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Montenegro Temporary Residence Permit: Application and Validity

Are you curious about how to apply and get a Montenegro temporary residence permit? If yes, you are on the right page to learn about the validity, application process, and other vital details. It is a success to secure a Montenegro visa, but with Montenegro, a temporary residence permits your stay is guaranteed.

Montenegro issues three types of residence permits to foreigners which are Montenegro temporary residence, visa-free travel permit, and permanent residence permit. But this article will focus on temporary residence permits because you need them to get a permanent permit.

However, there are procedures you must follow with supporting documents attached to obtain the permit.

Meanwhile, let us take you through facts you must know about Montenegro while you plan to visit the country.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country located in southeastern Europe. The government has a population of around 730,000 people and an area of just over 7,000 square kilometers. Serbia borders Montenegro to the north and east, Croatia to the south and west, and Albania to the southwest. The capital city is Podgorica. The official language of Montenegro is Serbian, and there are also minority languages spoken, including Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Turkish.

The country is mountainous, with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. It is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and history. Some of the best places to visit in Montenegro include Kotor, Budva, Herceg Novi, and Cetinje. Many tour companies offer tours of the country, and it is easy to find information on the internet. Visitors also enjoy hiking and biking trails, wine tasting, fishing, skiing, and much more.

Moreover, the country’s economy is based on tourism, mining, and agriculture. Therefore, there are many opportunities for foreigners to find jobs in Montenegro. In addition, the government is developing new industries, such as pharmaceuticals and information technology, and there are many job openings in these industries.

What is Montenegro Residence permit?

It is an authorization form that allows foreign nationals to stay in Montenegro for at least one year or more. This permit also allows foreigners to study, work, and engage in lawful businesses.

Montenegro Residence permit is of three types which are:

Montenegro temporary residence permit: It is offered to foreign citizens that wish to stay in the country for at least one year. The residence permits can be renewed yearly for up to five years.

Montenegro permanent residence permit: This is offered to citizens who wish to live in the country indefinitely. This permit has numerous benefits, including access to free medical care, quality education, and lots more.

Visa-free travel permit: You can apply for this type of residence permit if you’re from an Austrian, Canadian, EU nation, US, or the UK. It is because citizens from these countries can visit and spend up to ninety days without a visa. But they must have their national passport or ID card with them.

Eligible applicants for Montenegro temporary residence permit 

The categories of people eligible to apply for a Montenegro temporary residence permit.

You will be eligible to apply for this type of permit if you hold any of the Montenegro long-stay visas below:

  • Montenegro Work visa
  • Study visa in Montenegro
  • Family Reunification visa for Montenegro
  • Business (Investors and the likes)
  • Yacht owner
  • Real Estate ownership

There are rare instances where people with medical, Humanitarian visas with international celebrities get temporary residence permits.

Requirements for Montenegro temporary residence permit

You must meet the requirements for the permit before your application can be considered by the authority. The requirements include:

  • You must have a full-time job in the country.
  • If you’re a student, your program must be full-time study.
  • You must have a house, book a hotel, rent a hostel or have a condo.
  • If you own a business, you must be an executive director and fulfill Montenegro Employment Laws.

Montenegro temporary residence permits Application Documents 

You must attach the documents to your application form for it to be considered and processed.

A valid passport: This must have an expiration date longer than the residence permit being applied for.

Education credentials: These are your certificates, like a Bachelor’s degree, diploma, and other professional certificates.

Proof of income source: This could be your salary pay slip, bank statement, and others. The proof must show that you have a minimum of three hundred fifty Euros in your bank account or monthly income.

Evidence of medical insurance subscription plan.

Evidence of accommodation: It could be a condo, personal house, hostel, or hotel.

Birth certificate: You attach this if you are applying for a residence permit for an adopted child.

Marriage Certificate: This must be included in your application if you are applying for Montenegro temporary residence permit on a family reunion visa.

Evidence of employment in Montenegro: You should provide documents like an employment letter, letter of the contract, recent pay slips, and other relevant documents.

Criminal clearance document: This is very important because it determines if you have any criminal record or not. This can be obtained from the police or other related agencies in Montenegro. Of course, it would help if you did not have any criminal charges; otherwise, you may not be considered for Montenegro temporary residence permit.

How to apply for Montenegro temporary residence permit

In most, you would have arrived in Montenegro before you applied for this permit. Therefore, the steps to follow for your application are:

Firstly, you get all the requested documents and translate those that need to be translated. Don’t forget that you must download and fill out the application form.

Secondly, you proceed to the Foreign Affairs Ministry or its subsidiaries in Montenegro to submit your application form with the documentation process. You do this in person so that you don’t make mistakes. It also gives you the opportunities to make immediate corrections where it is necessary needed. The residence permit application fee must be paid at the ministry before your submission.

Lastly, you wait for at least forty days to get updates from the ministry on the status of your application. The ministry uses this period to verify your activities from the National security Adviser office, police, and other related agencies. So you can see how important a criminal record proof could expedite your Montenegro temporary residence permit application. If you’re successful, you will be contacted on how you will receive the permit.

Montenegro temporary residences permit processing time validity and application fees

You have to wait for forty days after you submit your application; the authority will review and verify your application with the documents provided. The temporary permit is only valid for one year, but you can renew it five times. Therefore, it is not too expensive to obtain the permit; you need to pay 250 Euros per person.

Quick ways to get Montenegro temporary residence permit 

You will have your residence permit easily processed if you fall into this category.

Property Ownership: If you owned real estate or a house fully registered with Montenegro national property register. And you have no criminal charges against you in the country.

Formation of Company: This requires that you and a few other individuals can start a company in Montenegro that is registered. So as a director in such a company, you are entitled to an annual residence permit. But you must be able to pay yourself a salary equivalent to the rank of director and other obligations like taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain Montenegro Citizenship?

You need to apply for it before obtaining it, but you must hold a Montenegro temporary residence permit for five years. Thereafter, you hold the Montenegro permanent residence permit for another five years; then, you apply for citizenship.

Can I vote with Montenegro’s temporary residence permit?

No, you can’t vote even with a permanent residence permit. In addition, you cannot contest any election in the country until you become a citizen of Montenegro.

Do I need to pay tax with my Montenegro temporary residence permit?

You’re to pay taxes as a permit holder, but the taxes are not higher compared to other countries. It also depends on the amount you earn as a salary or income. The tax ranges from 9% to 15 % for both personal and cooperative organizations. If your gross salary is 700/Euros or less, you will be exempted from taxes.

How long does it take to get citizenship in Montenegro?

You can apply for Montenegro citizenship if you have held both Montenegro temporary and permanent residence permits for ten years.

Can foreigners own land in Montenegro?

Yes, but the foreigner must have a company registered in their name in the country. It is pretty easier to buy properties than land in Montenegro.


Montenegro is a peaceful; country to live in for a short and long time. Therefore, the visa and residence permit policies are friendly and inclusive. Montenegro’s temporary residence permit will be issued if you have all the requirements and apply at the right time.

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