Most In-demand Jobs In Canada Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Foreign nationals planning to immigrate to Canada have been given a glimpse into the Canadian jobs very likely to be most in-demand this new year. Below, we carefully highlight Canada’s most in-demand jobs for 2022/23 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For job seekers, computer science, skills related to e-commerce, security and healthcare will be most in-demand jobs in 2021,” reports Randstad Canada.

Canada’s economy is recovering from the enormous impact of COVID-19, the global human resources firm announced on its website. Though a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has swept through most of Canada’s provinces, the economic impact has been much less acute.

As restrictions gradually loosen up through 2021 and the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control, that recovery is expected to only strengthen.

The Conference Board of Canada agrees with that bullish perspective. This week, it announced its economic forecasts for this year and 2022. It is calling for a massive recovering in the Canadian economy.

Canadian Economy Poised for Strong Growth in Two Years

The Conference Board is projecting Canada will see GDP growth of Five (5.3) per cent in 2021 and three (5) per cent in 2022.

“The news that safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines against coronavirus have begun to be distributed has provided a positive outlook that the pandemic could soon be successfully wiped out,” says Pedro Antunes, the Conference Board’s chief economist.

Most in-demand jobs for 2021

With that small growth in the Canadian economy, Randstad Canada stated the fast-growing occupations this year will be:

  • delivery driver;
  • retail essential workers;
  • security analyst and architect;
  • customer service representatives;
  • administrative assistant;
  • purchasing and supply chain specialist;
  • information technology and technical support specialist;
  • warehouse workers;
  • housekeeping attendants, and;
  • graduate nurse.

“If you were sacked in response to the economic recession, there’s reason to stay positive as seven in ten Canadian employer plan to rehire laid-off staffs once the crisis passes,” states Randstad Canada.

The post-COVID-19 economy recovery will also come with new work opportunities, particularly in the aspect of working from home or a remote office.

Remote Work Opportunities Increases in Post-COVID-19 Economy

“As we enter the ‘new normal’ in the year 2021, the world of work is adapting,” says Randstad Canada. “Globally, companies have resorted to finding a path forward. That’s led to a large-scale shift to remote work (work from home), better usage of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety policies, and updated office and workplace arrangement, among many other changes.”

Those looking to work from home will likely have opportunities with these jobs in 2021, states Randstad Canada:

  • call center representative;
  • administrative assistants;
  • computer support services;
  • human resources administrator;
  • information technology consultants;
  • data analyst;
  • digital marketer;
  • accountants;
  • social media manager, and;
  • project manager.

“As we look forward to 2021, the chances for recovery is good for most sectors,” states the human resources firm. “If you possess a strong and specialized skill sets, there’s a job for you to showcase your strengths.”