Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships for International Students

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships are aimed at both domestic and international students, and also undergraduate and graduate, including mature and adult education. There are many scholarship opportunities at Mount Saint Vincent University, which recognize outstanding academic performance and need, to help you with the financial implications of obtaining a university degree.

Mount Saint Vincent University, also known as The Mount, is a public designated primarily undergraduate institution located in Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, formed in 1873. The Mount offers undergraduate programs in Arts, Science, Education, and Professional Studies.

13 graduate disciplines which include; Applied Human Nutrition, School Psychology, Child and Youth Study, Education, Family Studies and Gerontology, Public Relations and Women’s Studies are study areas at Saint Mount University.

Mount Saint Vincent University Programs

Mount Saint Vincent University offers over 40 undergraduate degrees in the

  • Arts,
  • Sciences and
  • Professional Studies
    • Professional Studies programs include Applied Human Nutrition, Business Administration, Child and Youth Study, Family Studies and Gerontology, Information Technology, Public Relations, Non-profit Leadership and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

All undergraduate programs are work-experience eligible, meaning any Mount student can take part in a work placement (practicum, co-op, internship) as part of their program.

The Mount also offers diplomas in:

  • Business Administration
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Certificates in Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Proficiency in French and Non-profit Leadership

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarship

How to Apply

  • First step is to look up if you are eligible for undergraduate or graduate scholarships (based on program).
  • Review the criteria for the entrance for the start of the program or in-course, for continuing students scholarships.
  • See whether you are automatically considered, or if there is a specific application that needs to be completed by reading the scholarship’s information.
  • Ensure your application is submitted prior to the deadline

Types of scholarships at MSVU

MSVU has a number of scholarships available to all its varied strata of students, However, some of these scholarships may require you to complete an application. The following under listed are the various types of scholarships on offer at MSVU.

International Student Funding

As an international student new at MSVU, you are eligible for several financial aids in both scholarships; is aid that is merit-based and bursaries, which is aids based upon your financial needs.

Thus, should you be coming straight from high school, you will be eligible for MSVU entrance scholarships, these are automatically granted upon your acceptance of admission. In addition to this, you can also apply for the bursary programs.

Click here for more information on Financial Aid. Note that Government Student Loan funding in Canada is not available to international students.

Awards & Prizes of Merit

At MSVU in-course students who obtain particular achievements in academics, athletics, leadership and community involvement are given Prizes and awards


An assistantship is funding that enables you as a graduate or undergraduate to work with individual professors.


There are three different categories of scholarships on offer to undergraduate students at MSVU

Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships are offered to high school students who obtain an average of 80 per cent or more. You will need to apply for this if you meet the criteria before March 1 to qualify for the entrance scholarship, Students in the Advanced Placement or the International Baccalaureate program.

Also, if you are an international student or a high school graduate who has not attended a post-secondary institution before and you are within one year of graduation from high school, you will also be considered for entrance scholarships.

Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships

This is open to you if you are a high school student or a mature student. As a Mature student being admitted to the University for the first time or re‑entering to complete the first degree after a period away from study, you are eligible for this scholarship.

Visit here for more information about the Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships. Note that applications are required for the diamond scholarships.

How to Apply to Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarship

Mature Students

As a mature student entering the University for the first time or re‑entering to complete the first degree after a period away from study, you are eligible for this scholarship.

For a mature entrant, however, you must apply specifically for an award individually by providing the following supplemental documentation to the Committee on Admissions and Scholarships:

  • Provide a formal letter of application that should indicate your likelihood for academic success and, therefore, your suitability for an entrance award.
  • Submit a résumé
  • And submit at least two letters of reference.

You can submit your application documents to [email protected] Make sure to include the scholarship name in the subject line.

The deadline for admission and supplemental application documents in order to be eligible for specific entrance scholarships is March 1, if your study begins the following September

In-Course Scholarships

Students who have completed coursework at Mount Saint Vincent University become qualified for In-course awards. Nevertheless, the overall eligibility criteria for in-course awards require a minimum GPA of 3.50 plus nomination by faculty.

