Mount Saint Vincent University Admission Requirements

The university offers more than 40 undergraduate degrees in Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies. Professional Studies programs at the institution

Mount Saint Vincent University admission requirements for international students are very friendly and easy to meet. Below is comprehensive information on admission requirements for international students at the Mount.

Mount Saint Vincent University is loved by many students especially because of its small class sizes, specialized programs, and scenic location. The institution popular known as The Mount was founded in 1873 at Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Admissions at The Mount are carried out yearly into the various degree programs on offer at the institution, these includes both undergraduate and graduate programs for both domestic and international students.

Mount Saint Vincent University Programs

The Mount offers more than 40 undergraduate degrees in Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies. Professional Studies programs at the institution include:

  • Applied Human Nutrition
  • Business Administration
  • Child and Youth Study
  • Family Studies and Gerontology
  • Information Technology
  • Public Relations
  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management.

It is worthy of mention that all undergraduate programs at MSVU are work-experience eligible, meaning any student of The Mount can partake in a work placement (practicum, co-op, internship) as part of their program.

Mount Saint Vincent University also offers diplomas in:

  • Business Administration
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management

And certificates in:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Proficiency in French
  • Non-profit Leadership.

The Mount became home to the only education program in the Halifax area immediately after the consolidation of post-secondary programs across the Province of Nova Scotia in the 1990s. In addition, the faculty of Education is home to the only school of psychology graduate program in Atlantic Canada.

Graduates of this program are eligible to become registered psychologists in Nova Scotia and several other provinces in Canada.

Mount Saint Vincent University is home to 16 research centres and institutes.

Tuition At Mount Saint Vincent University

Undergraduate full time living at home

  • Tuition (10 courses): $8,415 – $8,833
  • NS Univ. Student Bursary: $1,283 (credit)
  • Required Fees: $767
  • Health/Dental Plan: $489
  • Total: $8,387 – $8,805

Undergraduate full time living in residence

  • Tuition (10 courses): $8,415 – $8,833
  • NS Univ. Student Bursary:  $1,283 (credit)
  • Required Fees: $767
  • Health/Dental Plan: $489
  • Room & Board: $10,220
  • Total: $18,607 – $19,025

Graduate Student

  • Tuition (6 courses): $6,326
  • NS Univ. Student Bursary:  $770 (credit)
  • Required Fees: $505
  • Total: $6,061

International Student

  • Undergraduate tuition & fees (10 courses): $19,534 – $19,951
  • Graduate tuition & fees (6 courses): $13,304
  • Room & Board: $10,220
Tuition & Fees Book & Supplies Living Costs
Undergraduate $40,980 $1,185 $14,200
Graduate $18,406 $1,185 $14,200

Test Scores For Internetional Students

To apply to the Mount as an international student, you are required to submit an English language proficiency score, if you are a national of a Non-English speaking country as a first language.

However, obtaining these minimum entrance scores does not guarantee admission to the Mount. As an applicant, you must submit proof of ability to follow a university program that is taught solely in English.

Therefore, If English is not your first language, you will have to submit an official report with the minimum required scores.

For more information on the English language requirements, please visit the English Test Score Requirements page.

Exams Avg. Score Min Score Max. Score %Submitted
Language Proficiency
IELTS 6.5 9
TOEFL 92 120

Admission Requirements At Mount Saint Vincent University

International students Application

If you are an inspiring international student to The Mount, what you need to apply is that you must have completed a preparatory program that leads to university entrance admission in their own home country.

High School Students

Overall, for a secondary school student applicant, you must have an average of 70% that is collated from 5 best scoring academic subjects during your final year of schooling. If you are looking to transfer from another post-secondary school, you must demonstrate or have obtained an overall GPA of 2.0.

MSVU Admission Criteria for Canadian High School Students:

To apply to Mount Saint Vincent University as a high school student as a Canadian National or resident, the general admission criteria after graduating from a Canadian high school are follow:

  • Must have grade 12 English (and a grade of 65% or higher in this course)
  • Obtain four additional Grade 12 academic courses
  • Have an overall average of 70% or higher and
  • Also, no individual grade should be below 60%

Graduate Students

Should your interest be in the Graduate “Masters” program, you can view the Graduate program options, as well as their admission requirements, on the Graduate Studies page.

