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Mount Allison University Admission Requirement

The Mount Allison University admission requirements for international students have been made known by the institution. Mount Allison University is a liberal arts institution in Canada founded in the city of Sackville, New Brunswick, in the year 1839.

The university became the first to award a degree to a woman in the British Empire. It has also continuously ranked as the best undergraduate university in Canada for the past 30 years.

Mount Allison University, Sackville, offers a wide range of courses across many programs for both local and international students.

The institution has well-equipped facilities with knowledgeable professors who are willing to guide students through their period of study at the university.

Admission Requirements for International Students at the Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, uses a wholesome method for determining the students it admits, whether local or international.

The university admits students based on their academic performance proven through previous academic records, leadership skills, and a commitment to personal growth.

Admission requirements vary based on program type, the level of education completed, and the country students reside. International students at Mount Allison University include full-time, visiting, and exchange students.

They also include students taking the Mount Allison Summer Semester in English (MASSIE) program.

For you to be considered for admission at Mount Allison University for undergraduate studies as an international student, five university preparatory courses are required.

This must include a subject in Language arts. In addition, if you are applying to study for a Bachelor of Science program, you must also have university-preparatory maths (pre-calculus). Mount Allison University demands a minimum grade of 65% in all university-preparatory courses to consider any student for admission.

Grade 11 students may also be considered for admission if they can meet a final admissions average of at least 80%. This process is referred to as Early Admission in the school.

Your institution must forward your transcripts to Mount Allison’s registrar’s office for them to be recognized.

You are not allowed to submit your transcripts yourself. However, a notarized translation of the results in English should be provided if your results are outside of English. This will also apply to other required documents that are not available in English.

The summary of admission requirements for all international students are as follows:

  • A minimum grade of 65% in all prerequisite courses
  • A minimum average of 80% for high school grade 11 students
  • Presentation of official transcripts by student’s high school
  • Provision of proof of proficiency in the English Language.

Below are the admission requirements for international students at the Mount Allison University

Admission Requirements According to Country

Below are the Mount Allison University admission requirements for international students from selected countries across the globe. Students should know that the English Language course is a compulsory prerequisite for admission. In addition, mathematics is a compulsory prerequisite for all students applying for a Bachelor of Science program.


  • Minimum of 65% in five grade 12 courses (including prerequisites)

Accepted certificates for Australian Students are:

  • Australian Certificate of Education (ACT)
  • Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • North Territory Certificate of Education (NTCE)
  • Senior Certificate
  • Senior Certificate of Education (SACE)
  • Tasmania Certificate of Education (TCE)
  • Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE)


  • A minimum of 70% in five courses, including English
  • Bachelor of Science students require grade 12/year 3 Mathematics and one introductory science course.

Accepted certifications are:

  • Senior Middle School Graduation Certificate

Students from vocational and technical high schools will only be accepted if they have solid grades and an educational background relevant to their desired course of study.


  • Minimum of 55% in all prerequisite courses. This includes the English Language (and Grade 12 Mathematics for science students)
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.0/4.0 for transfer students

Accepted certificates for Indian students are:

  • Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (ISC Board)
  • Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations (HSC)
  • Senior School Certificate Examinations (CBSE)


  • Minimum credit of C4 in English and four other courses in WAEC or NECO for secondary school students. For Bachelor of Science students, Mathematics is a prerequisite subject.
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 for HD, HND, and university students. Such students should apply as post-secondary transfer students.
  • Students older than 22 years old and whose highest level of education is secondary school should apply as mature students.

Secondary school students must provide pin details for their WAEC or NECO results so they can be verified.

South Korea

  • A minimum grade of 70% in five courses

Accepted certificates are:

  • Academic Upper Secondary School Certificate (Kodung Hakkyo Choeupchang)
  • College Scholastic Ability Test (not compulsory)

United States of America

  • A minimum of five university-prerequisite courses, which include Senior-level English
  • A pre-calculus course is required for Bachelor of Science students.
  • Students are not mandated to provide SAT/ACT scores. They are, however, encouraged to submit them when available.

English Language Requirements for International Students at Mount Allison University

You must be able to communicate in English to be admitted to Mount Allison University, Sackville. This is because English is the primary language of instruction, and you will need to receive lectures, write assignments, examinations, and other exercises in English.

The university assesses your English language proficiency through the result you provided for a standardized English Language proficiency test. Below are the English Language proficiency tests recognized by Mount Allison:

Cambridge English: Certificate of Proficiency in English or Certificate of Advanced English (CPE or CAE)

Students must have a minimum score of 176

Canadian Academic English Language Assessment, Computer Edition (CAEL CE)

Students must have a minimum score of 70

Duolingo English Test

A minimum score of 110 is required. Students who take the Duolingo English Test must have the following limits for band scores:

Comprehension: 120

Conversation: 100

Literacy: 110

Production: 85

International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic)

A minimum score of 6.5 with no band score lower than six is required.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Students must have a minimum score of 90 on the internet test, a minimum score of 580 on the paper test, or a minimum score of 213 on the computer-based test. The minimum band score required is 20.

Mount Allison University also recognizes the completion of at least 30 credit hours or equivalent in any post-secondary institution where English is the primary instruction language. Students may use this as an alternative to standardized tests on proficiency in the English Language.

Suppose you meet all Mount Allison University admission requirements for international students but need to provide proof of proficiency in the English Language. In that case, you may be granted only a conditional offer of admission.

For the admission to become completely valid, you must provide sufficient proof of proficiency in the English Language. You may also complete a university-preparatory English Language Program at one of the partner language training institutes of the school.

Some of the approved English Language Programs by Mount Allison University are:

  • Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC)
  • East Coast Language College (ECLC)
  • International Language Institute (ILI)
  • Kaplan International English (KAPLAN)
  • McKenzie College English for Academic Purposes
  • Mount Allison English Language Programs. This has two options: The English Summer Pathway Program, which runs from June to August, and the English Academic Bridging Program, which runs from September to May.
  • Study Abroad Canada Language Institute (SACLI)

You can visit the website for each program for comprehensive details. Once you complete any of these English Language Programs, you will obtain unconditional admission to Mount Allison University, and you will not have to provide any other proof of English language proficiency.

If you need clarification on the admission requirements specific to your country, you may contact the Mount Allison admissions counselor at [email protected]. The email sent should include your country, the program you wish to study, your age, and your current grade so the replies you get can be tailored specifically to your situation.

All international students must contact [email protected] before applying to Mount Allison University. Applications must be submitted through the email address to be considered for admission.


Is Mount Allison a good University?

Mount Allison University is one of the most sought-after post-secondary institutions in Canada. It ranks among the best universities in the world and has maintained a reputation as the number 1 undergraduate university in Canada for the past 30 years.

The university has a long-standing history, having been established in 1843. Students who attend Allison University appreciate the structure and the unique learning environment it provides.

What should I do if I don’t meet the Admission Requirements at Mount Allison University?

Students who do not meet up with the admission requirements at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick will most likely not be considered for admission.

Such students can, however, contact the institution’s admissions team for guidance on how they can meet the admission requirements during subsequent applications. The admissions team may be reached at:

Admissions Office

62 York St. Sackville, NB


Telephone: (506) 364-2269

Fax: (506) 364-2272

Email Address: [email protected]

Does Mount Allison University Provide Scholarships for International Students?

Scholarships for international students are available at Mount Allison University. The university also provides other financial aid forms such as bursaries, awards, loans, and discounts.


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