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Montenegro Visa requirements – Who can apply, Fees and Validity

Do you want to visit the glamorous estuarial country of Montenegro? Your best will be to know Montenegro Visa requirements. The country offers different visas to foreign nationals to enter their country. If you are outside the US, Ireland, The UK, EU, and Schengen, you need a visa to enter this country. However, the government allows everyone to have an extended stay depending on their wants.

Montenegro is known for its vibrant architectural designs and exciting history. This magnificent seaside country is a good destination for people worldwide. So it makes people want to live, stay and work in it. However, you need the right information to make a trip to experience the natural environment.

This article is written to furnish you with the right Montenegro Visa requirements. In addition, you would be provided with accurate information on who can apply its fees and validity. You will get all the facts below.

Montenegro visa types

There are about 4 Montenegro Visa types, so you go for the one that suits your purpose: There are;

Long stay visa or type D visa.

The Long stay visa, otherwise known as a Type D visa, is issued to foreigners for about six months a year. You can get this visa for one, two, or multiple entries. One can also get this visa if you are a holder of an official or diplomatic passport. You can get this visa for the following purposes.

Work, business, medical treatment, seasonal work, study exchange, family reunion, humanitarian reason, or scientific-research work.

Short stay visa or type C visa.

The Short stay visa or type C visa is issued for foreign nationals that want to visit the country for a short stay. The duration is always 90 days in six months. It can be issued for one or multiple entries. The rule for the short stay visa is that you can apply for it as an individual or with others. If it is a collective application, the duration will only be for 30 days. You can request this visa for:

  1. Medical controls
  2. Tourism
  3. Business meeting

The multiple-entry short-stay visa is always for a maximum of one year.

Transit visa or type B visa.

The Transit visa, also known as the type B visa, is obtained by nationals with one, two, or more transits. This visa is valid for six months. With this type B visa, you can only enter Montenegro for just five days. To get this visa, you must first show that you have secured the entrance to the next you intend to visit. A transit visa can be issued to an individual or more people.

Airport transit visa or type A visa.

The airport transit visa, otherwise called type A visa, as the name implies, is an airport transit visa. It is issued to foreign nationals that want to change flights from Montenegro to the next destination. One can enter the country of Montenegro for transit or more. The holder isn’t expected to leave the airport of Montenegro into the country. Just make your transit and move. This valid is valid for only three months.

Montenegro visa requirements (documents)

To get your Montenegro visa application approved, you would be expected to submit some documents. So below are the documents you should submit for your approval.

  1. Colored passport photo: the photo must have a light background and be in colors. The photo should be recent, no more than six months
  2. Completed Application form: fill out your application form online, then print it out. Make sure you have filled all the fields, then sign at the end.
  3. Passport: one of the Montenegro visa requirements is a valid passport. So submit your passport that is still valid. It should be a recent one of not more than six months. Submit with previous visas if available.
  4. Evidence of health insurance: show proof that you have valid health insurance that will cover your stay in the country
  5. Proof of financial stability: your bank statement should suffice; it will prove that you can cater to your expenses in Montenegro. Having financial stability is needed
  6. Evidence of Accommodation booking: Show proof of accommodation in Montenegro like an invitation letter from a family member or rental agreement.
  7. Schedule of itinerary: The airport airline should issue proof of booked round-trip. The document should show flight time, return ticket, flight, and the date. This is to aid in proving that you will be returning to your country.

Montenegro visa application

To get a Montenegro visa of your choice, you would first get to the embassy or consulate of Montenegro in your country. The following steps should be followed for your application:

  • Start with getting to the nearest Montenegro embassy in your country, then an appointment for your visa application. Get the date, and then attend the appointment
  • Complete the application form online, and make sure all information stated is correct and your details are. Leave no field blank. Then print out the hard copy of it and sign your name. No false information should be entered to avoid rejection.
  • Make payment: submit the application and make fee payment for the processing. Make sure you pay your money at the embassy and to the right person. Attach all the demanded documents to this.
  • Wait to get a reply from the embassy: After submission of everything, wait to get a response from the consulate or embassy. The answer should be mailed to you in less than two weeks.

Fees for Montenegro visa 

The fees you pay for a Montenegro visa depend on the visa you are obtaining. The average costs for Montenegro visas are:

  1. A short-stay visa is 35 Euros
  2. A Transit visa is 35 Euros
  3. Transit B visa is 35 Euros
  4. The long stay visa fee depends on the embassy or consulate. So the best bet is to call them and ask to get the actual payment.

Montenegro visa validity

The Montenegro visa volatility depends solely on the type of visa you are obtaining. As stated earlier, you will be in the country for 90 days if you get a short-stay visa. But for a long-term stay, you can get up to 12 months, i.e., 35 days.

Do I need to send my passport to the embassy to get a Montenegro visa?

Yes, it is one of Montenegro’s visa requirements; you would need to submit your passport to the consulate. You are to send the whole passport, not a copy of it. Your Montenegro visa will be stamped on your passport. So it will become a page on your passport pages. There’s a way that your Montenegro visa request is completed without the original passport. It is one important document for visa approval.

Montenegro visa requirements frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Montenegro’s visa processing time?

The processing time of a Montenegro visa depends on different factors like the number of applications to be processed in the embassy and the time of your application submission. However, on average, it will be 14 days maximum.

What are the reasons for the Montenegro visa rejection?

The consulate can reject one of Montenegro’svisas because for several reasons. Some are as follows:

  • The passport presented is not valid
  • Incomplete documents
  • A passport in bad condition will be rejected
  • There’s false information on your application form
  • Lack of attending the visa appointment on time

What can I do if my Montenegro visa application is rejected?

If your Montenegro visa is rejected, you can do two things: Reapply or appeal your rejection. You can reapply again to the embassy, but first, look at the rejection to correct what brought the rejection. Then, go ahead to write an appeal letter to the embassy that gave the rejection.

Who can apply for a Montenegro visa?

Foreign nationals outside the US, the UK, Ireland, the EU member states, and Schengen countries

What is the duration of a short-stay Montenegro visa?

It is for ninety days within one hundred and eighty days.

Do I need a covid test for Montenegro entry?

No, from March 11th this year, no Covid 19 passports or certificate is required. You need no Covid 19 test is also needed before entrance into Montenegro. In the same vein, there’s no proof of vaccination required.

Can I work in Montenegro with my short-stay visa?

You get a job first before you apply for a permit alongside the visa. Then, the work permit will be issued from the embassy in your home country. When you get a work permit, you can travel to Montenegro to work. A work permit can also be obtained from the employment bureau of Montenegro.

What is the best time to apply for a Montenegro visa?

It would help if you did this a few weeks before departure time. The least time should be between a week or two weeks.


Montenegro is great to live, work or study in. It is always open to receiving foreign nationals for any purpose. However, legally living, working, or looking in the country will meet all Montenegro’s visa requirements. The above information is the correct information you need to know about Montenegro visa requirements. You wouldn’t struggle to get your Montenegro visa with the details above.

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