More International Students In Canada Intend To Apply For Permanent Residence

A growing number of international students in Canada want permanent residency, a new survey by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) reveals.

An international education blog reported on the survey by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), which claim that sixty (60) per cent from this year’s group want to be future citizens, an increase from fifty-one (51) per cent who said the same in 2015. Another thirty (30) per cent said they were unsure.

These survey participants have further study and work plans in the immediate future after graduating from the course.

“Nearly fifty (50) per cent of the students indicated their intention to stay in Canada in order to obtain further education. Some international students who wished to remain in Canada for studies were most likely to pursue further education in a different higher institution (twenty-five (25) percent) while twenty-one (21) per cent specify they would continue staying at their current institution,” the report wrote.

“Over two-thirds (seventy (70) per cent) of all students showed their intention to find work in Canada following the completion of studies.”

The CBIE survey report had about 14,228 respondents, all from the various post-secondary institutions in Canada,  representing four per cent of the total for this group. More than one-third (thirty-five (35) per cent) are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, while the rest comprises of students pursuing diploma studies (about thirteen (13) per cent), Master’s (twenty-two (22) per cent) and doctoral programs (seventeen (17) per cent).

East Asian students form the largest regional cohort (twenty-three (23) per cent), followed by South Asia (twenty-two (22) per cent) and Africa (fourteen (14) per cent).

These students’ desires to remain in Canada should come as no surprise. For decades, the country maintained a reputation as lenient, welcoming, with friendly immigration policies, even as its Southern neighbour grew increasingly hostile towards international students.

One female international student from India stated: “Canada is very friendly, welcoming, and cheerful and that makes me feel good and secured in spite of being thousands of thousands of miles away from home.”

Another student from Trinidad and Tobago declared: “The startup community and faculty members are very kind, considerate and supportive people…Professionals both inside and outside the university community whom I have had the pleasure to relate with continue to encourage me and assist me where they can to pursue my dreams and develop every day and that means the alot to me.”

It’s no surprise, that according to CBIE’s recent survey, Canada maintains very significant levels of satisfaction among the international student group, with a Nine-four (94) per cent approval rate.

It’s resulted in a surge in the number of foreign students in recent years. Last year November, Universities Canada reported a 10.7 per cent expansion in international student enrollment compared to last fall. British Columbia province saw the biggest largesse, with a hike of 15.6 per cent. Around the same time, American universities experienced a seven per cent fall in the enrollment of international students.