Montenegro Transit Visa – Application, Requirements and Fees

A Montenegro transit visa is one of the pieces of paperwork you will need if you are passing through the country’s lovely terrain. 

Essentially, before acquiring a travel visa to your target country, you need to be aware of the country, in which you will transit.

With its Adriatic Sea coastline and rugged mountains, the country is a land of beautiful scenery and rich history.

As a rule, if you intend to go to Montenegro, you will require a transit visa. The procedure for acquiring a transit visa is pretty simple. This guide will help you get this visa as soon as possible.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is a small Balkan country located in southwest Europe. The country shares a border with Serbia to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, Albania to the south, and Croatia to the west.

It has a population of over two million people and two autonomous provinces: Montenegro Proper, which is the largest and most populous province, and East Montenegro, which is home to the capital city, Podgorica. 

Known for its picturesque mountains, pristine lakes, and welcoming people, Montenegro is a perfect destination for visitors looking for adventure and relaxation.

More so, the country has a rich history and culture and its renowned wine production. It has been an independent republic since 2006.

What is a Montenegro transit visa?

The Montenegrin transit visa is a Type B visa that allows foreigners to stay in the country for up to five days on each journey. 

More so, all applicants for Montenegro transit visas cannot work or remain in the country. 

Provided the passenger has a travel document and an onward itinerary, the visa might be issued at the border or airport.

You can get this type of visa at the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in your home country. The visa is issued to foreigners who have one, two, or more transits.

Fees for processing Montenegro transit visas

Montenegro is a transit-dependent country for nationals from numerous nations. Therefore, visitors seeking to travel through Montenegro must get a transit visa.

However, the Montenegro transit visa charge for most countries is €35 and is valid for up to six months.

You must carefully pay the cost online during the processing stage of your transit visa application using a payment card such as a Credit or Debit card.

Montenegro transit visa processing time

The Republic of Montenegro is a transit country for people entering and exiting Europe. As such, it has procedures in place for visa processing.

However, the processing time for obtaining a transit visa in Montenegro is approximately two weeks, making it an attractive option for travelers looking for a fast and easy visa process.

Montenegro transit visa requirements

It would help if you met certain conditions to acquire a transit visa to travel via Montenegro to another nation. The necessary paperwork to process Montenegro transit visa applications includes:

#1. Passport or travel documents

A valid passport is required. This passport must be valid for at least three months following your trip. 

Furthermore, it must have been issued within the past ten years. It must also have two vacant spots for your visa stamp.

#2. Montenegro transit visa application form

Of course, you will need an application form for a transit visa. This is a section where you will input your name, nationality, reason for travel, and length of your trip.

#3. Bank financial statement

You must present a personal account statement from the last three months with a minimum balance of €5,000. 

Your bank statement must include your bank’s stamp and a moist signature to be considered reliable.

#5. Passport photos

The photo must be in color, with a light backdrop, and shot within the previous six months. Most importantly, it must meet the Montenegro visa photo specifications.

#6. An employment letter

You will also need a letter from your boss. Your employer must address the letter to the Montenegro consulate or embassy in your country of origin. 

In addition, the letter will clarify the objective of your trip, the dates, and your preparedness to depart once your visa expires.

#7. Travel health insurance coverage

Are you planning a trip soon? If so, it is important to research the travel health insurance options available to you. 

Several companies provide travel health insurance for individuals, and all of them have different policies and coverage.

 Do not wait until the last minute to decide whether you need coverage. Hence, start researching now so you can be prepared for whatever may happen during your travels.

#8. Your identity card

Suppose you are traveling to a foreign country like Montenegro; it is a good idea to have a photocopy of your identification card on hand. It includes the front and back of the document. 

However, if you lose your original ID card, you can easily get a copy from your home country or consulate.

#9. Flight schedule

It would help if you supplied your travel arrangements. For example, it might be a physical flight ticket or a flight reservation. 

It must also include your departure and return dates.

#10. Proof of accommodation in Montenegro

A hotel reservation might serve as proof of residency. It might also be a friend or family invitation.

#11Copy of your visa to your final destination

Of course, you must present a visa as regards your final destination. To receive a Montenegro transit Visa, you must present your valid visa to the embassy.

This is very crucial because you will not be able to obtain a transit visa without it.

#12Visa fees receipt

The receipt for your visa fees is a document that proves to the immigration officer that you have paid your visa fees. 

It is important to keep this receipt, as it will help speed up your immigration process.

How to apply for a Montenegro transit visa

Applying for a transit visa is a simple process. However, it typically takes two weeks to process. To minimize excessive delays, you must follow some professional advice.

 As a result, we have devised the procedures for obtaining a visa to enter the country.

Step 1: Check if you are eligible for a Montenegro transit visa

If you are a citizen of a country that is not on the Montenegro visa exempt list and you plan to transit through Montenegro, you will need a visa. 

The visa requirements are on the Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

 However, the Montenegro transit visa exempt list includes only a few countries and is regularly updated.

Step 2: Complete the Montenegro visa application form 

After discovering whether you are eligible for a transit visa, the next step is to download an application form. 

However, you must fill in the correct details in the form. In addition, you must provide the following information: name, country of residence, and duration of your stay.

Step 3: Get your paperwork ready

The third step is to get the paperwork required for the transit visa. 

It is necessary to provide all the documents above. Your transit visa request may be denied if you fail to provide any of these papers. 

As a result, you must check the list frequently to ensure it is complete.

Step 4: Submit your transit visa application 

You must send your application form and additional documents. Before visiting the Montenegro Embassy or consulates, schedule an appointment. 

Otherwise, the officials may not attend to you. 

Step 5: Pay your transit visa fee

After submitting the necessary documents, the next step is to pay your visa fees. 

This step is crucial because the embassy will not process your transit visa without it. So, pay the fees on time to avoid unnecessary delays.

Step 6. Wait for result

Montenegro transit visa processing time takes two weeks from the time you apply. 

However, you must be ready to send additional paperwork to the Montenegro embassy in your country of origin. 

You will receive an email from the embassy or consulate once your visa is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get a transit visa?

To apply for a transit visa, you must gather documentation that proves your travel plans in the country you are using. 

The process can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring you to submit various forms and documents.

Is Montenegro safe?

Montenegro is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. There have not been any major terrorist incidents in the country, and the crime rate is low.

Can I get a Montenegro transit visa at the airport?

If you are traveling to Montenegro from a European country, you may be able to apply for a transit visa at the airport. 

However, this out rightly depends on the country you are traveling from. Make sure to check with your airline or travel agent for specific information.

Is Montenegro part of the Schengen zone?

Montenegro is a small country located in the Balkans region. It is not part of the Schengen Area. Therefore, visas are required for entry into Montenegro.

However, there are a few ways to get a transit visa without visiting the embassy. One option is to go to the Montenegrin consulate in your city and apply there. 

Another option is to go to the Montenegrin embassy in another country and apply there.

Do I still need a Montenegro transit visa after leaving the transit zone?

 If you are leaving the Montenegro transit zone and your final destination is a different country, you no longer need a transit visa. 

However, if you plan to stay in Montenegro for more than ninety days, you will need a visa.


In conclusion, the Montenegro transit visa is a convenient option for those who will pass through the country on their way to another destination.

The application process is simple, and the fees are relatively low.

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