  • In-Course Scholarships (automatic consideration for all qualified applicants)
  • In-Course Scholarships that require a specific application

For more information concerning undergraduate scholarships at MSVU please visit the link: Undergraduate Scholarships (


125th Anniversary Mount Saint Vincent Alumni Association Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is for a student entering Mount Saint Vincent University as either a full-time or part-time course of study student. The scholarship was established by the Mount Saint Vincent Alumni Association.

Aramark Canada Ltd. Scholarship

This was established by Aramark Canada Ltd. in recognition of its long-standing relationship with Mount Saint Vincent University. It is awarded annually to any full-time student entering any program of study at MSVU.

Beta Sigma Phi Endowed Scholarship

This Scholarship is given yearly to a full or part-time student who is either an active Beta Sigma Phi member or the child, grandchild or spouse of an active member.

This was established in 1982 by the Halifax-Dartmouth City Council of Beta Sigma Phi. However, In the absence of such a candidate, a deserving student will be chosen by the University

Dr. Agnes Foley Macdonald Jubilee Endowed Scholarship

Established by her son, the Honourable Mr Justice Angus L. Macdonald, and friends, in memory of this renowned poet, an alumna of the Mount, and wife of Premier Angus L. Macdonald.

Helen Patton Jubilee Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was bequeathed to Mount Saint Vincent among the estate of the late Helen Patton, who was an academy alumna, in appreciation to the Sisters of Charity.

President’s Scholarships

A few numbers of the prestigious President’s Scholarships are given each year to the top applicants. To qualify you must have a high scholarship average, as well as demonstrate a contribution to your school and/or community.

You must submit the following supplemental documentation:

  • a completed President’s Scholarship Application form (PDF)  Available October 2021
  • an essay (see application form for details)
  • reference letters (academic and extracurricular activity)
  • a résumé

You may submit your application documents to [email protected] Nevertheless, make sure to include the scholarship name in the subject line.


Project Hero Award

Mount Saint Vincent University is proud to participate in Project Hero. Project Hero is an initiative co-founded by Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Reed and Retired General Rick Hillier to provide support to children of the Canadian military who have fallen while serving in an active mission.


Sister Frances Carmel Regan Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Shirley Forde as a lasting tribute to the spiritual and educational dedication of Sister Frances Carmel to Mount Saint Vincent College.

This is awarded annually to a female student entering Mount Saint Vincent University and enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program and who is in financial need and has also displayed interest in the cause of humanity by her participation in the community.

If you qualify for this scholarship, you must submit the following supplemental documentation:

  • an up to date résumé
  • a letter demonstrating financial need

You can submit your application documents to [email protected] Make sure to include the scholarship name in the subject line.


For more information on MSVU Entrance Scholarships please visit the link: Entrance Scholarships (


Entrance Scholarships

As a full-time graduate student who has been accepted to a thesis-based program at the Mount no later than May 15th of the year, you will automatically be considered for Mount entrance scholarships:

  • Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarships
    If you are a full-time student entering a thesis-based program in September of the year you are eligible to be considered for this scholarship.
    • Criteria include: Entering GPA, letters of reference, and the statement of intent must be provided as part of your application, along with program recommendation. These will be used for the selection process.

Graduate Merit Scholarships:

The Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships & Awards Committee has announced a competition for Graduate Merit Scholarships for MSVU graduate students for 2021-2022.

Value: $1,000.00


  • You must maintain continuous registration throughout the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Scored a minimum of 2.0 units of graduate coursework completed by April 30, 2021, and be in good academic standing
  • Have outstanding academic record(s)
  • Be able to demonstrate that you will make significant contributions to your disciplines or field.

It is important to note that as a graduate student who has been awarded a graduate merit scholarship you are to nevertheless, maintain continuous registration throughout the tenure of the award.

This, however, requires registration in at least one unit of coursework in the academic year (September 1, 2021-August 31, 2022). Note, an active thesis registration or a registration in a thesis continuation is considered as continuous registration.

For more information on Graduate Scholarships at MSVU, Please visit the link: Graduate Scholarships (