of study, and details about the institution.

#6. Accommodation Proof:

The accommodation proof is a document that confirms that the applicant has made provision for their accommodation. It is also proof that the applicants can cater to their housing.

#7. A copy of the flight ticket:

This is to ensure that the applicant can’t take care of their flight and travel.

#8. Travel health insurance:

The travel health insurance must include a minimum of 30,000 Euros. This will take care of unforeseen risks during their travel and stay. 

The exception is holders of diplomatic passports and passports of EU and Schengen zone member countries. 

Also, holders of US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australian passports and seamen who already have their health insurance covered due to their professional activities.

#8. Proof of finance:

This proves that the applicant has sufficient funds to care for themselves throughout their stay in Montenegro. In addition, they will submit their bank statement or that of their sponsors not exceeding six months.

Every document must be translated to English before submission.

Steps to applying for a Montenegro study exchange visa

As a requirement for a study exchange program, you must provide a sponsor who is not a family member or a friend. But before that, you must have applied and secured admission into the university of choice.

When you have decided on the program sponsor, below are the steps to making your application.

#1. Fill out and submit your Montenegro study exchange visa application form.

After getting a sponsor and getting accepted into the program, you must fill out and submit your visa application form. Then, you must fill out the form online and have the confirmation page printed.

You will need the confirmation page as a document during the application. Your program sponsor issues the form.

#2. Pay the Required Fees.

You make an application form fee asides from the program fee. 

The other fees include a non-immigrant visa application processing fee and a visa issuance fee.

#3. Schedule a Visa Interview.

The Montenegro local consulate will interview you. This must be done before you are accepted into the program. You must attend your interviews as well.

While coming for the interview, bring along the following documents with you :

A valid passport, A copy of the photo you will use for your visa, and visa payment confirmation receipts.

#4. Await your response.

Your response depends more on your interview outcome. The way you answered your questions affects your interview outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to acquire a Montenegro study exchange visa?

The costs for a Montenegro study exchange visa are the same as that of the other Montenegro visas. Check it out here.

How long can a Montenegro study exchange visa last?

With a Montenegro study exchange visa, you can stay up to three years. However, the duration of your study visa always depends on how long you are to spend for your study program. Montenegro’s study exchange license is valid throughout the program duration.

Can I bring a family member under the Montenegro study exchange visa?

Yes, you can bring your family members to Montenegro using the Montenegro study license. However, the visa permits you to get only your spouse and children. They have to apply for their visa separately.

What kind of work can I do using a Montenegro study exchange visa?

With the study exchange visa, you can only work a part-time job within your school campus. In addition, you can only work a full-time job during holidays or breaks.

Can I extend my stay in Montenegro using the study exchange visa? 

No, you can’t. The binding agreement stipulated that you would go back to your home country immediately after your studies were over. However, you can request a visa extension if you get employment before your studies are completed.

Can I get permanent residence using a Montenegro study exchange visa?

The binding agreement stipulated that you must be willing to travel back home. So, it is a No. However, if you marry a Montenegro citizen before the expiration of your visa, then it is possible. But you will have to apply for a fiancé visa. Afterward, you can go on and request a Green Card.


Montenegro study exchange visa is a non-immigrant visa for international students who intend to live, study and work in Montenegro. If you are considering studying in Montenegro, it is a good choice. It is one of the European countries with the cheapest cost of living.

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