Application Deadlines for various programs at The Mount can be obtained by licking on the link: 2.1.2 Application Deadlines (

How To Apply To MSVU

Undergraduate Application

The Mount undergraduate application is accessible to any interested student. However, before starting off, ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the admission criteria.

If you are an aspiring MSVU student from Nigeria, please note that your application will only be accepted directly from MSVU official agent in Nigeria. Please visit [email protected] to submit your application.

Also, all student applicants from South Asia which includes: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, applications will only be accepted directly from MSVU official representative in the region. Please visit [email protected] to submit your application.

NOTE that the application will seek for information about any past education you have completed. Your program of choice will also be required, including the time you wish to begin. After you complete the application, you will need to pay an application fee.

For further inquiry and assistance please contact [email protected] via mail

Step – by – Step Admission Application Instructions

  • Online Application for Admission Form: Complete all sections of the Application for Admission form. Visit the Apply Now section.
  • Application Fee: Pay a $50 CAD, non-refundable application fee. You can pay this application fee online with a Visa or Mastercard after you must have submitted the online Application for Admission form.
  • Submit your Supporting Documents: Download, read the instructions on pages 2 and 3 and submit all required supporting documentation from the Graduate Supplementary Information Package for your chosen program.

Graduate Supplementary Information Requirements:

The following requirements must be filled and submitted alongside your application form, as necessary documents needed for a complete application process:

  • Graduate Supplementary Information Package Instructions
  • Referee Information Form
  • Statement of Intent Form
  • Academic Reference Form
  • Professional Reference Form
  • Portfolio Submission-Release Form
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Application
  • Research Master of Arts
  • Research Proposal MSc AHN and MSc AHN w/IEP

What is the next step after you have been accepted into MSVU?

Pay your Confirmation Deposit

  • Accept your admission by paying a non-refundable confirmation deposit. This will guarantee you a seat in your program.
    • General: $100
    • International: $500
    • B.Ed. program: $300

Apply for Residence

  • The Mount has plenty of options when it comes to where to live. Living on campus is the most convenient way to take part in campus life, enjoy the commute to to class, and build your social network. With the Metro Transit U-Pass, students are able to travel around Halifax with no problems.

Scholarship At Mount Saint Vincent University

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships for undergrads are awarded once in a year, they are nevertheless, examined and awarded based on your most current academic work.

Entrance Scholarships

If you are a high school student with a minimum of 80 percent or more you will need to apply before March 1 to qualify for an entrance scholarship.

Furthermore, Should you be an applicant in the Advanced Placement or the International Baccalaureate program, an international student or a high school graduate and you have not attended a post-secondary institution or you are within one year of graduation form high school, you will also be considered for entrance scholarships.

Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships

This scholarships is available to high school students and also to Mature students. Therefore, if you are a Mature student gaining admission into the University for the first time or you are re‑entering in other to finish a first degree program after being away from study for a while, you are eligible for these Scholarships listed below.

In-Course Scholarships

In-course scholarships are made to you on the basis of your completed coursework at Mount Saint Vincent University. The overall eligibility criteria for in-course scholarships require a minimum GPA of 3.50, however, you will have to gain a nomination by the faculty.

The links below list a number of in-course scholarships available to you at Mount Saint Vincent University

  • In-Course Scholarships (automatic consideration for all qualified applicants)
  • In-Course Scholarships that require a specific application

Graduate Students Scholarships

Mount Saint Vincent University offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries its new students and continuing graduate students.

Eligibility for Internal Scholarships

Internal scholarships are accessible to both domestic and international students in thesis-based and course-based programs at the Mount, you are therefore, qualified to receive some of the many internal scholarships here.

Nevertheless, to be eligible to receive these internal scholarships, you will have to be enrolled as a full-time student. Nonetheless, some scholarships are offered to both full-time and part-time students also.

In addition, only the Adah Ruth Spencer Memorial Scholarship in Graduate Education is offered strictly to part-time graduate students.

External Scholarship For Graduate Students

As a graduate student at The Mount you are encouraged to apply for external scholarships. Below are some of the funding organizations for graduate program students.


  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
  • The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

These three Canadian research granting councils, grants fellowships and scholarships to Masters and Doctoral students.

If you are currently a registered student at any Canadian university, you must apply through your home University.

  • SSHRC :Doctoral Awards, Fellowships and Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • SSHRC : Masters Awards – Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • CIHR :Canada Graduate Scholarships (Masters)

For more information on scholarships at The Mount, please visit the link below:

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships for International Students.